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Math Games And Activities For Kids

Math Games And Activities For Kids

Kids Activities

Math Games And Activities For Kids

Activities for Kids

Make learning fun and easy for your kids. Especially Maths, a subject which most children don’t like. Many children don’t even want to study mathematics.

With these activities, you can make maths learning a very interesting and informative session. Use these activities to increase the children’s attention and interest in learning mathematics.

Math Games And Activities For Kids

1. Number Line Activity

Create a number line for the kids with the colorful chalks. Change the chalk colors between two numbers. It will look more attractive. There are many ways to do this activity. You can ask the kids to walk or hop on the number line and keep adding or subtracting the numbers. You can also teach them odd and even numbers with this number line activity.

Math Games And Activities For Kids Number Line Activity

Image Source/Tutorial: Childhood Beckons

2.  Stem Maths Activity

With this activity, you can make table learning very easy and creative for the kids. Just draw a large flower on any surface. Write the table of any number which you want your kids to learn. Write the table inside the flower. Number them from 1-10 from the outer side. You can use different color chalks to write every number. 

Math Games And Activities For Kids Stem Maths Activity

Image Source/Tutorial: Tinker About

3.  Fun Graph Plotting Activity

This is a fun activity to make your kids learn graph plotting more easily and interestingly. Before starting the activity, have a quick graph recap. The X and Y-axis are horizontal and vertical points respectively. Both X and Y-axis cross at (0,0) on the graph. Numbers from the right and top to (0,0) have positive values and numbers from the left and below (0,0) have negative values. 

To start the activity, you’ll need graph paper. Draw the X and Y axis lines on the graph. Or to make it more interesting, you can draw a map of your neighborhood or park. You can use different colors for different spots like parks, ponds, trees, etc. Write the coordinates on a sticky note for each spot. After drawing the map and axis lines, you can easily see the various points on the graph. After locating the first spot, you can give them another note with another set of coordinates to locate. 

Math Games And Activities For Kids Fun Graph Plotting Activity

Image Source/Tutorial: Edventures With Kids

4.  Gross Motor Maths Game

With this activity, the kids can interestingly practice counting. You’ll just need a dice, a wooden craft block, and a black marker. Write 6 gross motor actions on each side of the dice. You can write actions such as clap, jump, spin, tap knees, blink, and stomp. You can also use different color markers. Now start playing. Roll the wooden block and the number die at the same time. You have to do the action that your wooden die says the same times as the dice number. 

Math Games And Activities For Kids Gross Motor Maths Game

Image Source/Tutorial: Buggy and Buddy

5.  Subtraction Activities

You’ll love this fun and interesting subtraction activity. It’s really easy and the kids will find it amazing. All you need is a shoebox, ping-pong balls, and printable subtraction cards. You can also use your hands to press the balls instead of a toy hammer. Make small holes in the shoebox and put the balls on it. Now take the cards and subtract the balls as written over the cards.

Math Games And Activities For Kids Subtraction Activities

Image Source/Tutorial: Planning Playtime

6.  Water Balloon Number Blast

This is a very fun and playful activity. The kids are going to love and enjoy this activity. Get 20 water balloons and number them from 1-20 with a black marker. Put all of them in a container and head outside. Write 1-20 numbers in a circle on any surface. Put the container in the center of the circle. Ask the kids to choose a balloon, call out the number and blast it with a balloon.

Math Games And Activities For Kids Water Balloon Number Blast

Image Source/Tutorial: Little Bins for Little Hands

7.  Sidewalk Chalk Outdoor Clock Game

This is a quite interesting and fun maths activity. Draw a big clock on any surface outside your home with chalks. Draw the hours and minute lines carefully. This game can be played well with two people. Ask a kid to be the hour hand and another to be the minute hand. Now start calling the time. They have to stand, the said time.

Math Games And Activities For Kids Sidewalk Chalk Outdoor Clock Game

Image Source/Tutorial: Creative Family Fun

8.  Mastering Maths Facts Activities

With this game, the kids can learn the math facts very easily, effectively, and in an interesting way. Take masking tape to create a 3×4 box with the sums of the problems you want the kids to learn. Make a set of flashcards you want the kids to practice. Ask the kids to sit in a line around the box. Choose 2 students and ask them to stand on “0”. Call out a maths fact and the kids have to hop on the correct answer. 

Math Games And Activities For Kids Mastering Maths Facts Activities

Image Source/Tutorial: Teaching and Tapas

9.  Dance Mat Activity

For this activity, you’ll need a bundled set of all dance mats, mathematics activities to use along with the ready-made dance mats. Once you have the dance mats for your class, you’re ready for this activity. To do the activity, students are supposed to calculate the displayed questions and then display the answers by putting their feet in the correct position, that is left foot for tens and right foot for the units.

Math Games And Activities For Kids Dance Mat Activity

Image Source/Tutorial: Number Loving

10. Addition and Subtraction Cups Activity

This is a very interesting and innovative activity to practice addition and subtraction. You’ll need a total of 300 plastic cups for the activity. You can increase the number of cups if required. Now, print the labels or you can write the questions with a black marker on a sticky note. Paste the labels on the cups. Ask the students to solve the equation and match the equation cup with the answer cup. As students go ahead with their solutions, they can stack the cups.

Math Games And Activities For Kids Addition and Subtraction Cups Activity

Image Source/Tutorial: The Kindergarten Smorgasboard

11.  Kindergarten Worksheet and Maths Activity

This is the best activity to help the kids recognize different shapes. For this activity, you’ll just need a kindergarten shape hunt worksheet and a pencil or marker. If you want, you can laminate the sheets. Now give these to the kids. Give them a marker. Start by tracing the shapes. Now, take the kids outside and ask them to find the shapes. Ask them to put a mark below every shape they find. 

Math Games And Activities For Kids Kindergarten Worksheet and Maths Activity

Image Source/Tutorial: Hands-On Teaching Ideas

12.  Puddle Jump Game

This activity will help the kids in practicing maths facts and learning and recognizing numbers. You’ll need blue construction paper, scissors and a black marker. Cut and prepare a pile of puddles and write numbers on it. Next, lay all the puddles on the floor. You can say a number and ask your kid to recognize and jump upon that number. Or you can ask them to count and jump on the numbers. It will be really fun. 

  Puddle Jump Game

Image Source/Tutorial: NurtureStore

13.  Outdoor Maths Learning Activity

This is a fun activity for little kids to practice addition and subtraction. You’ll need rocks of different sizes for this activity. Paint both sides of the rock with acrylic paint. Let them dry. Write numbers on them with a black marker. You can play with them in different manners. Hide the rocks at any place and ask the kids to find two rocks and add both the numbers. For another, say a big number and ask them to get two small numbers to get the big number by adding.

 Outdoor Maths Learning Activity

Image Source/Tutorial: The OT Toolbox

14.  Simple Multiplication Game

This is a very simple game to practice multiplication for the kids. Draw two different hopscotch games with different color chalks. Fill the block with the numbers. Start reciting the correct skip numbers and jump on them.

Simple Multiplication Game

Image Source/Tutorial: Math Geek Mama

15.  Outdoor Chalk Maths Game

This activity will help the kids to practice their maths questions. You just need some chalks and a big foam dice. You can draw a long river-like design and add horizontal lines to it. Now fill every block with a simple maths fact. You can write addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts. Now, roll the dice and jump on the number that comes and solve the fact.

Outdoor Chalk Maths Game

Image Source/Tutorial: Look! We’re Learning

16. UNO Movement Game for Kids

With the traditional card game, you can play this interesting indoor gross motor game. You have to assign each color an action. Like hop for red, stomp for yellow, twirl for green, and touch elbows to opposite knees for blue. Take the turns in flipping the cards and do the movement you get the number of times you get on the card.

UNO Movement Game for Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Still Playing School

17.  Catch a Star Game

This is a really fun and enjoyable activity. You’ll need a golf putter and balls, plastic cups, tissue box, pen, and paper. Write 1, 2, and 3 on the cups and tape them inside the tissue box. Set up a chart for children to track the points. Invite them by taking turns in hitting the balls in one of the cups. Record the numbers on the chart in whichever cup the ball goes. 

Catch a Star Game

Image Source/Tutorial: My Catch a Star Classroom

18.  Maths Twister

Your kids will enjoy this game and practice the math facts without even knowing. Use the sticky notes to write an answer value on each color. Use each color for the same number. Stick all the notes on a mat. Put a little sticky note on the spinner as well as on the labels. Now start playing. Ask the kids to stand on a corner of the mat. Spin the spinner and use whichever hand or foot it designated that is the right hand, left foot, etc. Instead of calling the color,  say an additional problem that corresponded to the appropriate answer. 

Maths Twister

Image Source/Tutorial: Math Geek Mama

So these are some of the easy and informative math activity ideas which anyone can do without much effort. All of these activities are simple yet amazing and will help enhance your interest in maths. 

Don’t forget to drop your valuable comments so that we keep on providing you with easy and interesting ideas. Also, you can visit our website to get more such interesting activity ideas. 

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