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Fun Sensory Activities To Promote Growth And Development Of Children

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Fun Sensory Activities To Promote Growth And Development Of Children

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With mental health consciousness taking a much-needed raise, parents these days are on a constant lookout for mindful play activities for their children. We bring to you fun and easy sensory activities for kids for their physical and mental wellbeing.

Sensory Activities for Kids

These activities will support the cognitive development of your little ones as they learn to recognize, make sense and establish connections with the real, tangible world. As proved often by multiple psychological research these activities boost motor dexterity, language development, reduces irritability and anxiety and help in the development of divergent thinking and problem-solving abilities.

Pasta Play

Image source/Tutorial: Hands on as we grow

Simply put dry pasta in a container along with some empty bottles, tubes, jars etc. and let the imagination of your children take over.

This activity improves texture recognition mechanism of young minds and familiarizes them with differences like “EMPTY JAR”  and “FILLED JAR” sounds.

Indoor Sandpit

Image source/Tutorial: Hands on as we grow

Every child enjoys a day out on the beach or simply in a sandpit. However, it’s not always possible to let children play outdoors and to constantly monitor them against ingesting some sand. Here, we bring to an absolutely non – toxic indoor sandpit. Watch our tutorial to learn more and let your child scribble, make patterns and masterpieces in the sand and most importantly learn with fun.

Sensory Dough

Image source/Tutorial: Hands on as we grow

This fun activity helps to enhance muscle coordination among children as they manipulate the sensory dough creatively .It also serves as a mild exercise for the delicate fingers of toddlers and helps strengthen the muscles of hands. This is an extremely effective way to teach children controlling, holding, pulling and pressing easily.

Play Dough Construction  Site

Image source/Tutorial: Hands on as we grow

If you are looking for an advanced version of  the sensory dough activity and make a mini “PLAY DOUGH CONSTRUCTION SITE”

Let the future engineers, architects and builders dig pits, make bricks and tracts on the play dough with their favourite toys. This will keep your toddler happily busy for several hours as they unknowingly polish their creative aptitude.

Bright Birthday Bin

Image source/Tutorial: Hands on as we grow

As an adult, this might seem absurd but for a child, it is heaven on earth. We assure you that any child would go gaga over this birthday gift.

This bin is an absolute treat to all senses and assists children’s understanding of colors, teaches them to make meaningful things and provides them a tiny sense of independence and responsibility.

Treasure Hunt

Image source/Tutorial: Hands on as we grow

Suitable for children between 3 to 7 years of age, this activity is engaging and thrilling for children. Feel free to customize the treasure hunt with your kid’s favourite candies, stationery, tiny toys etc. You can also organize a competition among children and let them hunt for treasure as quickly as possible. What a way to increase mental power and speed!

Its A Bubbly World!

Image source/Tutorial: Hands on as we grow

To say that as adults bubbles no more amuse is outright lying!

For kids, bubbles are a constant source of curiosity and nothing less than magic. This sensory activity develops tactile sense in children. The memory of smell too is activated by this enjoyable task.

Sensory Foam

Image source/Tutorial: Hands on as we grow

A still similar and still more fun activity is to whisk out some sensory foam. Watch our tutorial to learn more. As children squish their way through this activity, the happiness on their faces would be definitely worth the mess!

Halloween Slime

Image source/Tutorial: Hands on as we grow

This is the perfect sensory activity for kids in this spooky season. This tingles gently all five senses and makes children smarter. With little bit of creativity make your own Mess-Free Slime Bag.

Wipes Organizer

Image source/Tutorial: Hands on as we grow

Did you know that a simple wipes organizer can actually be a great learning and sensory toy for your child?

As kids pull, open, shut, roll and explore this box their motor reflexes get trained and their intelligence quotient is sharpened further.

Frozen Is Fun

Image source/Tutorial: Hands on as we grow

This activity is fun for children aged 5 to 11 years of age. This is cool and refreshing to the mind and also healthy as it promotes fruit-eating habit in children. Make your own frozen berry kingdom and customize it with colors and fruits of your choice to make it more appealing and yummy.

The Foodie Affair

Image source/Tutorial: Hands on as we grow

Often as parents loving cleanliness, we forget the importance of self-exploration and keep spoon feeding our children. So next time your little one craves a quick snack, spread some food bits on the table and let him/her enjoy messing and eating. This will help your child learn self-feeding quickly, explore new textures, identify flavours and try out new food combinations.

Colorful Piping Bag

Image source/Tutorial: Hands on as we grow

Develop your child’s motor skills by this squashy mushy activity. It is a very simple and useful activity to develop motor skills. Kids love this very much!

DIY Wave Jars

Image source/Tutorial: Hands on as we grow

These soapy jars are very easy to make and very popular fun activity among preschoolers. Let them shake, make bubbles, swirl the wave jar to swim in their tiny world of imagination. Thank us later for your child’s happiness!

Stone, Paper, Water!

Image source/Tutorial: Hands on as we grow

Immerse your children in this activity by things as basic as water, colours and old newspapers. Encourage them to craft something artistic out of it and let the artist within unleashing itself!

Epsom Salt Paint

Image source/Tutorial: Hands on as we grow

There is no other activity that children enjoy more than painting. The painting also brings along a plethora of learning opportunities. We present to you DIY  toxin-free paint idea.

Songy Spongy!

Image source/Tutorial: Hands on as we grow

Cut sponges into different shapes. Let children dip them into the paint and paint the canvas of their lives. This activity will increase the recognition of shapes and enhance creativity at a very young age. You can also cut out alphabets and make learning still more fun for these tiny tots.

Shaving Cream Fun

Image source/Tutorial: Hands on as we grow

Initially, kids might hesitate to touch the puffy, slimy thing they see but once they feel the texture of it, there is no coming back. Add colors, sparkle etc. to add to the slimy fun!

Glue And Sand

Image source/Tutorial: Hands on as we grow

This is an easy and fun way to teach children numbers and alphabets. We believe in the integration of learning with creativity for the overall development of children. Watch this tutorial to let your child learn.

Edible Paints

Image source/Tutorial: Hands on as we grow

Grind some easy DIY paint at home to let your child paint without the worry of inhaling chemicals. Children eat, create, mess and learn a lot with the help of these edible paints. Let their imagination float free in the world of their dreams.

Image source/Tutorial: Hands on as we grow

To conclude we assure you that the mess created by your children while doing these sensory activities would definitely be worth it. Your child’s personality will definitely grow better as their mind gets sharper.

Look out for more such stuff at our website. Please show us your love and support in the comments section. Wish you a creative day ahead!

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