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Easy Watermelon Crafts & Activities for Kids

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Easy Watermelon Crafts & Activities for Kids

Activities for Kids

Watermelon is a yummy and mouth-watering fruit. Everyone loves eating watermelons. The juicy and melting form of watermelon is really amazing. And it also has various health benefits to its credit.

We bring you some creative watermelon craft ideas & activities. All of these crafts are very easy and beautiful. You’ll love them all. Make sure you try them once.

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Easy Watermelon Crafts & Activities for Kids

Paper Watermelon Craft For Kids In Easy Way

Paper Watermelon Craft For Kids In Easy Way

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Art & Craft

This paper watermelon craft is perfect for kids. It is easy to make and requires minimal materials. It’s a fun summer craft that will bring a smile to any child’s face. So grab some paper and get crafting!

Watermelon Craft

Easy Watermelon Crafts & Activities for Kids Watermelon Craft

Image Source/Tutorial: Thebestideasforkids

This watermelon craft is really super cute and easy. You’ll need a watermelon template, different color cardstock paper, black marker, glue, and googly eyes. Print the melon template. Fold a green card stock and trace the melon shape on it. Cut it out. Next, fold a white cardstock and trace the largest semi-circle on it. Cut it out and glue on the green card. On a light green paper, trace the next smallest semi-circle and cut it out.  Trace the smallest semi-circle shape on red paper and cut it out. Paste it on the light green paper. Paste the light green and red paper on top of the dark green paper. Make 9 black seeds and paste them into the red semi-circle. Paste the googly eyes and draw a mouth with a black marker. Write your message inside

Watermelon Button Craft

Easy Watermelon Crafts & Activities for Kids Watermelon Button Craft

Image Source/Tutorial: Acultivatednest

This is a really easy and beautiful craft. You’ll love to make it. You’ll require sweet Sumner watermelon printed on card stock, red, dark green, light green, and black buttons, photo frame, glue. Print the cardstock. Start gluing the red buttons on the first layer. For the second layer, glue the green buttons and put buttons in between each existing button. Cover the red part with two to three layers of buttons. Lastly, add the black buttons as seeds. Put your button art in a photo frame and you’re done.

Cute Playdough Watermelons

Easy Watermelon Crafts & Activities for Kids Cute Playdough Watermelons

Image Source/Tutorial: Projectswithkids

These cute little playdough watermelons are very easy to make. And they look really really cute. You’ll need pink, dark green, light green playdough, black marker, and googly eyes. Roll the pink dough to make a ball. Flatten both the green doughs and cut in small semi-circles. Wrap all the dough together to create the melon. Draw the seeds, eyes, and mouth with a black marker. 

Paper Plate Craft

Easy Watermelon Crafts & Activities for Kids Paper Plate Craft

Image Source/Tutorial: Woojr

This Watermelon Paper Plate Craft is an easy and fun craft to do with the little kids. You’ll require a paper plate, red, green, and black paint, cotton swab, scissors, a paintbrush, a pencil, and a ruler. Draw a line dividing the paper plate equally in two parts. Then on one half of the plate, draw two lines to divide it into three slices. Cut the lines to get three slices and a large watermelon. Paint it with red and green color and let it dry. Put some black paint and make the seeds with a cotton swab. Let it dry completely.

Watermelon Paper Plate Fan

Easy Watermelon Crafts & Activities for Kids Watermelon Paper Plate Fan

Image Source/Tutorial: Passionforsavings

This is a fun DIY craft that you can do easily with the kids. You’ll need paper plates, red, pink, dark green, light green paint, paintbrushes, black marker, glue, popsicle sticks, and scissors. Divide the paper plate in two parts and cut it out to make a semi-circle. Take a semi-circle and start painting. Create layers with red and green colors. For the first green layer, use the light green color. Let it dry. Add some more shades by painting a dark green shade on the light green part and some pink shade on the red layer. Draw the seeds with a black marker. Paste the popsicle stick with glue at the back of the fan. 

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DIY Watermelon Pinatas

Easy Watermelon Crafts & Activities for Kids DIY Watermelon Pinatas

Image Source/Tutorial: Minted

This is a very fun and interesting activity. You’re absolutely going to love it. You’ll require paper plates, tissue paper in red, white, and green, black construction paper, scissors, craft glue, ruler, candy or small toys. Cut the paper plate in half. Glue both the halves together like a bowl. Cut a wide strip of red tissue paper and paste it across the opening on the flat side of the piñata. Cut a folded strip of red tissue. Unfold it and cut the fringes with scissors. Starting along the flat edge of the piñata, adhere tissue fringe with the fringed edges facing down. Repeat until the pinata is covered. Repeat on the backside. Cut a strip of white tissue and paste around the curved edge of the pinata. Cut a strip of green tissue paper and cut fringes on both sides. Adhere around the curved edge of the piñata so the fringe is visible on both sides. Cut the seeds from black paper and paste.

Felt Watermelon Garland

Easy Watermelon Crafts & Activities for Kids Felt Watermelon Garland

Image Source/Tutorial: Vickybarone

This sweet little watermelon decor is so cute. You can use it to decorate your home. You’ll require red and green felt, scissors, hot glue, string, and a black marker.

Hand Painted Watermelon Slice Wall Art

Easy Watermelon Crafts & Activities for Kids Hand Painted Watermelon Slice Wall Art

Image Source/Tutorial: Acharmingproject

This is such an interesting and creative activity that you’ll instantly fall in love with it. The materials required are light green, dark green, white, black and red paint, white frame, black and white paper, scissors, painter’s tape, white cardstock and paintbrush. Take the cardstock and cut out a triangle. Using the painter’s tape, paint the base with a dark green stripe, followed by a lighter green stripe, a white stripe, and red. Paint the small black seeds. Make the black and white striped background to the frame and add the watermelon art to it.

Watermelon Paper Craft

Easy Watermelon Crafts & Activities for Kids Watermelon Paper Craft

Image Source/Tutorial: Momsandcrafters

This is a beautiful watermelon papercraft. You’ll really love making it. The materials needed are a printout of the template on card stock, scissors or a craft knife, and glue. Print out the template. Cut the shapes as traced on the template and paste them all together to make the watermelon.

DIY Watermelon Coasters

Easy Watermelon Crafts & Activities for Kids DIY Watermelon Coasters

Image Source/Tutorial: Madetobeamomma

This is a simple, cute and easy craft that the kids can do easily. You’ll need wooden coasters, acrylic paint (green, white, and red), pencil, a black permanent marker and mod podge sparkle. Start by painting the two rings, one green and one white, around your coaster. Make the center red and let it dry. You can coat it twice or thrice as required. Draw the seeds with a black marker. Add a layer of Mod Podge, sparkle to the coasters to give it a more beautiful look. 

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Easy Watermelon Paper Crafts

Easy Watermelon Crafts & Activities for Kids Easy Watermelon Paper Crafts

Image Source/Tutorial: Inthebagkidscrafts

Just grab a few supplies and you’re ready to make this beautiful craft. 

Letter Watermelon Craft

Letter Watermelon Craft

Image Source/Tutorial: Musthavemom

This is a great way to learn alphabets. You’ll require craft foam, glue, scissors, black marker, paper or cardstock. Get the W letter template and print on cardstock. Cut the letter and trace it on the craft foam. Cut it out. Download and print the watermelon template. Cut it out. Trace the watermelon template on the white, red, and green foam. Cut it out. Glue all the pieces together. Make the seeds with a black marker. Glue the watermelon on the letter W.

DIY Watermelon Squishies

DIY Watermelon Squishies

Image Source/Tutorial: Buggyandbuddy

You can make this watermelon squishy toy in a few easy steps. It is very easy. You’ll need memory foam, scissors, fabric paint in various colors, paintbrushes, paper plates, and wax paper or parchment paper. Start by cutting the foam in different shapes. Paint your Squishies. First, paint a large red layer and then green. Draw the black seeds. Place the squishy on wax or parchment paper to dry. 

Adorable Watermelon Craft

Adorable Watermelon Craft

Image Source/Tutorial: Sunnydayfamily

This is a really fun and cute craft. You’ll surely enjoy the process of making it. The materials required are red and green craft foam, large wood craft sticks, scissors, glue, and a black marker. Start by cutting the red foam sheets into triangular shapes. Cut a wide strip of green for the rind and glue it to the end of the red triangle. Make the seeds with a black marker. Glue the watermelon piece to the end of a woodcraft stick and let it dry.

DIY Fruit Fans

DIY Fruit Fans

Image Source/Tutorial: A Girl and A Glue Gun

This craft is perfect for summer. Make these beautiful fruit fans and enjoy your summers. You’ll require pop sticks, a drilling machine, a nut, watercolor, white sheets, and glue. Take the pop sticks and drill a hole at the end of the stick. You can use 5 sticks per fan. Put the sticks together and secure them with a nut. Take the white sheets, cut them in a fan shape and paint them. Let it dry. Glue the sticks at the back of the sheets and you’re done. You can also fold them stick by stick to make them look more pretty.

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DIY Perler Beads Fruit bowl

DIY Perler Beads Fruit bowl

Image Source/Tutorial: Vikalpah

This is a super pretty and easy craft. You’ll require Perler beads in your color choice, circle pegboard, parchment paper, iron and glue. Make a full circle bowl and a half circle bowl. For the full circle bowl, make a watermelon pattern and for the half-circle bowl, make a grapefruit pattern. Fuse the base using parchment paper and Iron. Cover the pattern with parchment paper and use iron in a circular motion for 30 to 45 seconds until the beads fuse together. Once it cools down, remove it from the pegboard and repeat the steps for another side. Now start making the sides of the bowl. Use beads to form the outline part alone in the pegboard. You can use alternate colors of light and dark green beads for the outer layer of the watermelon bowl and light orange beads for the grapefruit bowl. Fuse them as done above. Repeat to make 5 outline circles. With the help of glue, glue the layers one by one to make the bowl. Let it dry.

Summer Melty Bead Shapes

Summer Melty Bead Shapes

Image Source/Tutorial: Craftprojectideas

Make this super fun and cute activity that the kids can make very easily. You’ll require melty beads variety pack, Iron and pegboard. To create the designs, lay Melty Beads onto the pegboard shapes. You have to follow the instructions on the package to melt. 

Watermelon Sponge Painting

Watermelon Sponge Painting

Image Source/Tutorial: Fantasticfunandlearning

This is a super fun painting craft. You’ll need sponges cut in various sizes of triangles, white, cardstock, acrylic paint, small paper plates and paintbrush. Put pink, green, and black paint on some small paper plates. Use white cardstock paper for the canvas of the painting. Take the correct sponges, dipped them into the paint, and place them in order from the biggest to the smallest piece of watermelon. To get the slices a bit darker, mix some red paint and give a touch-up. Use the green paint and make the rind with a paintbrush. For the seeds, you can use your fingers. Let it dry. 

Paper Plate Watermelon Suncatchers

Paper Plate Watermelon Suncatchers

Image Source/Tutorial: kidsactivitiesblog

Suncatchers are beautiful, right! They look so attractive. Make this beautiful watermelon suncatcher. The things needed are pink tissue paper, black tissue paper, white paper plates, adhesive clear laminate shelf liner, green paint, a paintbrush, tape and scissors. Cut the paper plate in half. Paint the bottom half of the textured rim green. Next cut a small rectangular shape of clear shelf liner. Cut small circles from the black tissue paper and place them directly onto the sticky side of the shelf liner. Place small squares of pink tissue paper onto the sticky side of the shelf liner. When the shelf liner is covered, cut another small rectangle of the same size and place it over the tissue paper. Place the tissue paper rectangle into the paper plate and secure it with tape. Trim off excess edges to create a watermelon slice. Hang in with tape and enjoy!

Watermelon Playdough Slicing

Watermelon Playdough Slicing

Image Source/Tutorial: Notimeforflashcards

Playdoughs are a really fun activity. This playdough watermelon activity is very easy and really fun. You will need some pink and green playdough, some black beans and a plastic knife. Press the beans in the pink playdough. Roll it into a ball. Flatten the green dough and cut it into a semi-circle. Wrap around the pink dough and cut it into slices. 

Pencil Holders

Pencil Holders

Image Source/Tutorial: Redtedart

 This is a quick and easy craft for kids. You can also make it for your school activity. You’ll need one tin can per holder, green, white and red or yellow and green color papers, scissors glue tape and color pens. Start by wrapping the color papers around the tin. For the melon, you have to add three color layers that are red, white and green. For the pineapple holder, you also have to cut the leaves with green paper. Paste them. Decorate them with color pens and it’s done.

So these are some of the easy and creative watermelon craft ideas that anyone can make without much effort. Don’t forget to drop your valuable comments so that we keep on providing you with easy DIY ideas. Also, you can visit our website to get more such DIY easy craft ideas.

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