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Easy To Make File Folder Games

Easy To Make File Folder Games


Easy To Make File Folder Games

File folder games are always been on the top priority list for parents and teachers as this is the least time-consuming activity that not only entertains children but also helps to make their learning more interesting. Small kids love to play these file folder games as they include exciting themes and images which is sufficient to grab the attention of small children. the folder is laminated and portable so you can easily take it anywhere. File folders lasted for years if preserved safely. File folder games are suitable for kids in pre-primary and kindergarten. Once file folders are prepared they can be used anytime and anywhere as a quick educational activity. Here is a list of some very cool and amazing file folder games that will keep children engaged with some productive activity, and the best part is you don’t have to spend much on these activities as making a file folder game is very pocket friendly. So, explore these interesting games and make their learning a more fun activity to do.

 Easy To Make File Folder Games

Alphabet Flower Educational Game

Image Source/Tutorial: Filefolderfun

Create educational games and worksheets using this fun and learn the idea. If you are a parent or a teacher this can be helpful in spending quality time with your kids. Building on this idea and making games and worksheets based on our Alphabet Flower Educational Game can itself be stimulating for the brain. So, boost the brain power with this educational idea and enjoy the study time.

Icecream Pictures for Numbers and Counting

Image Source/Tutorial: Themeasuredmom

We often dread the word ‘Maths’ and so do most kids. But with an interesting approach to learning maths concepts, we can change this perspective. Make use of a variety of ‘Icecreams’ to learn Maths. We are only talking about pictures of ‘Icecreams’. This idea to use Icecream Pictures’ Charts to teach and learn numbers, counting, etc. is a very creative approach to studying. So, make some of these worksheets and charts for a better understanding of Maths concepts for primary level students.

Colorful Circles of Units of Time

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Activities Blog

This is a beautiful and creative way to teach as well as learn the units of time. Whether you are a toddler or a teacher you will find this creative educational craft activity fun and exciting. So, make the Colourful Circles Of Units of Time craft now. You can display them for attention and interest in learning.

Match the Designer Hearts Intellectual Game

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Activities Blog

This idea can be used by Toddlers to adolescents for logical thinking skills. The making of this game or its worksheets will involve a lot of creative skills. So, get along with your kids and make as well as playfully solve these match the hearts game worksheets.

Rainbow Jigsaw Puzzle Game

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Activities Blog

This can be an enjoyable and effective learning task for toddlers. The Rainbow Jigsaw Puzzle includes all 7 color bands of the rainbow. Now, you can teach your kids the names of the colors, order, and the concept of a rainbow using this wonderful game idea.

Letter-Word Guess Game

Image Source/Tutorial:

Whether you want your children to learn associations of letters to words, having a get-together with family and friends, or on a picnic, this game can be fun. Let everyone get dice and a chance to roll to pick on a letter from which they have to guess a word (place, animal, thing, abstract/concrete, etc.) and see who leads in the game with the highest word guessed points.

Fruit Matching Game for Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Showmycrafts

This non-technology-based game can be interesting for kids as much as they like screen-based games today. The touch, feel, see, observe and guess aspects of this game idea can do wonders for learning time. Make this game for your kids and see a sweet smile on the face of the apple of your eyes.

Strawberry Farm Alphabet Learning Game

Image Source/Tutorial: Kindergartenkindergarten

Make a learning kit of a Strawberry Farm and see your kids engrossed and enjoying an Alphabet Learning Game in front of you, without wifi and internet. Wouldn’t that be a dream come true for today’s carers? We all want to keep our children at least for some time away from the virtual world and engage them in real face-to-face learning. This idea can be useful for achieving such a goal of learning.

Colour the Letters and Pictures Worksheets

Image Source/Tutorial: Parentingtoimpress

Make some really engaging coloring activity worksheets for children. You can use letters, pictures, or a combination of both to make interesting coloring activity worksheets. Children will definitely like to give these worksheets a try.

Story Characters-Based Phonic Exercise Worksheets

Image Source/Tutorial: Activity-mom

Now you can combine the fun of story and phonics learning through this idea. First tell a story, keep the story-based characters’ phonics worksheets ready and let children practice using these worksheets. Hope you have a fantastic study time together.

Picture Number Combo Maths Learning Worksheets

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Activities Blog

Using fancy pictures and associating them with numbers, you can make these attractive and effective maths learning worksheets for your toddler or pre-primary children. Have fun with pleasing pictures and nice numbers.

Jungle Maze Colourful Game

Image Source/Tutorial:

Use this unique jungle maze game idea and create colorful board games for your kids. Keep yourself and your kids creative with this Jungle Maze. You can use your drawing skills as well as encourage your kids to enhance their while they too contribute to the making of these board games. Toddlers can also make use of stickers if drawing is not their option.

Colour Palate Educational Chart

Image Source/Tutorial: Confessionsofahomeschooler

Teach your kids about colors and introduce the concept of painting through this Colour Palate Educational Chart. It looks attractive and Colourful. It will definitely be an eye-catching educational chart. Display it at home or classroom to create a colorful learning environment.

Forest Maze Boardgame Idea

Image Source/Tutorial: Minne-mama

We are sure that you are looking for some more interesting and fun creative craft and board game ideas. So here’s another one for you to try. Make an intriguing Forest Maze with vivid forest features and characters and create an interesting board game for your children. Post the pictures of this board game on your social media handles and encourage others to pursue creativity for enhancing Kids’ playtime.

Number Hearts for Toddlers

Image Source/Tutorial: Blog.difflearn

These beautiful and pretty pink hearts with numbers painted on them are an awesome way to introduce numbers to your toddlers. Create hearts of your kid’s favorite colors and see how they have fun learning numbers using your creatives. Have a colorful learning time!

Match the Animal Shapes Game

Image Source/Tutorial: Showmycrafts

This creative and logical game is going to be your kid’s favorite. Children are curious about animals and the animal kingdom. Now here is your chance to make your kids grow closer to nature and the animal world while staying in the comfort of your house. Make halves of Animal body shapes and let your kids match the perfect body parts to form a complete animal. Make a super safari animals’ educational game for your kids today.

Use all of this fun and learn creative ideas and make interesting games, worksheets, and charts for your kids. Nurture an enjoyable learning experience for them. Let your children know that gaining knowledge is not intimidating but interesting. Be creative yourself to see your kids growing with a creative and positive mindset too! Happy learning to all!

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