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Easy Paper Snowman Crafts for Kids

Easy Paper Snowman Crafts for Kids

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Easy Paper Snowman Crafts for Kids

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Easy And Innovative Paper Snowman Crafts For Kids!

Creativity is a unique characteristic of the human race. Of all the creatures roaming this planet, only humans have the ability of abstract thinking and creativity. Our history is the history of human creativity and innovations. From the first steps that Homo sapiens took on Europe, the weapons they created to hunt for food and fend off dangers, to the pendants that they crafted to indicate statues and the amazing petroglyphs found in France (Vallée des Merveilles), Greece (Irakleia – Cyclades), Italy (Bagnolo stele) and Spain (Galicia).

Creativity and innovation are what created the pyramids in Egypt. With this, using creativity and innovation we are going to tell you about some amazing festive crafts.

Paper Snowman Crafts For Kids

1. The Innovative Ones

Easy And Innovative Paper Snowman Crafts for Kids The Innovative Ones

Make these awesome snowmen using sheets and other craft items. Cut out strips of white paper and put them together in the circular manner as shown below. You can use salt to show snowflakes and decorate it in your room.

2. The Bucket Snowman

Easy And Innovative Paper Snowman Crafts for Kids The Bucket Snowman

Make these snowmen buckets and ask kids to decorate it in whatever way they like. When kids use their imagination and skills, it enhances their personality and way of thinking. They feel more expressive. Keep this in your child’s room, in which he/she can also keep things.

3. The Geometrical Snowman

Easy And Innovative Paper Snowman Crafts for Kids The Geometrical Snowman

Make this geometrical and colorful snowman. Use vibrant sheet colors and make the snowman, the sun, clouds, and the Christmas tree. Use circle and semi-circle to make this craft. Through this, kids will also learn about the figures and their properties. It is a very good way of teaching things to grow kids of 4-7 years. Ask children to list more shapes and real-life things which have the same shape.

4. The Snowman Greeting Cards

Easy And Innovative Paper Snowman Crafts for Kids The Snowman Greeting Cards

No matter what time it is, greeting cards never go out of fashion. They are one of the best gifts which show immense thoughtfulness and love for your dear ones. For Christmas, ask children to make this snowman themed greeting card for their friends. They will learn more about the festival and its values.

5. The Hand fan Snowman

Easy And Innovative Paper Snowman Crafts for Kids The Hand fan Snowman

Remember making hand fans in childhood? Use the same concept to make this snowman. Ask kids to decorate the snowman with a hat, a carrot nose and twig hands. Pass on your creative legacy to children and also help them learn and grow better. Both the pictures shown below have been made using the same concept. This will also make it easier for children to learn about winters and be much more productive during the festive holidays.

Easy And Innovative Paper Snowman Crafts for Kids

6. The One With Customised Faces

The One With Customised Faces

This one is quite innovative and extremely awesome. Kids will definitely love making this craft. Ask children to make the snowman body and for tha face, use their friends’ or their own pictures. It is a very nice way of keeping chidlren involved in something developing like this. Such creativity also helps in developing their manual dexterity and spatial skills.

7. The Glittery Snowman

The Glittery Snowman

Make this gorgeous snowman using craft sheets and glitter paper. Ask children to decorate their house for Christmas and New year. This way it will not only help in their creative development but also help them inculcate a sense of responsibility for making their home beautiful and when kids work together it will also bring cooperation, teamwork and understanding in them.

8. The One Using Vibrant Colors

The One Using Vibrant Colors

Make these stunning colorful snowmen using craft sheets. You can ask kids to make a snowman of different designs and hang it in your garden to decorate it for the festival. During this time of the pandemic, when it’s risky to step out and buy stuff, make the decorative items on your own and have an amazing festival with your kids and one which will be economical as well. Both the pictures, shown below are two different creative ways of making a snowman.

The One Using Vibrant Colors

9. The One Using Cotton Balls

The One Using Cotton Balls

Make this snowy craft for winter season using small cotton balls and paste them on the sheet in the pattern as shown. Tell kids about the festival such as why Christmas is celebrated, the importance of winter season. When you tell kids about these things through fun learning activities such as art and craft, they learn these things automatically without getting bored.

10. The snowman Cup Craft

The snowman Cup Craft

Make this awesome and cute craft of cups. Make cup-shaped greeting cards and decorate it with Christmas themed craft such as Christmas tree, snowman, Santa Claus. In this time of the pandemic, when you cannot meet your loved ones, send them love through these lovely ideas, spend time with your family by together making these cards and have a productive and safe festival this year.

Winter is here and so are the festivals. Try out all these amazing and interesting paper snowman crafts for kids to make your festivals beautiful. Kids will develop their brain and social relations through this as described above. Since craft is considered to be a stress releasing, it will also be therapeutic for you. It is a very effective measure of cutting down your expenditure and be more economical.

Share your feedback with us in the comments when you make these crafts and also do not forget to check other posts on our website related to craft, festivals, kids and many other interesting topics.

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