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Animal Drawing Ideas For Kids

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Animal Drawing Ideas For Kids

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Sometimes we find it very difficult to trace animals on paper and ultimately we give up as we are not able to draw them. Giving up is not a good idea, it’s better if we work hard on our weak points and give our best. Animals are living creatures and one of the best gifts of nature to us. They are one of the important constituents of this planet. We and this environment are dependent on them. Every school assigns its students with many drawing projects on animals. If you want some more ideas on animal Drawing then this one is for you.

Animal Drawing Ideas For Kids – Let’s Take A Tour Of The Animal World!

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Animal World


In the given image, we have drawn fish, cat, a rabbit, and a honey bee. All these animals are very cute and most of them are very useful to humans. Fish is a rich source of nutrition for us. It grows in water and is caught by fishermen so that we can eat them. We can’t eat raw fish. We should always eat cooked ones. Eating raw fish can make us fall sick. Cats are very cute and attract everyone towards them. They are very intelligent and are domesticated at home. They are kept as pets and have been assigned as stress Busters.

Rabbits can also be kept as pets because of their cuteness. Their long ears and white fur fascinate people towards them. They love to eat carrots that’s why in this image, we can see a rabbit is trying to hold this Carrot. Honeybees are buzzing always. They have a stinger that they use during the defence. This bee gives us one of the most important things is honey.

Honey is very good for our health and it is one of the best home remedies for many diseases. It helps us to maintain glowing moisturized skin. It is best to cure dry cough. You can draw these on your drawing books or art books. The difficulty for this is easy and this drawing is suitable for the kids of age group seven-plus. Use colours to fill the images.

Sleeping Cat

Sleeping Cat

Cats love to sleep. Cats on average sleep 18 hours a day. These creatures are the lazy and lucky ones. Everybody loves and cares about them. Cats love themselves get pampered. They are very beautiful and their eyes attract humans towards them. Different breeds of cats have little difference in their features. They have very soft fur, cute paws and long whiskers.

Purring a cat helps to get rid of stress. This one has been medically proven. They become good friends of you. Like dogs, cats are also very intelligent animals. You can draw this one on your art or drawing books. This drawing is not that much difficult and is suitable for the kids of age group seven-plus.



Houseflies are insects that have been bestowed with flying skills. They have a pair of wings that help them to fly. They create an irritating sound when they move from one place to other. They also possess a pair of antennae. Their eyesight is weak and they love to sit on eatables. It is better to avoid eating those eatables on which housefly was sitting because it is a carrier of many diseases.

You can try to draw this one in your art books or drawing books. The difficulty level for this one is easy. This drawing is suitable for the kids of age group seven-plus. Don’t forget to draw its eyes and wings properly. We haven’t filled it with colours. You can fill it with colours of your choice. You can even go for shading if you don’t want to colour it.



The cow is a farm animal as well as a domestic animal. These are kept on farms by villagers. The cow is a useful animal as it gives us milk. Its milk is a good source of calcium. We take milk to make our bones strong and teeth strong. We make many dairy products out of milk like butter, sweets, curd, cheese etc. The cow eats grass and is a herbivores animal.

You can draw this cow on your drawing books or art books. You can colour it with black, white or brown colour. You can use a pencil to draw this. The difficulty level of this drawing is easy. This drawing is suitable for the kids of age group eight plus.



The dog is an animal that is famous for its faithfulness. The sound of this animal is known as barking. Dogs bark if they see any stranger. This is the reason that they are kept for guarding homes. It has been observed that dogs have been very faithful to their masters. Many people are animal lovers and they keep them not only for security purposes but because of their affection for them.

The babies of dogs are known as puppies. Puppies are very small when born but they are very cute. In the above-given image, there is a dog that is eagerly waiting for its master. You can draw this drawing on your art books or drawing books. The difficulty level for This one is medium. This drawing is suitable for the kids of age group eight plus.

Rabbit Loves Carrot

Rabbit Loves Carrot

Rabbits are furry creatures white in colour. They can feed themselves on carrots. Carrots are good for us. It is not only us who take carrots but bunnies also love to have them. Carrot is grown inside the ground and rabbits have access to steal them as they also love inside the ground in burrows.

This rabbit looks happy and it is climbing on a carrot. It is clear from the face of the rabbit that it is blushing. You can trace this one on your art or drawing books. This drawing is suitable for the kids of age group nine plus. You need to draw the small details of this well. Don’t forget to fill it with colours.



The mouse is very mischievous. They are also known as rats. They can be found in those places where humans can’t reach. Rats may look cute but they are harmful to us. They damage many household things and are trapped or killed.  Rats also belong to rodents and they love to eat nuts.

Rats can be of different colours like brown, grey, black etc. They have a pair of small ears and a long thin tail. they grasp things with the help of their claws. You can try to draw this rat holding a nut with its claws on your art books or drawing books. The difficulty level is between easy to medium. This drawing is suitable for the kids of age group nine plus.

These were some of the living creatures which we tried to trace out on a sheet of paper. You can draw these for your project and get good grades from your teachers. With the use of a pencil and eraser, you can draw your imagination on a drawing book. Don’t forget to share your feedback with us in the comment section below. I hope you all liked this and appreciated this. Thank you for reading this. We will come up with more such writing regarding drawing ideas.

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