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Cute Cartoon Animal Drawings for Kids


Cute Cartoon Animal Drawings for Kids

Do you often wonder how to teach drawing to kids? Don’t worry, we are here with simple and cute animal drawing ideas. Kids will love these easy drawings. Continue reading to learn more.

You will learn to make drawings like Pussy Cat, Baby Chick, Pikachu, Alligator, Bunny, and Patrick Star.

Cute Cartoon Animal Drawings for Kids

Cute Cartoon Animal Drawings for Kids

Cute Pussy Cat

Our first cute cartoon animal drawing is this pussy cat which is looking super cute with the lollipop in one hand and pointing from the other hand’s little fingers. This drawing of a pussy cat is very simple and less time-consuming. It can be drawn at home or in a drawing classroom and is suitable for preschoolers. You can add colors to it which is mostly a pinkish tint near the ear area. There you go, your drawing is ready.

Pikachu Drawing

Have you too watched the famous cartoon series pokemon in which the pet and best friend of Pokémon are Pikachu? Pikachu is a rabbit-like animal with yellow color and a thunder-shaped tail. He is a fictional cartoon character and is greatly loved by children. So this will make it more interesting for your kid to draw their favorite cartoon character’s drawing. It will be easy and fun.

Baby Chick

Little ones are so adorable and cute, may it be a human baby or an offspring of the animal. This baby chick is the little one of a duck and had just hatched from the egg. We know that birds lay eggs and duck is an example of that. This cute-looking drawing of a baby chick is very easy to make so make sure to add it in the drawing session of your child.

Black and White Bunny

We all have seen rabbits of the white furry body but there are different types of rabbits and their body colors differ as well. They are of white, black, brown, and spotted color. This drawing consists of a rabbit that is white-colored and has black spots over it. It is an easy drawing idea for toddlers. So, give them a plain white drawing sheet and get started with the drawing.

Fluffy Cat

This cute fluffy cat drawing is a nice and simple drawing idea for kindergarteners and preschoolers. It looks cute and is very simple to make. Just make a cloud-shaped body and add facial features to it. Further, add a red heart in the middle. Cats are just innocent cute lazy creatures and their drawings are also very simple to make so grab a paper and get started.

Lovely Cat

We have another cute furry cat animal drawing idea for kids. This grown-up cat is normally found and is most common. Kids might have seen it multiple times in streets, at neighbors, or even in the cartoon series they watch. So this drawing will be easy to make and kids will get to learn about the appearance and body structure of a cat. Colors can be added to make the drawing look more attractive.

Baby Alligator

Alligators are a breed of crocodiles. They live in deep and shallow waters and are very dangerous. They have big bodies and sharp scales on their back. But contrary to that, this drawing of a cute little baby alligator is so adorable to look at. The glittery shining eyes are adding to the innocent cute look of the baby alligator. This drawing will be loved by your kindergartener and preschooler.

Cute Bunny Rabbit

This pretty miss bunny rabbit cartoon character is so beautiful and cute. This bunny drawing is easy to make and looks adorable. Draw a cute bunny, huge ears, facial features like eyes, nose, moth, and a frock dress. After the drawing is completed, give colors and tell the kids to fill in the drawing with simple pink and white colors to give the final look to this bunny drawing.

Patrick Star Drawing

Patrick star is the best friend of SpongeBob. It is a fictional character in the American animated cartoon series called Spongebob Squarepants. He is a dumb character and very lazy. He does nothing except for sleep and provides Spongebob with dumb suggestions and they are both in trouble.

This cartoon character is funny and is thus holds a great craze amongst the toddlers. So Patrick is the perfect cartoon drawing for you little kid. It is easy to make and fun too. Colors shall be filled to give a complete look to the drawing.

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