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Beautiful Orange Peel Flower Garden Craft To Make With Kids

Beautiful Orange Peel Flower Garden Craft To Make With Kids

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Beautiful Orange Peel Flower Garden Craft To Make With Kids

This article provides step-by-step instructions to help your kids make a beautiful orange peel flower garden craft. Kids will love expressing their creativity while learning about gardening and nature!

Orange is a rich source of vitamins and minerals. It has a rich texture and the color orange draws its origin from the fruit itself. Today, we will be using the peels of these oranges in making some wonderful crafts. We will be turning them into beautiful flower petals and turning something ordinary into something exquisite. So, grab an orange, collect the peels, and let’s start making this craft!

DIY Orange Peel Flower Garden Craft For Kids

 Beautiful Orange Peel Flower Garden Craft To Make With Kids

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Materials Required

  • Colored Paper(Black)
  • Orange Peels
  • Sketch Pen(Green, White)
  • Glue
  • Scissors


Step 1: Cutting The Peel Into Pieces

Cutting The Peel Into Pieces-Devising a Stunning Orange Peel Garden with your Kids

Take a big orange peel and cut it into small pieces.

Step 2: Making The Petals

Making The Petals-Creating an Orange Peel Garden with Children

Shape the small pieces into petals as shown in the image. You need to cut around thirty petals. Also, cut six small circles out of the orange peel.

Step 3: Pasting The Peels

Pasting The Peels-Forming a Charming Orange Peel Flower Garden with the Children

Take a black sheet of paper and cut it into a big circle. Now, take these petal shapes of our flowers, and with the help of a glue stick paste them on the sheet next to each other as shown in the image.

Step 4: Completing The Petals

Completing The Petals-Developing a Splendid Orange Peel Garden with the Youngsters

Paste more peels next to each other with no space in between to make the flower shape. The peels pasted should be five in total. See the picture for reference.

Step 5: Pasting The Small Circle

Pasting The Small Circle-Putting Together a Pretty Orange Peel Garden with the Kids

Paste the small circular peel in the middle of the petals to complete the flower. It should be pasted with the white side on the top.

Step 6: Pasting Another Flower

Pasting Another Flower-Making an attractive Orange Peel Garden with the Help of Kids

Similarly paste five more peels, with just one difference, the peels should be turned upside down, i.e., the white side needs to be on the top, and then pasted on the sheet as shown.

Step 7: Completing The Second Flower

Completing The Second Flower-Crafting a gorgeous Orange Peel Garden with Kids

Paste the circular peel in between the petals with the orange side of the peel on the top.

Step 8: Drawing A Stem

Drawing A Stem-Building a lovely Orange Peel Flower Garden with your Little Ones

Paste four more flowers on the sheet following the steps shown above. Three of these flowers should be white and the other three need to be orange as shown in the picture. Take a green sketch pen, and draw a stem for a flower.

Step 9: Drawing More Stems And Leaves

Drawing More Stems And Leaves-Constructing a colorful Orange Peel Blossom Garden with Kids

With the help of the green sketch pen draw lines below all flowers. These lines should be as long as the sheet below these flowers. Also, draw some leaves on the stem.

Step 10: Making The Honeybees

Making The Honeybees-Constructing a colorful Orange Peel Blossom Garden with Kids

With the same pen, draw a lot of leaves on these stems as shown in the image. Now, take two eye-shaped peels and paste one on the top left side of the sheet and another on the top right side of the sheet. Take a white pen and start drawing two petal-like shapes above the peels you pasted in the previous step and two antennas on the left side and a sting on the back. Now draw black lines on these peels. These two peels will be our bees in this lovely garden of flowers.

And that’s it! Our Orange Peel Flower Garden Craft Is Ready!

And that's it! Our Orange Peel Flower Garden Craft Is Ready!-Creating an attractive Orange Peel Floral Garden with Children

Congratulations on completing this beautiful craft! The final product is really awesome!

This completes our tutorial for today and we are left with a marvellous craftwork. You can hang it on the walls of your house or the door of your room, it will look good in any place you decide to keep it. This tutorial taught you to make use of a thing that usually belongs to garbage. But, you made a beautiful craft out of it. Think of more such objects and the craft you can create out of them. Use your imagination and implement these techniques on it to master your art and craft. Keep practicing and keep up the good work!

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