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Spring Holiday Recycled Crafts For Kids

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Spring Holiday Recycled Crafts For Kids

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Get in the mood for spring with this collection of super simple Spring Recycled Crafts for Kids. These spring crafts are all made with easily available waste materials. Here we learn how to make Best out of waste Spring Crafts For Kids.

Spring Recycled Crafts for Kids

Spring season is the most bountiful time of the year. All of us love to go out and enjoy the spring season to the fullest. The flowers bloom, the skies become clearer, the winds sweep around, the colors pop and you feel happy from the inside. Spring holidays make for a great time to explore your artsy side. Kids will love to make some pretty spring crafts in their spring holidays. This will be a great opportunity for the kids to unleash their creativity.

1. Tissue Paper Cross Easter Craft For Kids

Tissue Paper Cross Easter spring recycled Craft For Kids

Image source/Tutorial: HANDS ON AS WE GROW

This is a beautiful and colorful spring craft for kids. Kids will require very little material to make this beautiful craft. Colored paper, a pair of scissors, scotch tape are the only required things to make this beautiful suncatcher. Kids can draw and cut out different shapes and forms and then paste them on the windows using some scotch tape. These sun catchers look pretty and various windows can be made to look pretty with such pretty crafts.

2. Eggs Made From Shaving Cream For Easter Tree

Eggs Made From Shaving Cream For Easter Tree

Image source/Tutorial: HANDS ON AS WE GROW

Easter is one of the festivals which helps kick the spring in the best way. It helps one to get out of the cold of the winter and enjoy the spring. You can help your kids make this pretty potted tree at home. This looks pretty and can be made in the house easily and set up in any corner of the house. You will need a small pot, wires or sticks, ribbon, glue, shaving cream foam, acrylic paints, a pair of scissors, thread. Marble the sheets of paper with the help of shaving foam and acrylic paints. This will give you a beautifully patterned paper. Cut this paper in an egg shape. Set up the pot and the wires or stick

3. Easter Egg Crafts Suncatchers

Easter Egg Crafts Suncatchers

Image source/Tutorial: PATTY SCHAFFER

Such colorful sun catchers are glory for sunny days. Your kids will love to beautify the home with you. You can start by marbling sheets of paper with the help of shaving foam and acrylic paints. Cut out similar egg shapes from this marbled paper using a pair of scissors. Combine these eggs made from marbled paper in different forms to get beautiful sun catchers for your home. You can use scotch tape to secure the sun catcher on the window.

4. Playing And Painting With Eggs And Rolling Balls

Playing And Painting With Eggs And Rolling Balls

Image source/Tutorial: HANDS ON AS WE GROW

This is a pretty and colorful game for your kids. Your kids will surely love to play this game. The whole family can come together to play such an easy game. You will need some plastic eggs, paints and a large canvas or sheet of paper. Spread the canvas or the paper on the floor. Pour out some paint and add some water to it. Now dip your plastic eggs or balls in this paint and roll it on the canvas or paper. This will result in Beautiful designs on the paper which look pretty. You can later let the paper dry and decorate your home with it.

5. Colorful Easter Bunny Craft For Kids

Colorful Easter Bunny Spring Recycled Crafts for Kids

Image source/Tutorial: NOT TIME FOR FLASH CARDS

Bunnies are a staple decoration for Easter. You can decorate your home on Easter with various kinds of rabbit decorations. This is a pretty 3D decoration for your home. Make a base for this craft. You can use any colored paper for this. Now draw a bunny on another colored sheet of paper and cut it out. Decorate the bunny with paint. Make a nest for the bunny on the base sheet by using grass, leaves or twigs. Now stick your bunny above the nest on the base sheet.

6. Fun Easter Moustache Crafts

Fun Easter Moustache Spring Recycled Crafts for Kids

Image source/Tutorial: KAILO CHIC

Kids love to play with bunny props on Easter. So let us make some bunny props this spring. This popsicle based bunny mask is really easy to make. You will need grey pipe cleaners, popsicle, pink pom pom, glue and a pair or scissors. Wind the grey pipe cleaners on one edge of the popsicle stick. Add a pink pom pom on the top with the help of glue. Cut off excess pipe cleaner from the sides using a pair of scissors. Your kids will love to play and act as bunnies with this cool bunny mask.

7. Tissue Box Easter Bunny

Tissue Box Easter Bunny - Spring Recycled Crafts for Kids

Image source/Tutorial: HANDS ON AS WE GROW

This is a funny bunny tissue box craft. Who knew that tissue boxes can be turned into bunnies. This craft looks cool and is pretty. First of all cover the tissue box with pastel sheet. You will need toilet paper roll, cotton balls, pink and white paper, black sharpie pen. Make the front arms and the face of the bunny using the toilet paper roll. Paint the rolls in white paint. Add the features of the bunny using a black sharpie pen. Fill in the cavities with cotton balls. Add long ears for the bunny with the help of pink and white paper. This bunny looks pretty and is ready for some Easter fun.

We hope you and your kids will love these lovely spring recycled crafts for kids. These crafts will help you to deal with boredom in the spring season break. You can check out other related articles on Kids Art & Craft. We would love to hear from you. You can leave your feedback in the comments section given below. We will come up with more such lovely articles for you soon. Until then keep smiling and creating with Kids Art & Craft!

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