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Easy Hand-Art Activities for Kids


Easy Hand-Art Activities for Kids

Activities for Kids

Friendly animals are waiting here to be adored by kids. We have created a virtual zoo for children, here are various sketches of animals to draw. Here is an elephant, a giraffe, a cow, a snail, a fish, a reptile, and their food i.e, corn. The sketches and drawings are attractive, and the very detailing on every creature is fine, on practicing these sketches children will have a lot of fun, as these are friendly, calm, and easy to draw. They will develop skills, develop hand and brain coordination, and their level of thinking will increase which will lead to a sharp mind and healthy body. So, scroll on and keep drawing.

Easy Hand Drawing Activity For Kids

Easy Hand-Art Activities for Kids

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Simple Handprint Giraffe Drawing For Kids

Simple Handprint Giraffe Drawing For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Art & Craft

This simple handprint giraffe drawing is perfect for kids! It’s fun, easy to do, and a great way to get creative with kids of all ages. Plus, it’s a great way to spend some quality time with your little ones.

Water Snorting Elephant

Very Creative And Easy Hand Drawing Activity For Kids Water Snorting Elephant

This simple sketch is showing an elephant throwing water out of its trunk. Kids will be glad to draw an elephant doing any activity like this one. Elephants are cuter when playing in the water, they like to play in the water and suck water through their trunk and throw it out upon their body.

The trunk of an elephant functions like a hand to grab, snatch, and tear food, branches, and fruits. These giant creatures live in families, meaning, they never leave each other all the family members live together in a herd. The elephant drawn above is colored grey, it has a small tusk and small tail. Draw t with your kids they will enjoy drawing.

Yellow Giraffe

Very Creative And Easy Hand Drawing Activity For Kids Yellow Giraffe

A cute picture of a giraffe to draw will be a fun activity for kids. We have this giraffe peeping from the screen with its long neck, bright friendly eyes, and a smiley face. A giraffe has irregular-shaped brown patches all over its body, these patches are present on its skin, and have short dense fur on its skin and face.

When kids will draw the patches, they improve the control of their hands, their hand and brain coordination will improve while drawing the curvy head of the giraffe. A giraffe is a friendly and adorable animal that kids will want to draw.

Blue Reptile

Very Creative And Easy Hand Drawing Activity For Kids Blue Reptile

This imaginary sketch on a blue reptile is good art to practice and color. This type of animal is not real, it is imaginative which is an advantage of drawing, we can imagine and draw anything, any scene, any animal from fairies and tales to stories and the world.

We can teach kids to be imaginative and creative and put their entire vision on paper to create master art. This sketch involves coloring, if kids will draw the perfectly aligned spikes on the back of the reptile they will strengthen their skill of organizing elements in a sketch.

Clown Fish

Very Creative And Easy Hand Drawing Activity For Kids Clown Fish

A colorful fish is a calming drawing that will bring calmness and patience to a child. This fish has so many colorful features, and kids like colorful features to draw, it attracts them. The picture is refreshing, bright colors are used such as blue, orange, and yellow.

The smiling face of the clownfish, and the fins that are extraordinarily drawn, will make kids enthusiastic about this sketch. The very pattern on the body and fins requires concentration along with hand coordination to perfect the sketch. Children will develop fine sensory skills, and I am sure that this sketch will be added up to their art collection.

Handy Chicken

Very Creative And Easy Hand Drawing Activity For Kids Handy Chicken

A chicken can be drawn in many ways, but this is a unique way to draw a chicken, I have a doubt whether this species of chicken exists on earth or not, a chicken with colorful bony structures emerging from behind, is funny, isn’t it. This fun is to be carried further when you will draw this sketch with your child.

You know the way if you have read our previous article on how to draw, you just have to trace the outline of your palm on the paper, and your child will complete the drawing. This is a hen, as it has a red crown and wattles. The very small wings and large body is the reason these birds are unable to fly.

Colorful Snail

Very Creative And Easy Hand Drawing Activity For Kids Colorful Snail

An attractive and colorful sketch of this snail will be a fun activity. This snail has a multicolored shell, the shell comprises pink, red, blue, yellow, and green colors that represent the bright and peaceful nature of our Earth. As we all know a snail is the slowest of all the land animals, and this sketch shows a happy snail, who is happy no matter how slow and steady he is.

A snail has long protruding eyes, with protruding ears as well. Their whole body is covered in a slimy secretion. The shell is perfectly drawn and kids will gain a good amount of happiness from drawing this sketch.

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A Cow

Very Creative And Easy Hand Drawing Activity For Kids A Cow

An easy drawing of a cow is an engaging activity. A cow is a faithful animal that provides us with milk which is an ultimate form of food. The sketch above shows a face of a cow, that has fine brown hairs, short horns, floppy ears, and bright lovely eyes.

Good art is an art that has every element as an art, in this sketch, we can see that the nose of this cow is a small face in itself, and if we remove everything else we will still have a smiley on our canvas. The cow is colored in continuous strokes of brown color. The coloring trick is a skill that should be grasped from this sketch.

Hand Cactus

Very Creative And Easy Hand Drawing Activity For Kids Hand Cactus

You know the trick, as it is clear from the picture itself. To draw the cactus just trace the outline of your hand on the paper, and let your child complete the drawing. The cactus is huge and green. It has a friendly face, and there are flowers on top of every section.

The fine detailing will make the kid attentive while drawing, the smiling mouth, and round eyes are a beautiful representation of making an attractive art. The pot has a traditional design, comprising red and yellow colors. Practicing this sketch will promote fine motor skills in a child.

Fibrous Corn

FVery Creative And Easy Hand Drawing Activity For Kids ibrous Corn

Corn is a fibrous, cereal grain grown and consumed in all parts of the world. The most basic art of corn is represented through the above sketch. The very seeds are shown through horizontal and vertical cross-sections of lines. Although, the seeds are conical round, for simplicity in drawing it is shown like this. There are green covering and thin strands called corn silk are also drawn.

Adorable Handprint Corn Drawing For Kids

Adorable Handprint Corn Drawing For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Art & Craft

This is a perfect activity for kids! They can get creative and make an adorable handprint corn drawing. It is a fun and easy craft to do with the entire family.

Kids will be able to create it easily, for this sketch requires a minimum amount of practice. The sketch demands a lot of coloring, only two colors are used, i.e, green and yellow.

I hope these sketches given above were a lot of fun for you as well as your child. Art is a form of an institution that provides the learning of processing thoughts, and thinking in a wider way. You don’t have to search for material just come to our place, we have an abundance of ideas for every brain, and personality, for everyone is unique. Keep visiting us.

Thank You!

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Activities for Kids
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