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Cute Little Collection Of Easy Drawings For Kids


Cute Little Collection Of Easy Drawings For Kids

Activities for Kids

Hello, my lovely friends! This post is all about drawing and coloring activities that are meant for your kids. There are sketches of dinosaurs, and characters from Peppa Pig. The activities will raise curiosity in kids to learn and explore those characters.

Cute Little Collection Of Easy Drawings For Kids

Cute Little Collection Of Easy Drawings For Kids

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Magical Rainbow Dinosaur

Cute Little Collection Of Easy Drawings For Kids Magical Rainbow Dinosaur

A comical sketch is here that shows a cute little dinosaur that can be seen producing a rainbow with a magical sword that it is holding. Kids like to draw sketches that are attractive to look at and comprise a lot of colors, and this sketch is the same, that contains a rainbow, that is being produced by a spiky adorable dinosaur.

The dinosaur, in this sketch, is represented as a social, emotional, and calm creature and is provided with pink colors.It is shown holding a magic wand that is producing a rainbow. The rainbow contains only exact colors that are, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet. It is not comprised of colors from all the shades.

The sketch could also be viewed from a learning perspective and can be used to teach kids about the different colors of a rainbow. The full colors of a rainbow comprise Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet. Make your kid make this sketch and learn the colors of a rainbow.

Cute Little Dino with Rainbow Candy

Cute Little Dino with Rainbow Candy

An interesting sketch of a baby dinosaur is in the above picture. The dinosaur is holding a stick that has a bunch of strips of colors, that remind us of a colorful candy that we used to eat in our childhood days. Kids like to eat candies and this sketch could make them curious to draw and can spark interest in coloring and drawing.

This is a simple sketch that a kid can start with if he/she is willing to draw for the first time. The dinosaur is small and easy to make, and the candy can fulfill the coloring need in this sketch.

The Famous Peppa Pig

Cute Little Collection Of Easy Drawings For Kids The Famous Peppa Pig

I am sure that your kid is a very big fan of this character. Every child must have seen Peppa and would like to sketch her also. Peppa goes on wonderful adventures with her friends, and each day she learns something new. She has friends from each of the species of animals, and she likes to play with each of her friends.

She performs daily activities with her friends who are of her age. She attends playgroups, goes swimming, visits their grandparents, cousins, and friends, goes to the playground, and rides bikes. She likes to be busy all day to utilize her time to the fullest. This sketch is very simple for kids to draw and color, she is drawn on her favorite red dress, and kids could draw color it with ease.

Peppa Helping Mummy Fox

Peppa Helping Mummy Fox

Mummy fox is a character who is a fox in Peppa Pig. She is a nurse by profession and wears a light yellow dress. She has her son and husband namely Daddy Fox, and Freddy Fox. The sketch is about when Peppa is helping her on a rainy day to reach the hospital.

As a nurse, she bears a lot of responsibilities towards her patients, and Peppa helps her to reach a hospital that shows a kind task that is being performed by Peppa. Both the characters are drawn accurately. Children will develop interest while making this sketch.

Mummy Rabbit and her Children

Cute Little Collection Of Easy Drawings For Kids Mummy Rabbit and Her Children

This sketch is about Mummy Rabbit and her children who are Rebecca Rabbit and Richard Rabbit. The sketch has a lot of explanations, as we can see Mummy Rabbit is at the hospital. She might be ill for some cause therefore she ended up in hospital.

Her daughter Rebecca and her son Richard love her so much that they paid a hospital visit to take care of their mother. The sketch is lengthy and not so detailed, it requires a strong passion to make. Children will do lots of things if they engage in this activity.

George Pig in Vain

George Pig in Vain

We can feel the amount of sorrow contained in this picture. If we could feel the pain of George Pig, we will feel how sad he is right now. The sketch shows Peppa Pig’s little brother George Pig, who is crying after his ice cream melted. He is very small and cries for small things, with his famous fountain tears.

He is a lot loving and caring as well, as he cares for his family and loves his sister Peppa. Like any young boy, he has a keen interest in dinosaurs and space. He is always seen with his favorite dinosaur toy which he loves and adores. This sketch will make kids learn about this character, they should draw it passionately.

Colorful Vomiting

Cute Little Collection Of Easy Drawings For Kids Colorful Vomiting

Creativity at its peak! If we could vomit so colorfully then there would not be a fuss. There is a small creature who is vomiting colorfully. This is a simple sketch that teaches kids about various colors, that are there for them to use while making a sketch.

This sketch could also be taken as an example that shows how creativity can be thought of as simple as this sketch. Creativity cannot be forced into one’s mind, it comes with correct and directed thought. A child is a warehouse of creativity and they should be motivated to express their creative self wherever possible.

Make your kids draw the above activities and let them explore everything in the domain of art and craft. Drawing and spending time with your toddlers is an enjoyable and interesting process, your kid gets your time and you get moments to detox. If you like the activities then don’t hesitate to visit other posts as well, those are full of more interesting activities that are worth your time.

Do comment below, and share your exciting moments with your young ones.

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