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Lovely Animal Drawings for Kids

Lovely Animal Drawings for Kids


Lovely Animal Drawings for Kids

Activities for Kids

Do you often wonder how to teach drawing to kids? Don’t worry, we are here with simple and cute ideas to draw & color as Dinosaur of Ages, jumbo, nutty squirrel, Tall Giraffe, A Donkey, Clever Bunny, and Wooly Sheep.

Kids will love these easy drawings. Continue reading to learn more.

Lovely Animal Drawings for Kids

Dinosaur of Ages

Lovely Animal Drawings for Kids Dinosaur of Ages

Millions of years ago there were gigantic creatures on earth. A dinosaur is also a gigantic organism,65 million ago when an asteroid hit the earth it wiped out living organisms on earth including all species of dinosaurs. The sketch of the dinosaur in the above picture is a detailed and animated representation of these beasts, it is shown cute and adorable. The dinosaur is drawn in blue color and its eyes are bright with a smile on its face.


Lovely Animal Drawings for Kids Jumbo

Jumbo is the name of a circus elephant that was very famous. He was born in Africa. He was a very huge elephant and one of its kind. Because of its very enormous size and unseen intelligence he was very famous at that time among kids and adults. Unfortunately, his demise was due to a train accident. Though Jumbo is remembered in kids storybooks and history. The sketch is a good representation of an elephant which can be considered as a picture of Jumbo the elephant.

Nutty Squirrel

Lovely Animal Drawings for Kids Nutty Squirrel

Squirrels are of various types like tree squirrels, ground squirrels, flying squirrels. We all have seen squirrels in our backyards climbing a tree or causing a fuss in a park. A sketch is drawn above showing a squirrel. It has a round bushy tail, small and scratchy claws through which it can climb any tree faster. Their primary component of the diet is nuts and fruits. They also eat seeds, fungi, insects, flowers, buds and sometimes bird eggs.

Tall Giraffe

Lovely Animal Drawings for Kids Tall Giraffe

Giraffes are the tallest living terrestrial organisms on Earth. They have very long necks and long legs. Their long necks help them to reach out to tall acacia trees to eat new leaves and shoots. A very cute and vivid sketch of a baby giraffe can be seen in the above picture. The mark pattern on each giraffe is unique in each giraffe, just like the fingerprint of each human is unique. They live up to 26 years in wildlife.

A Donkey

Lovely Animal Drawings for Kids A Donkey

Donkeys are the domesticated subspecies of African wild Donkeys. They are being used as working animals for thousands of years. Their qualities include hardworking, patience, and faithfulness towards their owner. The sketch of the donkey in the above picture is a comical representation of the animal. They are cute and friendly, especially when it comes to doing useless tasks they are great at it. Zoo keeps them for the entertainment of the public.

Clever Bunny

Clever Bunny

A bunny or a rabbit is a kind of animal we all desire to keep as pets. Rabbits vary in size from small to large, and there are 305 different breeds of domesticated rabbits. They have large ears, big eyes, a small tail, a cute face, and a fluffy body. The sketch drawn in the picture above gives an idea of how smart and cunning these animals could be. Rabbits are pictured as clever and cunning animals in various folks and stories.

Wooly Sheep

Wooly Sheep

A vivid sketch of a playful baby sheep can be seen in the above picture. Sheep are beneficial animals as they provide us with wool which is used to manufacture winter wear. These animals are domesticated for livestock for the production of wool. Sheep are good pets, as they are gentle animals and respond to human contact, taking care of a sheep teaches a child responsibilities and develops respect for animals.

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