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Simple Paper Strip Craft Ideas for Kids

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Simple Paper Strip Craft Ideas for Kids

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Art and craft are considered to be one of the best ways for a child’s development. Through art and craft children tend to learn a lot. All the different kinds of art, be it clay shape making, paper folding to make origami, sketching, painting, or using scrap papers for various purposes, help in the development of a child in various ways, such as fine motor skills and spatial skills.

Children also learn socializing, it boosts their confidence and helps them exploit their artistic potential. In today’s post, we are going to use scrap paper for a different kind of craft.

Simple Paper Strip Craft Ideas for Kids


1. The Clown Craft

Make this amazing clown with funny hair using sketch and scrap paper. Just make the sketch of the clown and then using colorful papers, make small rings by sticking the edges and then paste them all together on the clown’s head. Ask your kids to make this and decorate their rooms with this on Halloween. Your kids will learn about colors and it is a very good way of keeping children engrossed.

Simple and Amazing Craft Ideas for Kids! The Clown Craft

2. The Lion King

All of us have seen the famous movie,” The Lion King” and why not use this to get your kids interested more in this activity. Ask them to make their favorite character from the movie using the craft. Make this lion sketch and for the hair, use orange-colored paper and make rings from it and paste it on the head. Tell your kids about the king of the jungle and that he lives in a den.

Simple and Amazing Craft Ideas for Kids! The Lion King

3. The Fish

Make this cute little fish with not so little tail using colorful scrap papers. Use this amazing new idea for the scales of the fish. Children will enjoy making the rings and then pasting it on the fish for the scales. It is an amazing idea to decorate your kid’s room and you can also hang it near your aquarium and teach your kids about the different kinds of fishes using these pretty ones.

4. The clouds

You can make the cloud in this manner using paper rings. It is a very good way of developing a child’s mind of age between 4-6 years old. You can tell your kids and students about the rainy season and its benefits and teach them a lot about seasons. Make many such clouds and hang them on the roof of your rooms/classrooms.

Simple and Amazing Craft Ideas for Kids! The Fish

5. The Apple Tree Craft

Create this amazing apple tree using the paper rings. Children will definitely love this tree making session. You can use this to grasp your child’s interest and tell them the benefits of eating different fruits and that how it would help them stay healthy.

Simple and Amazing Craft Ideas for Kids! The Apple Tree Craft

6. The bright sunflowers

Make this amazing and bright sunflower using yellow paper rings. Teach this to your kids and ask them to make it themselves. You can use to decorate it with handmade greeting cards and also ask your kids to make an artificial garden using the same technique for different kinds of flowers, trees, clouds, etc. This way the children will enhance their creative skills and also learn hand to eye coordination with such crafts.

Simple and Amazing Craft Ideas for Kids! The bright sunflowers

7. A Bunch of Grapes

Make this extremely amazing grapes craft using the same technique. Tell your kids about the benefits of this fruit and you can have a healthy competition among the kids at a party where you ask them to make two such fruits crafts and to tell the benefits of those fruits. This way children will learn a lot and also imbibe healthy habits.

A Bunch of Grapes

Go on and try these amazing new craft ideas which also teach plenty of things to kids. Art and craft have many benefits in itself, some of them are the development of fine motor skills, and working them with materials teaches them about colors, textures, and paints.

If you like the ideas, please connect to us through the comment section and also tell us if you want us to post about something. Check out other posts on our website for more fun and amazing ideas.

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