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Dinosaur Craft Activities For Kids

Dinosaur Craft Activities For Kids

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Dinosaur Craft Activities For Kids

Greetings everyone!

These giant creatures left this earth a few hundred years ago, but kids are fond of this creature even today. Yes, we are talking about the giant dinosaurs. These creatures have been gifted with something that every kid just loves and gets attracted to them. Let’s make our Lil champs happy by dedicating this whole article to their favourite animal character that is the dinosaurs.

This article is going to be full of fun and excitement. You will be having a lot of fun while performing these DIY projects. We have given our best to entertain you all with our crazy dinosaurs activities.

Dinosaur Craft Activities For Kids

D for dino

Image Source/Tutorial: A Little Pinch of Perfect

  • Materials required: Paper, beads, scissors, pencil, punching machine.
  • Difficulty level: Very easy
  • Suitable age: 6-10 years

Take a coloured sheet of paper and cut it in the shape of D as shown in the picture. Now, cut a circular shape for the head and some triangular shapes for the spikes. With help of a punching machine, punch some small circular dots. Paste all the cutting in such a way so that a dino is made.

Dino Nest

Image Source/Tutorial: Parenting Chaos


  • Materials required: Mud, leaves, grass, rocks.
  • Difficulty level: Very easy
  • Suitable age: 7-12 years

Take some mud and mix some leaves, grass, twigs with it. Now place it in such a way so that it looks like a nest. Place two big rocks inside it which will represent the dinosaur’s egg.

Dino Fossils

Image Source/Tutorial: Stir the Wonder

  • Materials required: Clay, tray.
  • Difficulty level: Easy
  • Suitable age: 11-13 years

Take white clay in any container or some tray. Spread the clay to form a spherical shape. With the help of your finger, dab some dinosaurs images on it so that it resembles the fossils. Fossils are the old remains of any animal.

Dino Cards

Image Source/Tutorial: Fun a Day

  • Materials required: Photo paper, printer, scissors, computer.
  • Difficulty level: Easy
  • Suitable age: 8-13 years

Get some photo paper and keep your printer ready. On your computer/laptop search for some cartoon dino character. Select your favourite ones and download them. Once you have downloaded images, get them printed. Then cut them according to the size of the cards.

Dino in the ice

Image Source/Tutorial: Parenting Chaos

  • Materials required: Artificial dinosaurs, oval ice cube tray, freezer.
  • Difficulty level: Easy
  • Suitable age: 8-12 years

Buy some artificial dinosaurs from the market and place them in an oval ice cube tray filled with water. Let them freeze for some time. Once refrigeration is done, get them out of the fridge and your dino ice eggs are ready.

Dino forest

Image Source/Tutorial: Crayon Box Chronicles

  • Materials required: Paper, artificial animals, leaves, paint.
  • Difficulty level: Very Easy
  • Suitable age: 9-14 years

Buy some artificial dinosaurs from the market. Take many big sheets of paper and colour them white all over and then one upon another as shown in the figure. To create a dino forest look, place some leaves, twigs on the ground and keep artificial Dinos over them.

Dino Eggs

Image Source/Tutorial: Fun at Home with Kids

  • Materials required: Baking soda, colours, citric juice, container.
  • Difficulty level: Very Easy
  • Suitable age: 8-12 years

Take some Baking soda and colours together in a container. Mix them well so that the colours will blend completely with the baking soda. Add water to the mixture but in a small amount. Make a dough out of it. Also, add 2 tablespoons of citric acid to it so that the dough will become a little rigid. Now mould this dough according to the shape of eggs.

Dino’s bones

Image Source/Tutorial: The Imagination Tree

  • Materials required: Flour dough, oven, colours, brushes.
  • Difficulty level: Very easy
  • Suitable age: 9-13 years

Take some Flour in a container and make a dough of it. Once the dough is ready, mould it in the shape of bones. Bones should of different sizes. Keep these bones inside the oven for a few mins and get them out. Keeping in the oven helps in solidifying the bone. With the help of paintbrushes, colour it grey.

Dino World

Image Source/Tutorial: Happy Hooligans

  • Materials required: Big tub, water, leaves, Rocks, pebbles, artificial animals.
  • Difficulty level: Easy
  • Suitable age: 8-13 years

Fill a large tub halfway with water. Add some rocks, pebbles, leaves into it. Place artificial lizards, fish, dino over it.

Dino bin

Image Source/Tutorial: little bins for little hands

  • Materials required: Sand, stones, artificial dinosaurs.
  • Difficulty level: Very Easy
  • Suitable age: 6-10 years

Fill some areas with sand. Place some stones, artificial Dinos on it. Your dino world is ready.

I hope you all found this article delightful and full of entertainment. We attempted to revive the presence of dinosaurs that unfortunately left this earth a long time ago. Spend your precious time by performing these mind-blowing craft activities and create some more beautiful childhood memories. Share your opinion by posting the comments below. We respect your opinion.

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