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Snowman Crafts For Kids

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Snowman Crafts For Kids

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Why do you look so worried? This article hasn’t even begun and already you disapprove. Why can’t I ever win this craft competition? I see it in your face. If this sounds unfamiliar and you don’t want to create something unique along with your kids this winter, good for you. You don’t need this. So, let me ask you a question: What do you get when you combine art and craft with winters, especially during the time of Christmas? Snowman obviously! Well, don’t get worried, as we all know a pandemic is going on and we can’t head out so we decided to explore and bring out some snowman craft ideas.

Here are 40 amazing snowman craft ideas to try out with your child this winter season.

Snowman Crafts For Kids

Snowman Crafts For Kids

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1. Paper Snowflake

Snowman Crafts For Kids Paper Snowflake

Image Source/Tutorial: Paper Snowflake Art

We have brought a snowman craft for you today which will give you surprises!! Surprises as in not the gifts and goodies like Santa but it will create magic. We will create only one half of the craft and the other half will create on its own? Well if this isn’t magic then what is? right? So, for this, you will be needing an A-4 size sheet, a pencil, pair of scissors, and a hole punch. Anyone can perform this activity but it is generally for the age group of 9-14 years. We can make this craft at any time of the year but since it’s winter it just gives the perfect vibes to create a snowman with paper.  This will help you build the concentration level of your mind and also your hand-eye coordination.

2. Paper Plate Snowman Countdown

Snowman Crafts For Kids Paper Plate Snowman Countdown

Image Source/Tutorial: Happy Tot Shelf

We all love to create our own snowman but since it’s too cold outside we couldn’t gather the courage to step outside and build one so keeping that in mind we decided on doing an activity where we will be putting some paper plates to sue and create a snowman of our own. We can create this by using only some paper plates, a pair of scissors, glue, a stapler, and some colorful cardstocks. This activity is generally for toddlers.

3. Snowman Sleigh Using Paper Plate

Snowman Crafts For Kids Snowman Sleigh Using Paper Plate

Image Source/Tutorial: Glued To My Crafts

As kids, we all have heard stories where Santa Claus comes to very kids house on a sleigh and reindeer every year on Christmas to distribute presents, but this year we all know that since pandemic is going on and Santa should also follow the social distancing by staying at his own home, but don’t worry we will create our own sleigh to give you all the feels of the Christmas and so by this activity you can create your own sleigh! For this, you’ll be needing some cardstock, paper plates, scissors, glue, and markers. You can perform this activity at any given time but it makes more sense to perform the same during the time of Christmas .

4. Snowman Gifts Bag

Snowman Crafts For Kids Snowman Gifts Bag

Image Source/Tutorial: Darcy Miller Designs

These paper doll snowmen are so adorable to create! You can easily wrap small presents such as candies and toffees in them and give them away. It will be super fun to create them and it also is a unique way of presenting gifts this Christmas holidays. To create this you’ll need to download the template and have a brown bag and that’s it you can make this cute bag with just two materials. It is suitable for all age groups and can be performed by anyone.

5. Cotton Snowman

Snowman Crafts For Kids Cotton Snowman

Image Source/Tutorial: Early Learning Ideas

Winters can be brutal, not only our feet but our minds can also be stuck inside, and that I why we decided upon creating some activities which will give you fun and positive vibes. You will also be able to spend some quality time with your family. For this activity, you will be needing some wastewater bottles, cotton balls, a muffler, buttons, and some colorful cardstock. This activity will also help you in developing fine motor skills.

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6. Recycled Snowman

Snowman Crafts For Kids Recycled Snowman

Image Source/Tutorial: That’s What Che Said

If you’re looking for a fun winter activity then this craft will absolutely fit into your bill. This snowman craft is absolutely perfect for this holiday season and will be super fun to perform. For this, you require a bunch of cotton, some pipe cleaners, buttons, pom-poms and ribbons, and some markers. It is a very fun activity to develop your fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. It will also teach us to have patience in order to get fruitful results.

7. Stick Snowman

Snowman Crafts For Kids Stick Snowman

Image Source/Tutorial: Darice

I always wanted to create something unique for this winter season and I couldn’t help but think. We all love ice-creams right? but we always throw the sticks given with the same or the extras and they go to waste. So keeping that in mind I thought of a craft where we can recycle them and so we decided on making a little snowman out of it. It’s super easy and requires minimal effort to create. You just have to put on a little hat and decorate the same with some glitters and pom-poms.

8. Relaxy Snowy

Snowman Crafts For Kids Relaxy Snowy

Image Source/Tutorial: Crafty Morning

As we all know, winters have left us all cold and chilly and of course under the blanket and we don’t want to step out as it’s too cold outside. So keeping that in mind I decided on creating a snowman but with a little twist. I wanted to create a snowman that was relaxed to give people an idea about good vibes and positive energy. Any age group of people can perform this activity, parents along with their children or toddlers. This will also boost their confidence and help them engage in more activities like these.

9. Paper Plate Snowman

Snowman Crafts For Kids Paper Plate Snowman

Image Source/Tutorial: Easy Peasy And Fun

I wanted to create something with paper plates majorly a craft for kids but I couldn’t think of anything then suddenly an idea just popped in my head that since it’s so chilly outside because of the winters, we can try and make a snowman with just a paper plate and decorate it with all the supplies that we have within ourselves right now. We can’t step out but with this craft, we can surely get all the feels. Children of any age group can perform this activity for fun but it’s best suitable for the 9-14 years age group as it will build up their motor skills.

10. Paper Snowman Craft

Snowman Crafts For Kids Paper Snowman Craft

Image Source/Tutorial: Easy Peasy And Fun

Ever thought about creating a snowman with just a couple of papers? I know I have! So, keeping that in mind we have brought yet another activity where we will be constructing a snowman with just white paper, glue, a pair of scissors, and of course some sketch pens. It will also help them in building qualities like teamwork, creativity, and patience till the results come which is very important to learn.

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11. Sock Snowman

Snowman Crafts For Kids Sock Snowman

Image Source/Tutorial: Easy Peasy And Fun

It happens to us all the time that one of our socks pair goes missing and then we can’t find them. So we have brought an activity for you where you can put some use to the left-over sock. You can also use them as a brand-new unique door stopper. For this, you will only require a sock, of course, some decoration materials, and glue.

12. Savvy Snowman

Snowman Crafts For Kids Savvy Snowman

Image Source/Tutorial: One Savvy Mom

I always wanted to bring an activity where we can teach the kids about sewing and yarns. Kids at this stage have a wider learning capacity and can grasp more information. Keeping that in mind I started researching and found a perfect activity related to the same. In this, we will be making a snowman by draping yarns on a paper plate and then you can decorate the same as per your choice. It will increase the concentration level of kids as they drape all the yarns in a pattern over the plate.

13. Paper Snowman

Snowman Crafts For Kids Paper Snowman

Image Source/Tutorial: Handmade Charlotte

We have discussed so many activities of constructing snowman using different sets of material but we thought why don’t we make a snowman out of the most easily available thing in our household that is ‘paper’. Use cotton rounds as well to make these little bundles of snow and then you can use them to decorate your Christmas trees. This will also give you a helping hand in decorating Christmas tree.

14.  Snowman Paper Plate Face

Snowman Crafts For Kids Snowman Paper Plate Face

Image Source/Tutorial: Meaningful Mama

As Christmas is soon approaching us, let’s wear our artist attire and create our own little bundle of snowman masks or faces for the Christmas party. We can use cardstocks, stickers, glitters, and various decoration materials to make our masks unique and fun. This will keep your children busy and engaged during the festive season and will also give you the room to complete your side of the preparation a swell.

15. Cotton Roll Snowman

Snowman Crafts For Kids Cotton Roll Snowman

Image Source/Tutorial: Woo Jr.’s

Winters has left us all chilly and bound us inside our home and we all miss constructing snowman out of the snow and the joy it brings while making the same and so I thought why don’t we create a snowman inside our house not with the snow of course but with the cotton roll. We all have a left-over cotton roll which becomes useless after all the cotton is finished, we can use the same as the body of the snowman and start decorating it. Children of any age group can perform this activity but majorly if 9-14 years old can engage in these crafts, it will help them develop their motor skills.

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16. Wood Block Snowman Craft

Snowman Crafts For Kids Wood Block Snowman Craft

Image Source/Tutorial: Easy Peasy And Fun

We all must have witnessed some construction work in our house and we often observe a lot of wood blocks or sticks go to waste or just stay in our storeroom. Today, we thought over putting them to use and making our own snowman. Let’s start by taking the woodblock and covering it up with a white sheet and decorating the same as per our choice. It will make wonders and also boast the confidence of our children.

17. Snowman Painting

Snowman Crafts For Kids Snowman Painting

Image Source/Tutorial: Mess For Less

After researching for so many snowman crafts, I wanted to put forward a simpler one where we just draw the picture of the snowman. Kids love painting and playing with a wide range of colors. Just leave children with a bunch of supplies of colors and you will be shocked to see the results and the efforts they put into the same. So, try this activity with your kids and you will only need a bunch of paint colors, a paintbrush, and a sheet of paper.

18. Snowman Light Ball

Snowman Crafts For Kids Snowman Light Ball

Image Source/Tutorial: Grassy Branch Farms

We all do have an old ball which is squished and is of no use. Well, it’s time to put them to some use! We can paint, decorate and of course accessorize our snowman ball and hang it onto our tree or keep it somewhere safe as a piece of art. It is super easy, super fun to create and we will be having a lot of fun while creating the same. You can also give it a finishing touch by making your snowman wear a tiara.

19. Footprint Snowman Card

Snowman Crafts For Kids Footprint Snowman Card

Image Source/Tutorial: The Best Ideas For Kids

Christmas cards and goodies are so fun to create and give them especially when you add a personal touch to your gift it becomes even more meaningful and precious. We decided on making a snowman card where we will be creating a snowman with your foot. Kids will love to stamp their feet into the paint and then create their very own snowman. You can then decorate the snowman and background of the card with glitters, stickers, and markers of course. It will add a great touch to your gift.

20. Snowman Suncatcher

Snowman Crafts For Kids Snowman Suncatcher

Image Source/Tutorial: Primary Theme Park

It’s a chilly start of the new year and some of our lives at a certain place where it doesn’t snow and thus we don’t get the experience of building a snowman. So, here we have an activity for you where you can build the snowman by adding a twist to it and that if we can make a snowman catcher, it will be super easy and fun to build and will require a minimal amount of materials.

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21. Paper Bag Snowman Puppet

Paper Bag Snowman Puppet

Image Source/Tutorial: I Heart Crafty Things

I always find it fun researching snow-related winter crafts for kids. It gives me an immense amount of pleasure that kids still enjoy the snow and get excited about them after staying inside for so long. So, here we have constructed a new puppet of snowman and it will be fun to play with them. Kids of any age group can perform this activity and it will be great for their development.

22. Snow Globe

Snow Globe

Image Source/Tutorial: The Simple Parent

No matter what type of climate you live in but there is always a fun way to enjoy snowmen in the chilly winters. We all want to build it with our children but due to pandemics, we cannot head out and so keeping that in mind we brought to you an activity where you will make a snow globe. For this, you will only require a plastic plate, buffalo snowflakes, dark blue cardstock, scissors, and some glue. It’s a great way to build your child’s concentration as well as creativity level.

23. Craft Stick Snowman

Craft Stick Snowman

Image Source/Tutorial: The Resourceful Mama

I love to play with pipe cleaners and stick! As winters are headed upon us I missed the snow and so I decided to make a snowman out of the stick and pipe cleaners. To build this you will be needing an ice cream stick, some pipe cleaners, of course, markers and if you want to decorate it you can add some decoration materials as well. You can perform this activity any time you want but it will make more sense if you perform it during Christmas as you can decorate your Christmas trees with the same.

24. Clothespin Snowman

Clothespin Snowman

Image Source/Tutorial: Moms And Crafters

I wanted to create a fun clothespin that can be used as a puppet or brochure as well in a themed party and then I came across this activity where we construct a snowman puppet by using a clothespin. It’s super easy and fun to build and so creative. I think this activity is a must! to perform as it will guide children in the direction where they will learn to look at things differently from day to day perspective!

25. Match Stone Snowman

Match Stone Snowman

Image Source/Tutorial: In The Playroom

Since it’s the middle of the winter now and we are all bounded in our house due to pandemics, I missed constructing snowmen and we all have to agree it’s the best part of the winters and we all wait for the same. So, I couldn’t resist trying out some amazing snowmen crafts at home itself and I came across this super fun activity where we will be constructing snowmen out of rocks and it will be super fun and easy to create.

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26. Coffee Filter Snowmen

Coffee Filter Snowmen

Image Source/Tutorial: Look! We’re Learning

Ever wondered what to do with all the coffee filters when they are out of use? Well as we are in the middle of the winters I decided on giving them a makeover! We carved out an activity from this for all of you and that is we are going to construct snowmen out of a coffee filter. The materials required for the same are easily available and you don’t have to go anywhere.

27. Pin Snowmen

Pin Snowmen

Image Source/Tutorial: Easy Peasy And Fun

Some of us live in the parts of the country where it never snows and we have never had the chance to experience actual snowfall. But we all still dream about the same and I still wanted to get into the wintery spirit and so I decided to build snowmen with a clothespin. Now, it’s super easy to make and kids of any age group can construct the same because it’s relatable and will give you all the feels of snow. Clothespin is also easily available in everyone’s house as we use them for soaking our clothes so you don’t have to go anywhere as well.

28. Snowmen In A Bag

Snowmen In A Bag

Image Source/Tutorial: Oh My! Creative

We wanted to construct something creative in which we could pack our Christmas goodies and candies and which might also keep my child busy amidst the festivities and so I landed upon this craft where we are making a snowmen bag in which you can keep anything. It’s very unique and also will boost your child’s confidence if you make them do this.

29. Snowmen Photoframe

Snowmen Photoframe

Image Source/Tutorial: A my Latta Creations

Ever thought about making a great Christmas gift? Well, we all have at least at some point and we all are well aware that nothing compares to handmade gifts or adding a personal touch to the gifts especially if you’re preparing it for a loved one. So, keeping that in mind we decided on making a personalized photo frame for Christmas presents and making this with our own bare hands. You can give your photo frame any theme but as we are in the middle of the winters we decided on a snowmen theme. It’s super easy and fun to create.

30. Paper Cup Counting Snow

Paper Cup Counting Snow

Image Source/Tutorial: Hello Wonderful

We are going to make a Christmas countdown craft with just a plastic glass where you can start by constructing snowmen on the glass with a marker and make a hole next you can put all the numbers in the glass and you are good to go! It will be super fun to create and you will have a lot of fun while making this. It will also make your kids learn to count.

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31. Paper Plate Snowmen Wreath

Paper Plate Snowmen Wreath

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Craft Room

Snowman is great because they aren’t attached to anyone’s religious belief or specific culture. They are made out of joy and out of the expression of love. So, we have brought to you another amazing craft where you will be a snowman out of a paper plate. It’s very easy and the materials required for the same can be found anywhere.

32. Snow Globe

Snow Globe

Image Source/Tutorial: No Time For Flash Cards

In this activity, we are going to deliver an activity where we will be creating a snow globe with just a paper plate and some paints. We can make this craft at any time around the year but I think it’s pretty useful during the time of Christmas as we will add more to the feels. For this, you will require a paper plate, glue, a pair of scissors, and some paint colors and you’re good to go.

33. Fantastic Snowman Snow Globe

Fantastic Snowman Snow Globe

Image Source/Tutorial: A Little Pinch Of Perfect

We have brought yet another snow globe activity where we will be creating a snow globe from white water beads. Craft also ignites the passion of just forgetting about the world for a while and expressing yourself completely when you’re doing it. It’s a very useful way for kids to express themselves especially when they are at an age where they can’t express themselves verbally.

34. Handprint Christmas Craft

Handprint Christmas Craft

Image Source/Tutorial: Fab Art DIY

What do you get when you combine classic art and craft and winters together? Well, SNOWMAN!! of-course or snow globe to be more precise. So, in this activity, we are going to provide you with some facts about this activity and you can build this globe all by yourself. It’s super easy and requires minimal effort. You only need a ball, paint colors, and some enthusiasm to build this one.

35. Balloon Snowman

Balloon Snowman

Image Source/Tutorial: CBC Parents

We all want to build snowmen but it’s simply too cold to step outside and build one so we decided to build one inside the house and give you all the feels. We have already suggested so many activities for building the snowmen and this time we wanted to give you a simple one. We decided on making a snowman out of balloons. It’s super easy, super fun and the kids will love it.

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36. Melting Snowman Slime

Melting Snowman Slime

Image Source/Tutorial: 123 Homeschool 4 Me

This melting slime recipe is great for winters and for toddlers of course. You can collect all the materials required for the same and give it to your kids and they will definitely use their creative minds to build a unique one. It will be super fun to watch.

37. Printable Snowman Craft

Printable Snowman Craft

Image Source/Tutorial: Hodge Podge Craft

I wanted to make a simpler snowman and so I ran into templates, the easy one and so I decided on building one with the help of templates. You can easily cut out various shapes from the templates, carves, and figures and use them to build a snowman altogether. It will basically help you in building your concentration level as well as hand-eye coordination.

38. Snowman Preschool Craft

Snowman Preschool Craft

Image Source/Tutorial: Fun A Day

Winters have been chilly and we don’t want anyone to give us the benefit of the doubt. So without wasting even a second let’s begin this craft where our kids will snowman out of cardstock. You can paint them, draw on them and decorate them as well. It will also help in building the motor skills of your child.

39. Popsicle Snowman

Popsicle Snowman

Image Source/Tutorial: Artsy Craftsy Mom

Well, we all think we need something round and soft to make a snowman but we don’t. We can make snowmen out of anything and do wonders. So without wasting even a second, Let’s gear up and do wonders with these popsicle sticks. For this, you will only require some popsicle sticks, stickers, markers, and decoration materials.

40. Stick Mask Snowman

Stick Mask Snowman

Image Source/Tutorial: Today’s Creative Ideas

This popsicle stick snowman is a perfect blend of masks and snowman crafts for the winter holidays. We can use them for the themed parties that we might engage in the future like Halloween or even Christmas-themed parties. It will be great practice for the kids to indulge in such activities as well.

I hope all your questions were answered in this article and we would love it if you could visit our other articles as well. Do let us know in the comment section what was your favorite activity and do visit our website for future references.

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