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Drawing Ideas for Kids – Birds & Other Animals


Drawing Ideas for Kids – Birds & Other Animals

Activities for Kids

Had ever your kid asked you a question, “How can I fly like a bird?”. It’s a confusing question, where there is a struggle, what to answer, and how to answer. If we try to teach them, why birds can fly and humans cannot, then there will be more questions, from a young mind, than answers. 

The imagination of children is complex and extraordinary, which cannot be answered by words. Instead, we try a more convenient and practical way to try to explain to them why a particular thing is like it should be. Indulging kids in practical activities like craft, art, sketching, and things that require mental thinking and problem solving can be a way out.

So, for your convenience here are some sketching ideas on how to draw birds. Try them with your toddlers, help them explore different kinds of birds, and encourage them to understand how every being is unique. 

Drawing Ideas for Kids – Birds & Other Animals

A Bird Upside Down

Drawing Ideas for Kids - Birds & Other Animals A Bird Upside Down

Birds are one of the easiest animals to draw. Above is an easy representation of two birds sitting on a branch having a chit-chat. With big wings and lightweight bodies, they can fly high, their bodies are specially enabled with aerodynamic properties that help them to float mid-air. In the sketch above one of the birds is looking towards the right side and the other is looking downwards. Try with your toddler and guide them while they draw. After completing the drawing, try out the next sketch given below.

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A Hen and Her Eggs

A Hen and Her Eggs

A hen is an adult female bird that lays eggs. Chick is the term that is used for a newly hatched bird. Chickens are the species of bird that cannot fly, their inability is because their bodies are too heavy for their wings to lift while taking a flight. Instead, their wings function as a help to take a jump or a small flight for their protection from some danger. Above is a sketch of a hen with the eggs that she laid recently. An egg has a strong outer covering. Once matured chicks hatch by cracking the eggs shell. The sketch above will be fun to draw with your toddler.

Bird And Insect

Drawing Ideas for Kids - Birds & Other Animals Bird And Insect

Above is a sketch of a bird that has caught an insect in her mouth. She might have her babies in her nest, that should be chirping to ask for food. Birds are very intelligent animals as they know how to take care of themselves as well as their new ones, they are capable of building their nest, both parents help each other in building the nests. Apart from insects, they eat all types of grains which include rice, millets, and small berries.

Single Stroke Crow

Single Stroke Crow

A crow is a black-colored bird. It has a long beak and is generally bigger than common birds. The sketch of the crow is drawn above. It is drawn in a single stroke without lifting the pen, starting from the beak and ending at the wing. Crows can be annoying sometimes, like when they destroy a crop, there are losses to farmers, and there are some incidents where crows annoy people when they snatch their food and hurt them. They are carnivores and eat almost all types of foods like small animals such as mammals, reptiles, eggs. They also eat insects, worms, and all types of grains and fruits. Do try to make a crow and hang the drawing at the window to scare one.

Peacock and its Colors

Drawing Ideas for Kids - Birds & Other Animals Peacock and its Colors

Peacock is one of the most beautiful birds. Its feathers are filled with various colors, which include purple, green, golden-yellow, blue, and light red. Peacock refers to a male bird of this species and a Peahen refers to a female bird. A peacock is more beautiful than a peahen. A peacock has a beautiful set of feathers that have an eye-spotted trail, which they show. Peacocks and Peahens are unique for their dance which is very rarely seen as they dance only in rain. Drawing the above sketch will be beneficial as there are more colors to the picture and more detailing is there along with fun and learning.



There are many types of insects, discovered to date. The above sketch shows three types of insects namely a dragonfly, a snail, and a butterfly. We all have seen them in our backyard or at the park. Let’s give it a try by drawing them. Dragonflies are small in size and have a long tail, they are experts at balancing their bodies in midair. They have four sets of wings, they lay eggs, and have large sets of eyes. They can be multicolored or uni-colored, therefore any set of colors can be applied to them. Snails are the slowest crawling animal. They have a unique spiral shell that protects their delicate body from being scorched under the sun. Butterflies are the most contributing species to the ecosystem. They survive on nectar from flowers. Their birth process is very unique which includes a sacrifice of a life to be born again.

Spending time with your toddlers to help them learn and explore new things is what good parenting is all about. For more new ideas and fun, visit our website again and explore ideas on art and crafts. Your feedback will help us a lot to add more interesting content, do comment below.

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