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Food Drawing: Let’s Eat Healthy and Stay Wealthy


Food Drawing: Let’s Eat Healthy and Stay Wealthy

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If you’re looking for creative food item drawings to make at home or for a school project, you’re in right place! Keep your learning spirit alive with our curated list of food drawings like cupcakes, milk, fruits and vegetables. Let’s start!

We help out kids and their parents with creatively amazing art and craft ideas that help your kids to grow and explore. Kids are innocent beings and should be provided with the best of the best learning, as they are the future. As parents, we should emphasize the purpose of learning to our children as learning gives creativity, creativity leads to thinking, Thinking provides knowledge, knowledge makes us great.

So, today we are gonna learn some beautiful food item drawings which your kid is gonna sketch and you will also have to lead them. The following drawings are gonna be exciting, so get the tools ready and get engaged with your kid, or kids, to explore.

Food Drawing: Let’s Eat Healthy and Stay Wealthy

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Healthy Breakfast

Food Drawing: Let's Eat Healthy and Stay Wealthy   Healthy Breakfast

Kids, it’s very important to take good care of your body and your health. For this, we need to take a good healthy diet.  We take meals many times a day. We have assigned different names for different meals like breakfast, lunch and dinner. The meal that we take in the morning is known as breakfast. Everybody should do a heavy and healthy breakfast. We can have fruits, vegetables, milk, eggs, read for our breakfast.

Fruits are full of minerals and fibre, hence good to take during the morning. Some fruits are even used for topping purposes.  Milk is rich in proteins and also it is important for the development of our bones. Eggs are also rich in protein and they help for building muscles. Good breakfast keeps our stomach healthy as well as our body fit. Some kids don’t like to drink milk and eat bread. Instead of these two, you can have a milkshake of any flavour and some cupcakes.

In this drawing, we have tried to draw the breakfast items and you too, try to outline them on your drawing books. You need to fill all these food items with colours. The difficulty level for this one is very easy.



Fruits are very healthy at the same time they’re very juicy. Fruits taste sweet. Fruits can be taken as raw or in the form of juices. Most of the kids are fond of juice. You can take any juice of your favourite choice. Eating fruits is a very good habit. Do tell us one of your favourite fruit. I like mango the most. Watermelon is full of water. Oranges are rich in vitamin C. Banana is very healthy and rich in fibres.

Mango is known as the King of Fruits. Indians love mango and are the largest producer of mangoes. Mango pickle is famous worldwide.  Even mango jams are also loved by the majority of people. We have traced different types of fruits and we expect you all to draw the same.

You can draw any one of them or all of them. These are very simple and easy. Use the pencil for drawing them. Be careful while colouring these fruits as you’re supposed to colour them with the actual colours they possess naturally like if a banana is yellow you have to colour it yellow only don’t fill it with any other colour. Draw them well and get good grades.

Healthy Eatables

Food Drawing: Let's Eat Healthy and Stay Wealthy   Healthy Eatables

Healthy food includes many different types of eatables like fruits, vegetables, spices, pulses etc. Let’s draw some healthy eatables on your drawing books. This drawing includes apples, carrots, corn, chillies, pumpkin etc. Carrots are very good for the eyes. It’s well said that” an apple a day keeps the doctor away “.

People love to have apple juice during Summers. We can make vinegar from apples also. Chilli powder adds nice flavours to your food. Chilli powder is made from crushing the dry chillies. It makes the food spicy and is used mostly by Indians. Indian food is incomplete and tasteless without chilli. Parrots also love chillis. Corn is a crop and is grown in almost every part of India. It can be eaten raw. Corn flour has been also used by people for ages. Cornbread is sweet and yummy.

Let’s draw these eatables and colour them properly. Carrots can be eaten raw and are one of the main ingredients of the salad. This piece of work is suitable for the kids of age group 6+. Kids are gonna have fun while drawing these. The difficulty level for this one is very easy. You can draw them using a simple pencil.



Vegetables are very nutritious and we should include them in our diet. Green leafy vegetables are very good for our health. We should always eat fresh vegetables. In this drawing, we have drawn vegetables like chillies, mushrooms, pumpkin, peas, cauliflower, brinjal. Mushrooms are fungi and it should be noted that we can’t eat any mushrooms. Some mushrooms are poisonous so it should be checked first are eating healthy ones. Mushrooms grow in damp areas as they need moisture for their proper growth.

Cauliflower is a vegetable but it looks like a flower. It has green leaves like petals and it is white at the centre. Pumpkins are very big in size and orange in colour. Peas are enclosed in an outer covering known as a pod. Inside this pod, peas are present that are seeds like. Both peas and pea pods are green in colour.

You can also draw these, they are very easy to draw. Colour them with suitable colours. You can use a pencil, sketch or even crayon for this. Kids of age group 7+ are suitable for this drawing activity. Before making it on your fair drawing book do practice it once or twice till you get perfection in drawing this. The difficulty level for this one is easy.

Tasty Veggies

Food Drawing: Let's Eat Healthy and Stay Wealthy   Tasty Veggies

Vegetables are very tasty to eat. We can either eat them cooked or raw. Every vegetable has its unique and different taste. The composition of each vegetable is different. Some are rich in vitamin A, some in vitamin C, some in iron etc. So it is very necessary to include every vegetable in our day to day diet. Vegetables are the green friends of our bodies.  Have you ever tried salad? It’s very crispy as we eat vegetables raw.

Some green leaves, cucumber, carrot, lemon, chillies, tomato, cabbage can be used to make a salad. For more flavours, you can add vinegar to the salad. Kids, do you know the crispy french fries are made from potatoes. Also, your favourite chips snack is made from frying potatoes and adding certain additional flavours. Popcorn is one of the most famous snacks all over the globe. The main ingredient of this snack is corn.

Potato is very simple to draw, just trace the oval shape and mark some dots inside it. Carrots are good for our eyesight. We should include this also in our diet. They are orange in colour and rich in vitamin A. Give a try to other vegetables as well and colour them gracefully.

Smiling Fruits

Smiling Fruits

Fruits are the gifts that we get from trees. Trees have bestowed us with many of its gifts like wood, paper, timber, medicines, oil, wax but the tastiest gift is the fruits. Fruits are composed of many important vitamins and minerals that are important for the human body. We can take fruits raw or in the form of juices. During Summers we love to have those fruits which are rich in water like watermelons, oranges, grapes etc.

Mango is known as the king of fruits. Mango juice is famous worldwide. Mango pickle is one of the famous pickles all over the world. Look at this drawing, you can see many smiling fruit faces. Fruits look happy. Little peach is cute and blushing. First, you need to draw all these fruits.

After that, you have to colour them properly. Then take a black sketch pen and draw the eyes and lips. Give a pink or red tint around the cheeks. The difficulty level for this one is very easy. This drawing is suitable for kids of age 6+. Take good care during colouring.  Colouring makes the drawing graceful.

Draw A Party Cake

When it comes to cakes and chocolates, their excitement level is high. Apart from eating, let’s assign them to make a big party cake for them. The cake drawn above is a triple-layer cake with delicious flavors of frosting, yummy! There are many details on the cake and your assistance could be beneficial for a good outcome. Your child should learn how to draw a cake. It’s not that difficult, but concise and lengthy work as many colors should be done. So, make yours and let me enjoy mine.

Draw Different Kinds Of Fruits

Here is a wholesome illustration of fruits as it involves distinct types of fruits. Your kid will draw a variety of fruits such as an apple; an apple a day keeps the doctor away, an apple is a source of all the nutrients required for growth. Other fruits are strawberries, cherries, pomegranates, oranges, pineapple, watermelon, peaches, and pears. The idea behind this sketch could be to analyze your kids about their knowledge of fruits by asking them to name each fruit and see what they are lacking. You could ask them to color them as well with their respective natural colors.

Draw An Eggplant

An eggplant also known as brinjal is a vegetable that is violet in color. There are many species of brinjal that are green, white, and black as well. It is typically a fruit that is used as a vegetable in cooking. A simple and precise representation of the same is given above. Some known features of the plant are that it contains 92% water, 6% carbohydrates, 1% protein, and negligible fat. The spongy texture from the inside of the vegetable enables it to absorb the oils and flavors while cooking. These are abundantly cultivated in India and China.

Draw A Big Mac

A burger is a type of food that is a combination of a patty, that is made of meat, a slice of cheese, and tomatoes and onions between a pair of buns. There are many forms of burgers that are prepared and consumed in different cultures and countries, all differ in flavors and textures, but every burger contains a patty. A patty is a fried and round food that is the heart of a burger, a burger without a patty is like a superman without the cape, so a patty is a must to prepare a burger and your kid will have a good time while sketching the burger. So, enjoy the activity along with a burger.

That’s all for today, and I hope that the drawings were of help for your toddler and you got to spend some beautiful time with your little ones. With a positive thought, let’s keep ourselves and our loved ones safe from the virus, keep wearing masks when we go out, keep ourselves and our surroundings clean and sanitized, and take all the precautions to stop the spread of the new strain.

Do give feedback in the comment section about the drawings you tried with your toddler, keep visiting and follow our page for more kids’ activities.

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