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Easy to Make Painting Ideas for Kids


Easy to Make Painting Ideas for Kids

Activities for Kids

Do you often wonder how to teach drawing to kids? Don’t worry, we are here with simple and cute ideas to draw like Hand Cactus, Corn, Softy Cone, Funny Lad and Prickly Cactus.

Kids will love these easy drawings. Continue reading to learn more.

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Easy to Make Painting Ideas for Kids

Hand Cactus

Easy to Make Painting Ideas for Kids

This cactus is very easy to draw. Trace the outline of your hand on a sheet of paper and it will become the body for this cactus. Cactus is a plant that grows in dry arid regions or we can simply say in deserts. Cactus can be grown in pits as well. They need intense heat to grow. Draw this hand cactus on your drawing book and colour it. This drawing is suitable for kids of age 7+. Trace it and get good grades on your art assignment.


Easy to Make Painting Ideas for Kids

This corn is lovely and kids love to eat corn. Corn hair is very attractive and golden in colour. Its leaves are very large and they cover the corn well. Corn seeds are very tiny but they’re sweet. Corn is very useful and we get can cornflour out of it. Cornbread is very tasty. Draw this corn and beautify it with bright green, yellow and golden colours. Kids of age 6+ can draw it easily.

Softy cone

Easy to Make Painting Ideas for Kids

This Ice-cream cone or simply we can say softy cones looks so yummy. Kids love icecreams and drawing it on your art books will be a good idea. Drawing a cone shape is easy and the top of the softy is much earlier. We have added some small cherries also to enhance its look. Colour it with pencil or sketch or crayon colour.

Funny lad

Funny lad

This lad looks very humourous and very funny. His underwear is very bright. This lad looks very excited and joyful. He has raised his arms out of excitement. There is a big smile on his face. Colour this funny lad with any colour you want. It’s surely not a big deal to trace it in your drawing books. I’m sure in one go you can draw it well.

Prickly Cactus

Prickly cactus

Look at this plant, it’s very prickly. It has got spikes that are pointed and this plant can use them for its defence. This plant has been grown in a pot. Try to trace this in your drawing book. First, draw it and then colour it with desired colours and then outline it using black sketch pens. Don’t forget to highlight its pointed prickly spikes. You can draw it easily.

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Activities for Kids
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