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House Drawings for Kids

House Drawing for Kids


House Drawings for Kids

Activities for Kids

In different locations of India, a variety of houses are presently developed based on the existing weather conditions and the number of people that are going to live in them.

Here, we are going to discuss five of them that are Bungalow, Snow-Hut, Mushroom-shaped house, Onion-shaped dome house and cozy wood Cottage

To recognize different types of houses and differentiate them from each other, observe every house closely in your surroundings.

If you draw and colour these houses daily, you will soon be able to help Mumma and Papa choose the best home you like to live in.

House Drawings for Kids

House Drawings for Kids

Cute Scenery Drawing For Young Ones

Cute Scenery Drawing For Young Ones

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Art & Craft

This cute scenery drawing is perfect for young ones, allowing them to explore their creative side and get creative with their drawing. It features an array of colors and shapes to create a vibrant and engaging scene. An ideal activity for young children.

Big Multistorey Colourful Bungalow

We will start by drawing and coloring a big multistorey colourful bungalow.

  • A style of house that can be single-storied or multi-storied.
  • They are usually large and well-developed.
  • This house surely has a sloping roof.
  • Along with other windows, there are roof windows surrounded by a big veranda.
  • A cost-effectively built residency, easy to maintain and modify.
  • No stairs between living areas.
  • Best-suited for younger and old age group people or people with disabilities.

They can be found in urban or non-urban parts of any country.

Mushroom or Pod-Shaped Contemporary Home

Now, let us make a colourful mushroom house.

  • A unique house based on a retro-modern concept.
  • A common door provides the entrance to 5 different rooms
  • It has mushrooms shaped five pod rooms at the top.
  • All pods have separate windows beneath them.

This pod-shaped Contemporary home is an independent lodge used for living purposes.

Snow-Hut or a Chalet

Now we will draw a snow-hut or chalet.

  • The chalet or a snow hut is a type of house that is mostly found in mountains or in snowy areas.
  • The entire house is completely made up of wood and timber.
  • A-frame architecture of the roofs allows a thick layer of snow to nicely settle and freeze on the top.
  • Wherever there is continuous heavy snowfall, these roofs act as a barrier not allowing snow to enter inside the house.

These houses are trending holiday and adventure homes for tourists travelling through hilly areas.

Onion Shaped Chimney Independent Dome House

Now, we will draw a pink-coloured onion-shaped chimney independent dome house

  • An independent tiny home for a  small family.
  • Onion Shaped Domes prevent snow, rainfall or dust from stacking above the house.
  • This house has a Chimney for ventilation and to throw exhaust gases outdoors from inside the house.
  • They are found in areas where hurricanes, earthquakes and snowfall persist.

They possess extra structural strength and flexibility due to their round shape.

Cozy White, Red and Brown Cottage

Let us draw a cozy white, red and brown cottage made of wood.

  • A small, cozy home located in the countryside that is used for living or spending holidays with family.
  • A thatched-roof hut that has a chimney attached to it.
  • A cottage is made of stones, bricks or wood.
  • Suitable for a small family or short trips.
  • An easy-to-build house.
  • Generally found in a village or at semi-rural locations in the outskirts of a city.

Easy to Draw Landscape Scenery For Kids

Easy To Draw Scenery picture For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Art & Craft

Easy To Draw Scenery pictures For Kids is a great way to get kids interested in drawing and art. They are fun, easy, and perfect for children of all ages. They can be used to create beautiful landscape scenes with just a few simple steps.

While traveling with your Mumma and Papa, observe all the different types of houses that pass by while sitting in the car.

Try to draw them all in your drawing book and ask them to tell you why all these houses are so dissimilar from one another.

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