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Easy Animal Drawings – Birds & More


Easy Animal Drawings – Birds & More

Activities for Kids

Do you often wonder how to teach drawing to kids? Don’t worry, we are here with simple and cute birds and animals drawing ideas. Kids will love these easy drawings. Continue reading to learn more.

You will learn to make drawings like Bat, Pigeon, Hen, Swan, Parrot, Flamingo, Owl, Woodpeacker & more.

Easy Animal Drawings – Birds & More

1. Mischievous bat

Here in this image, a bat has been drawn. The tongue is hanging outside its mouth and it looks very naughty. But at the same time, it looks cute. It has big ears and giant wings. Try to draw it properly in your drawing book. This image is without colour. If we wish to fill it with colour, we can go for any colour of our own choice.

2. Flying bird

This bird is trying to fly too high. At times we love to watch the birds that are flying above the sky and we desire to catch them. Let’s try to catch any bird by drawing its image in our drawing book. Colour this bird properly to make it more graceful. This drawing is suitable for kids of the 9+ age group. It’s the streamlined body that has been drawn from a cone shape.

3. Chick

This cute baby chick is so sweet that everybody just A toÆ squeezes it out of love. Trace this chick and beautify it more. The tail of this cute bird is triangular and also the other body parts have been made by drawing other different shapes.

4. Pigeon

This is a pigeon and it’s flying in the sky. Pigeon is a bird that represents peace. It has two types grey and white. White is mostly loved by all. Draw it on your drawing book and colour it white. It is very easy to draw, just focus on the wings, how it’s flattering its wings to move in the air. This drawing is suitable for kids of the 9+ age group.

5. Hen

Draw this hen. She’s sitting on her eggs and providing warmth to her eggs. This drawing represents the motherhood of a hen. The eggs are too simple to draw, just a few oval shapes and you’re done. This drawing is very simple to draw. This is suitable for the age group of 7+.

6. Bird

This bird is overloaded with cuteness. Its wings are easy to draw, just write the number 2 at the centre as shown in the image. Feathers hanging at the ends are very attractive as well. Fill this bird with colour and it will look much graceful. Kids of the 6+ age group can try to draw this one and get good grades in art subjects.

7. Cruel eagle

Eagle has strong claws and a pointed beak that helps it to catch and eat its prey. Eagles are giant and have very sharp eyesight. Draw this cruel creature as it is shown in the image. Colour it with dark brown colour to enhance its look. This drawing is suitable for kids of age 8+.

8. Sparrow

Sparrows are tiny birds and they have a very sweet chirping sound. Their chirping early in the morning makes out day happy. This sparrow is very easy to draw, trace it on paper and colour it with any of your favourite colours. I like its tiny-miny beak. See the way it’s sitting on the tree branch. This drawing is suitable for kids of age 8+.

9. Flamingo

This flamingo is pretty and it has been drawn in such a simple way that anybody can draw it. Draw the number 4 and it will represent the legs of the flamingo. You can make the neck and body by drawing something like alphabet B. Colour this flamingo with the pink colour. This drawing is best suited for kids of age 6+.

10. Dove

Dove and pigeon are two birds that look much similar to each other. Both are beautiful birds and I love the white colour of a dove. Try to make this dove on your drawing books. It’s very simple as shown in the image. You don’t need to colour it, you can keep it as it is. Best suitable age to draw this dove is between 7-9 years old kids.

11. Long-beaked parrot

Parrot is a bird that’s very famous due to some of its features, like a red beak, green coloured body and talking habits. Try to draw this parrot. Here the main focus is on its beak. Colour and draw it properly, with suitable colours. This piece of drawing is suitable for kids of age 6+.

12. Swan

Swan is a graceful bird and it is a water bird. This bird looks much similar to the duck. Swans are usually white and their large wings are very attractive. They have padded feet and that helps them in swimming. This drawing is suitable for kids of age 8+.

13. Dinosaurs

This dinosaur has been made with some triangular shapes. Mostly all the triangles have been arranged in such a way so that they form a dinosaur. Look at the image properly, then try to draw this dinosaur. This is suitable for kids of age 7+.

14. Owl

These are the nocturnal birds which means they are active during the night and sleep during the day. The Owl is a very cute bird and can rotate its neck more than humans can. Their eyes are large and very impressive. Baby owls are also very cute. Try to draw this on your drawing book and get good grades. This drawing is suitable for kids of age 8+.

15. Woodpecker

The Woodpecker is unique because of its beak. It has such a sharp beak that trims the wood of the tree. Their beak is very sharp. Usually, woodpeckers trim to wood to create a shelter for themselves. We have tried to make it as simple as we can so that kids of all age groups can trace it on their drawing books. You can also fill this with colours.

16. Bat

Bat is a nocturnal bird. These are jet black with unique shaped wings. These have Dracula-shaped teeth. Vampires are usually represented by this bird. This drawing is suitable for kids of age 8+. This bat has ears somewhat rat-shaped. Teeth are more horrified of this bird as it looks like a vampire. Draw this and colour it with black colour.

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