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Little Pig Let’s Draw It Quick


Little Pig Let’s Draw It Quick

Is your kid a fan of Peppa Pig? This section has some exciting sketches of the characters of the famous cartoon series Peppa Pig. The series is loved by children of the age group 3 and above. Peppa Pig is a piglet and always learns something new every day. She has friends from different species of mammals. Kids adore and like to watch this cartoon series and I am sure they can’t resist drawing the characters.

Peppa Pig Drawings for Kids

Little Pig Let's Draw It Quick

George Pig Got Stung by a Bee

George Pig Got Stung by a Bee Little Pig Let's Draw It Quick

George Pig who is the little brother of Peppa Pig has been stung by a bee. As we can see in the above picture that he is crying after getting stung. The sketch has a meaningful message for kids and it gives strong advice to never mess with a bee. A stung of a bee causes immense pain with swelling and the affected area gets red.

It is very necessary to remove the stinger after being stung to reduce the pain. Medical attention is necessary to prevent any allergic reaction from the stinger. The sketch is simple and fun for children and they will draw it with excitement.

OOPs! The Ice Cream Melted

OOPs! The Ice Cream Melted Little Pig Let's Draw It Quick

Oho! I’m feeling sorry for Peppa Pig. Her mint-chip pistachio flavored ice cream melted and we can see the sadness on her face. The sketch provides learning to kids that it’s ok sometimes to let go of things we cannot control. The melting of ice cream is not in our control but we could make ourselves eat it quickly before melting.

As always Peppa pig is in her favorite red-colored dressing. She has applied light pink lipstick as she is a piglet. The sketch is engaging, fun, exciting, and doable. Kids will have fun while drawing and coloring it.

Oh! A big & Red Strawberry

Oh! A big and Red Strawberry Little Pig Let's Draw It Quick

George Pig is carrying so huge strawberry. He might have found it from a very old strawberry plant. It’s very large and heavy capable of feeding the whole family. He is in a blue dress which is his favorite color. He shares some similarities with his father like drinking hot milk and making cakes and cookies. With this strawberry, he will make cakes and cookies with his father.

He is very small and is always seen with his toy dinosaur. He pronounces his toy with his limited vocabulary as “dine-saw”. The toy was given to him as a present by his Grandpa and Granny Pig when he was born. The sketch is engaging and descriptive, kids can draw it with ease.

The Cool Summer Bath

The Cool Summer Bath Little Pig Let's Draw It Quick

Summers are very exhausting and tiring. For Peppa pig too, the summers are very exhausting and tiring and to cool off the heat and relax she is getting a cool water shower. The sketch is drawn to represent the heat of summers and steps and measures taken by every individual to fight the heat.

The kid will learn how to represent water in a sketch and the sketch is elaborative for them to draw and color easily. Peppa pig has red lipsticks and her piglet-looking face is always very funny. After drawing the sketches given above it will become easy for kids to draw this one.

Suzy Sheep Is Crying

Suzy Sheep is Crying Little Pig Let's Draw It Quick

Suzy is a sheep in this cartoon series and a best friend of Peppa pig. She is always seen with Peppa and likes to play with her. She prefers feminine games, but also likes to play sports and in the mud just like others. She can be seen crying in the above sketch and it seems like Peppa has made her cry.

Kids sometimes get aggressive and annoy their best friends until they cry. But in the end, everything settles and again they start to play with each other. The sketch is elaborative for kids to draw and color.

Appreciate the sketches of your kid and visit other activities for more learning and fun for kids. Comment on the sketch that your kid had the most difficulty drawing. Keep visiting our website to be updated on new activities that are being posted.

Thank you and have a nice day!

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