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DIY Foam Sheet Flowers Craft Ideas for Spring


DIY Foam Sheet Flowers Craft Ideas for Spring

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Flowers are medicine to the soul. They can bring peace, happiness and calmness almost immediately. In these unprecedent times if you too are looking forward to bring some peace to your place, make some DIY flowers with foam sheets and change the aura of your space.

These crafts are especially designed to bring  mental peace . As the soft touch of foam relaxes your tactile senses, the pretty colors would boost some serotonin . Spray the flowers with essential oils to add to the therapeutic benefits.

Foam Sheet Flowers Craft Ideas for Spring

DIY Foam Sheet Flowers Craft Ideas for Spring

1. Cherry Blossom

DIY Foam Sheet Flowers Craft Ideas Cherry Blossom

Why wait for a whole year to cherish the beauty of cherry blossom? Hand craft your own cherry blossom tree and see  your place blossom with happiness and tranquility.

2. Fresh Blossom

DIY Foam Sheet Flowers Craft Ideas Fresh Blossom

Orange color stands for freshness, fun and zeal. If you think this is what matches your personality, go ahead and craft these fresh blossoms . Use them to beautify a rather basic space like office or study room and break free from the dull monotony.

3. Surreal Lavender

DIY Foam Sheet Flowers Craft Ideas Surreal Lavender

Lavenders are rare and expensive  but crafting them is  not. Made using foam sheets this craft is a must try.  Spray some lavender essential oil and sit back for a few minutes to enjoy the serenity.

4. Friends Forever

DIY Foam Sheet Flowers Craft Ideas Friends Forever

Yellow roses symbolize friendship. Next time you wish to express your love and care to a friend, gift them these hand made yellow roses. The efforts would definitely melt their heart and unlike real roses these will not wither away. Just like your friendship, these flowers too are forever.

5. DIY Jasmine Flowers

DIY Foam Sheet Flowers Craft Ideas DIY Jasmine Flowers

There is  something in their plain beauty that enchants and moves the admirer .If you too like the colorless myriad beauty of jasmines , don’t leave a chance to handcraft them. Follow our simple tutorial and let this craft adorn your life.

6. Blush Blossom

DIY Foam Sheet Flowers Craft Ideas Blush Blossom

These blush colored blossoms are a perfect DIY gift option. The receiver is surely gonna blush with happiness and love you bestow on them . The delicacy of the raw material used for the craft makes it so realistic in appeal.

7. DIY Bouquet

DIY Foam Sheet Flowers Craft Ideas DIY Bouquet

Bouquets of real flowers wither away in a day or too bringing thus , only, momentary happiness. If you want to gift someone prolonged happiness, show them your efforts with this DIY bouquet . It is simple to make and lovely to gift.

8. Blue Roses

Blue Roses Blue Roses

Blue roses are mysterious and rare. Add that sophisticated yet beautiful vibe to your workplace with this DIY. It is a reminder of being both dutiful yet relaxed.

9. Pink Is Forever

Pink Is Forever

Pink is such a timeless hue. Representing everything from joy to love, care to effort, pink roses are always worth cherishing. Gift them to someone you really love or simply show your own self some love by beautifying your room with this splendid DIY.

10. Step By Step Guide to Blossom

Step By Step Guide to Blossom

For the quick learners and efficient workers, this step by step guide is enough to help you beautify your kingdom with your choicest flowers. Customize the color and design a bit to suit your own preferences and let the artist in your soul have fun.

11.Violet Hue


This violet hued bouquet will take away all your stress in a moment. It is well suited for both formal and informal decorations.

Craft is a full fledged therapy to an anxious mind. It helps you redirect your attention from negative to a positive and innovative outlook. Try these crafts and give yourself the freedom to relax .

Let us know in the comments section if you enjoyed this fun activity and do not forget to visit our website for more such stuff.

Wishing you a colorful life full of creativity!

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