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Vehicles Drawing Ideas for Kids


Vehicles Drawing Ideas for Kids

If your kids find it difficult to remember vehicle names, try another way and inspire them to draw these vehicles and learn the names in a fun and creative way. Keep your learning spirit alive with our curated list of vehicles drawing ideas like ambulances, bulldozers, mobile cranes, helicopters, rockets, transportation vehicles, box trucks, and train engines.

Vehicles Drawing Ideas For Kids

Vehicles Drawing Ideas For Kids

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Ambulance Vehicles Drawing Ideas For Kids

An ambulance is a medically equipped emergency vehicle to immediately stabilize a person who is seriously ill and take them to the hospital. It includes everything such as oxygen cylinders, stretchers, oxygen masks, bandages, various emergency drugs, and intravenous fluids. People who drive ambulances are specially trained people called emergency medical technicians.


Bulldozer Vehicles Drawing Ideas For Kids

A bulldozer is a large motorized machine used mostly for construction work. It travels on continuous tracks or large wheels. It has a metal blade in front to push soil, snow, rocks, etc. It is also known as a crawler. They are mostly found on military bases, mines, engineering projects factories, etc. They are very large and powerful equipment.

Mobile Crane

Mobile Crane Vehicles Drawing Ideas For Kids

The purpose of the mobile crane is to hoist equipment, rescue, lifting, among other things in construction activities. It is mostly used for lifting and handling in ports, workshops, construction sites, and other places. Here you can learn to draw this cute mobile crane in a few simple steps. We hope all the kids will like to draw this beautiful vehicle and know more about it.


Helicopter Vehicles Drawing Ideas For Kids

Helicopters are aircraft with one or more power-driven horizontal rotors that enable them to move in any direction. A helicopter can fly from 2.5 to 5 hours them one tank of gas that is approximately 250-400 miles. Helicopters are really expensive. The cheapest helicopter is about $ 51, 000. An average helicopter can fly up to 160 mph.


Rockets Vehicles Drawing Ideas For Kids

A rocket is an aircraft, spacecraft, or space vehicle that obtains thrust from a rocket engine. They are used for satellites, human spaceflight, space exploration, etc. Chemical rockets are the most common high-power rocket. The first rocket was created by the ruler of the Kingdom of Mysore Tipu Sultan in India.

Transportation Vechiles

Transportation Vehicles Drawing Ideas For Kids

Now, we will learn to draw various vehicles like Cars, Taxis, Ambulances, Buses, Trucks, and Crane. I am sure that you will enjoy drawing them and knowing facts about them from your teachers and parents. It is so simple to draw that you can learn easily in no time. With few straight lines and curves, these vehicles can be drawn.

Box Truck

Box Truck Vehicles Drawing Ideas For Kids

Box trucks are commonly used for the sealed transportation of several items. It is suitable for factories, and supermarkets to transport things. Here you will learn to draw this box truck in a few simple steps and color it with your favorite colors. Parents and teachers can tell more about various types of trucks to kids and play with them while making this drawing.

Train engine

Train engine Vehicles Drawing Ideas For Kids

The train is one the fastest mean of transport. Trains don’t run on normal roads. Special tracks are made of roads so that trains can run over them. Those tracks are known as railway tracks. During ancient times, coal was used as fuel to run trains. The smoke used to come out as shown in the above image. The front portion of the train is called the train engine. You can draw this simple train also. This drawing is suitable for kids in the age group 8+.

We hope you like our list of Vehicles Drawing Ideas and will surely try to make them. Read more crafts ideas at our website if you liked our vehicle drawing ideas for kids. Please let us know which Vehicles Drawing Idea you like the most in the comment section.

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