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Simple Drawing & Painting Ideas for Kids

Simple Drawing & Painting Ideas for Kids


Simple Drawing & Painting Ideas for Kids

Amidst this worldwide pandemic, there has been a dearth of stability due to the spread of the deadly Corona Virus. Humans have halted their natural living rhythm to make way for a new type of lifestyle that a huge majority of the world population is struggling to adapt to. There has been a loss of jobs which causes people to feed their families, and economies have crashed alarmingly since GDPs hitting the lowest lows the last century couldn’t even have envisioned.

There has been a shortage of ideas by even the most powerful of thinktanks to curb the growth of this killer virus, although people everywhere in all forms of positions and social statuses are making sure in their own ways that no stone remains unturned so that the future is taken care of. We, the human species are trying to do our best to cope by spending our time as fruitfully as possible; making the best use of the present by indulging in various pastimes, and indulging the youth and children to do so too.

A few drawings below can be used as ideas to provide some hopeful pastimes for the little ones so that they can get some much-needed reassurance.

Drawing & Painting Ideas for Kids

Drawing & Painting Ideas for Kids

1. The Earth Is Choking

Drawing & Painting Ideas for Kids During this Pandemic The Earth Is Choking

This drawing at the very beginning of this post shows us a depiction of the hazards we are facing now: the deadly virus has left no corner of the earth untouched by its vice grip. People are dying, suffocated behind their masks, living in constant fear that if they or their close ones are the targets; not to mention the fear of an extremely uncertain future.

2. A Calming Night Scene

Drawing & Painting Ideas for Kids During this Pandemic A Calming Night Scene

Now we move away from the conundrum of the virus and focus on the world thriving in spite of it. This soothing night scene can be a perfect piece to draw for children about 10-15 years of age, and it provides the tranquil which is much needed in this face of crisis these days.

3.  A Pretty, Patterned Gecko

Drawing & Painting Ideas for Kids During this Pandemic A Pretty, Patterned Gecko

There has been a while since our lives have been colourful. Nobody knows when the situation will normalize so that things get back to their initial ways again. But we can add a dash of colour to our lives as well, in our own little ways. This cute gecko encourages us to do exactly that.

4. Snowflakes And Snow Globes

Drawing & Painting Ideas for Kids During this Pandemic

We remember how exciting it was catching snowflakes falling from the sky in a wintry morning, and we have seen snow globes or igloos being built. Drawing pictures of such will help reminisce the good things and look forward to the future with the hope of better things to come.

5. Nature And Its Inhabitants

The Nature And Its Inhabitants

Here we see a squirrel and a mouse sharing a playful banter in between them while munching on some seeds. The picture presents an image which is thoroughly wholesome and can bring genuine joy to the person both painting and viewing it, as if imagining that animals have such secret conversations within themselves, unbeknownst to humans.

6. The Scenery of A Calm Village

The Scenery of A Calm Village

This picture to draw is comparatively much simpler than a few of the ones which have been discussed above. Two small huts stand adjacent to each other under the shade of a tree, overlooking a water body. The birds flying above sums up the details in the picture, which makes us come to the conclusion that this image would be pretty peaceful and enjoyable to draw.

7. An Adorable Beagle Puppy

An Adorable Beagle Puppy

Dogs are just wonderful, aren’t they? Human’s oldest and most faithful companion till date, there hasn’t been a single instance where dogs were not of help. We can celebrate that kindred spirit by a tribute of this simple but elegant drawing, as our way of trying to substitute for the unconditional love they give us.

Time has been difficult lately, for all of us who have been affected by this pandemic, be it directly or indirectly. The devastating effects can be even harder on children, who in most of the cases cannot even begin to grasp the gravity of the situation. So it is utmost necessary to keep them as occupied as possible, while also making them aware of the world’s whereabouts. Drawings like these can thus prove to be an example of a brilliant pastime for them, motivating them to make way for brighter memories.

Thank you for reading this post. Kindly leave your thoughts down in the comments below, and make sure to visit other posts on this website again!

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