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Fresh Fruit Drawings & Coloring Ideas


Fresh Fruit Drawings & Coloring Ideas

Activities for Kids

The fruits to draw are here, the fruits to enjoy being here, and here are the fruits to remain healthy wealthy, and wise. Make your kids healthy both in drawing and in life with the help of these sketches that are given below. Below are the sketches on mango, watermelon, pineapple, dragon fruit, grape, orange, and durian. The drawings are simple, and kids will be able to draw and enjoy them. So, scroll further and have fun.

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Fruits Drawing For Colouring

Fresh Fruit Drawings & Coloring Ideas

Winking Mango

Winking Mango Let's Draw Some Juicy Fruits Quickl

The most delightful fruit of all seasons is the mango. A mongo is the most loved fruit, especially in India. The mango was first grown in India at around 5000 BCE. Here in this sketch, we can see a mango winking, with green leaves, and it is fully riped. This sketch is drawn in a comical so that is friendly for kids to draw and color. Mango is always represented with a couple of green leaves, the color may vary from bright yellow to yellowish-green to reddish-yellow. There many species and varieties of mangoes and every variety vary in taste. After all, let’s indulge in the delightful taste of mango fruit, and draw this drawing.

Purple Grapes

Purple Grapes Let's Draw Some Juicy Fruits Quickl

This sketch is an elaborative illustration of a bunch of grapes, bright purple in color, juicy, and exotic. These grapes are drawn in a way that makes them shiny, the leaves are attached and the stem is also attached, this bunch of grapes is looking juicy, and children will be able to draw it very easily, just a few incomplete circles, and purple coloring, the sketching is complete. This fruit has many nutritious benefits, that should be known to the kids. The acids aid in digestion, high nutritious value helps cure heart diseases, consumption makes skin and hair healthy there are a lot more benefits.

Cool Watermelon

Cool Watermelon Let's Draw Some Juicy Fruits Quickl

This natural summer cooler has been there always to save us from the scorching heat of the sun. The cold, soft, crunchy, and sweet texture of this fruit never escape from one’s tongue. This picture is real enough to remind us of all the delightfulness this fruit offered. The sketch shows a full watermelon and a portion of it, a shape that we all want to munch on. This sketch will make kids excited and they will draw this sketch with curiosity. Watermelon is packed with nutritious qualities, such as it has high water content, antioxidants, and amino acids, and consuming one refreshes a person by removing toxins from the body.

Thoughtful Pineapple

Thoughtful Pineapple Let's Draw Some Juicy Fruits Quickl

This mindful pineapple is thinking about something. The sketch is about a pineapple that has got looks. it is a simple one drawn over here for kids to interact and draw with keen interest and enthusiasm. Pineapple is a sweet and sour fruit, that has green spiked leaves emerging from and above and a square-shaped thick covering. Pineapple is loaded with nutrients, contains disease-fighting antioxidants, boosts immunity, and suppresses cancer. Kids should learn about the good things about fruit while drawing also. Make your kid this healthy sketch of a pineapple.

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Cute Dragon Fruit

Cute Dragon Fruit Let's Draw Some Juicy Fruits Quickl

This is dragon fruit, a fruit that kids should try to draw and color as well. This dragon fruit has a weird expression, the fruit has a red outer covering with green short stems that should be cut before eating. The fruit is a unique fruit that has no taste, it has mild sweetness only if it is riped a taste resembling kiwi or pear. It is grey from the inside with lots of seeds that are edible. The sketch is simple, the main effort that kids will do will be on the spiky stems that are uprooting from the body. This fruit is loaded with fiber and promoted healthy guts.

An Arrogant Orange

An Arrogant Orange Let's Draw Some Juicy Fruits Quickl

This sketch shows orange and a piece of orange also. It is shown with a stubborn, disappointed, and arrogant expression, maybe because it is not sweet, it might be sour that nobody likes to eat. This sketch is simple as we have before, and kids will be able to draw it with ease, the expressions will make them more curious about the drawing. There are a couple of leaves as well on the orange, the piece is lying beautifully, and has a bright yellow texture. Make this sketch and move on to the next one.

Smelly Durian

Smelly Durian

Have you ever eaten Durian? It is said that it is the world’s smelliest fruit, which makes it a daring fruit to eat. After all, we just have to draw this fruit for now but I want to eat it someday. The outer covering of this fruit is spiked, and the covering is hard, the fruit is inside organized in vertical sections. The fruit varies in size and comes in a round to oval shape. A similar type of fruit is a jackfruit, which has the same appearance but is less smelly than a durian. The taste of durian is a combination of sweet, sour, and creamy all at once. The smell is gross but the fruit is packed with a combination of mind-blowing tastes.

That’s all dear artisans, all the sketches that are given above are meant to provide an essence towards drawing and coloring. I hope that the activities were done happily and joyfully. Carry further your little artist towards the next article that has many more excitements. 

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