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Drinking Straw Flower Craft Tutorial

How to make Drinking Straw Flowers for kids

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Drinking Straw Flower Craft Tutorial

This article will show you how to make a fun and unique craft with your kids – Drinking Straw Flowers! This craft is easy to make and is a great way to get your kids creating something special. Learn how to make these colorful blooms with a few simple supplies.

Flowers are loved by everyone and anyone. They are bright, colorful parts of nature that bring joy and life to nature and its beings. Why not make your own flowers with your craft magic? Use your creativity to make a flower craft using materials you can find at home.

Easy To Make Drinking Straw Flower Craft Step by Step Tutorial

How to make Drinking Straw Flowers for kids

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Materials Required

  • Drinking Straw
  • Glue Strips Or Glue Tape
  • Scissors
  • Earbuds


Step 1: Taking A Colorful Drinking Straw And Stretch It Out

Taking A Colorful Drinking Straw And Stretch It Out-Creating Beverage Straw Blossoms for youngsters

Your first step would be to grab a drinking straw and stretch it out. Most plastic drinking straws have a spring or bending structure at the top to make it easier to drink from glasses and bottles. You will stretch out this ridged, spring-like structure fully.

Step 2: Cutting The Straw

Cutting The Straw-Techniques for Preparing Straw Flowers for children

Grab your scissors and cut the spring-like structure off of the straw. Cut off the smooth parts of the straw and in the end you should have just that stretched-out, ridged piece of straw.

Step 3: Applying A Glue Strip Or Glue Tape

Applying A Glue Strip Or Glue Tape-Manufacturing Straw Flowers for minors

You will now take a piece of glue tape or glue strip and put it on the piece of straw. Apply the glue tape from one end of the piece to the other.

Step 4: Taking Off The Glue Strip Cover

Taking Off The Glue Strip Cover- Forming Drinking Straw Bouquets for minors

Once you have attached the glue tape or strip it properly onto the straw, cut it off using scissors. Slowly take the piece of cover off of the glue strip to expose the sticky part of the glue tape or strip.

Step 5: Cutting The Straw Piece From The Middle

Cutting The Straw Piece From The Middle-Crafting Straw Blooms for the young ones

Now, take your scissors and cut through the straw piece. Cut it from the middle in such a way that you have the glue strip side and the plain side, as shown in the image.

Step 6: Opening Up The Straw

Opening Up The Straw-Opening Up The Straw

Slowly open up the cut straw piece and trying spreading it out to straighten it from its rounded shape. Use your fingers to do so and continue till you have the desired effect on the straw.

Step 7: Cutting The Straw To Make Flower Petals

Cutting The Straw To Make Flower Petals-Putting together Straw Bouquets for children

You will now cut the petals of your straw flower. With your scissors, cut small petals using the ridges on the straw as a guide to help you do the same. As shown in the image above, cut tiny petals along the lines.

Step 8: Cutting Out All The Petals

Cutting Out All The Petals-Constructing Straw Blossoms for young ones

Continue cutting till you reach the end of the straw piece. Cut each line on the ridge till the point where you have put the glue strip, to make multiple small petals for the leaf.

Step 9: Attaching The Earbud To The Petals

Attaching The Earbud To The Petals-Formulating Straw Flora for kids

Now, take an earbud and slowly wrap the straw petals around one tip of the earbud. Stick it on the earbud tip with the help of the glue strip you had applied earlier. Place the tip of the earbud on one end of the straw piece.

Step 10: Wrapping The Petals Around The Earbud

Wrapping The Petals Around The Earbud-Creating Drink Straw Flora for the little ones

Slowly go on wrapping the straw petals around the earbud tip. Roll the sticky part with glue strip around the tip and keep wrapping till you reach the end of your straw piece.

Step 11: Final Step

Final Step-Forming Drinking Straw Plants for the kiddos

Once you are done wrapping all you need to do is make sure the flower petals are secure and in place. The tip of the earbud should look like the centre of the flower with the straw petals spread out around it.

Your Craft Is Ready!!Final Image-Creating Beverage Straw Blossoms for youngsters

Ta-da! There you have it!! Your Flower from Drinking Straw Craft is all ready and done for you to show the world!

This craft is easy, fun and creative.  It will help you sharpen your skills and make you more efficient with the practice of using unique materials to make crafts. It also teaches children that plastic straws can be reused to make such crafts rather than dumping them in the waste.  This craft is perfect for kids and can help them learn new skills and ways. Use this craft to help you spark your creativity and make another new masterpiece. With this step-by-step tutorial, this craft can be made in minutes and with ease. So engage your kids and yourselves in this fun and creative Flowers from Drinking Straws Craft.

Hope you liked this step-by-step tutorial on Flowers From Drinking Straws Craft for Kids. Manufacturing straws is energy and precious resource-consuming. We should use them wisely and don’t waste it. You can also try this with paper straws. We would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below and hope we helped you learn something new and interesting. Be sure to visit our other articles for more ideas!

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