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DIY Egg Carton Flowers Craft For Kids

DIY Egg Carton Flowers Craft For Kids

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DIY Egg Carton Flowers Craft For Kids

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Have you ever thought of creating a beautiful craft using recycled materials like empty egg cartons? Well, it’s possible to make an attractive craft use to hang on the wall to add a colorful touch to it. This easy and simple tutorial will show you how to make flower crafts using egg cartons. Not only this is an easy and attractive craft to make but also teaches the importance of recycling to kids. Without wasting much time let’s begin the craft!

Recycled Egg Carton Flower Craft To Make At Home

DIY Egg Carton Flowers Craft For Kids

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Step 1: Removing An Egg Holder

Removing An Egg Holder - Utilize a previously used egg container to craft a flower at home.

Let’s begin our craft by taking an empty egg carton. Remove an egg holder using scissors.

Step 2: Making A Flower

Making A Flower - Transform a recycled egg carton into a beautiful flower.

Cut the holder into a flower using scissors. Make sure to make the top edge of each petal round.

Step 3: Coloring The Flower

Coloring The Flower - Create a flower with an old egg carton in your own house.

Take an orange sketch pen, and color the inside of the flower as shown.

Step 4: Making The Center Of The Flower

Making The Center Of The Flower - Making a flower with a reused egg carton in the home.

Take yellow clay and make a small ball out of it. Place it in the center of the flower.

Step 5: Pressing The Clay Ball

Pressing The Clay Ball - Crafting a flower from a recycled egg carton in the comfort of your own home.

Flatten the clay ball into a circle as shown.

Step 6: Applying Glue On The Flower

Applying Glue On The Flower - Construct a flower with a pre-used egg carton in the abode.

Take a piece of purple paper, and cut it out in a circle. now apply a glue gun behind the flower to paste it over the paper.

Step 7: Pasting The Flower

Pasting The Flower - Build a flower with a recycled egg carton right in your residence.

Paste the flower over the paper as shown.

Step 8: Pasting More Flowers

Pasting More Flowers - Make a flower with an upcycled egg carton in your house.

Make more colorful flowers by following the same above-mentioned steps and paste them into a circular ring.

Step 9: Pasting A Leaf

Pasting A Leaf - Making a flower from a reused egg carton at home.

Make a leaf using green paper, and paste it in between flowers.

Step 10: Pasting More Leaves

Pasting More Leaves - Crafting a flower out of a recycled egg carton in the home.

Make and paste more leaves in between the flowers using the glue gun.

Your Egg Carton Flower Craft Is Ready!

Your Egg Carton Flower Craft Is Ready! - Create a beautiful flower out of a reused egg carton in your own home.

Complete your craft by pasting more flowers around the circumference of the purple circular sheet. And, it’s done! You have created a beautiful flower craft in a few simple steps.

This DIY Flower Craft Using Egg Cartons is a great way to introduce kids to the world of crafting. What can be a more beautiful way to recycle used egg cartons? Make your craft today and hang it on the wall. Enjoy Crafting!

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