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Construction Vehicle Drawings for Kids


Construction Vehicle Drawings for Kids

Hey kids!

Welcome back to a new article on art and drawing. Well, you might be aware that two types of things exist in this world. One is a living thing and the other is a non-living thing. Most of the non-living things have been created by humans and are known as man-made things. Machines are also man-made things and non-living. Machines were created by humans so that they will help them reduce the workload. We use many machines in our day to day life like fans, cars, trucks, excavators, dishwashers, etc. Today we will be trying to draw a few helpful machines. So scroll down to see the drawing images.

Construction Vehicle Drawings for Kids

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Excavator with wheels

Construction Vehicle Drawings for Kids Excavator with wheels

Excavator is a machine that is huge and performs various activities that help in construction purposes. These machines are specially designed to perform those activities that humans cannot or which humans can do but they take much time. This machine can’t work on its own, it requires a driver like a vehicle needs. This drawing is a little bit difficult and is well Suitable for the kids of age group ten plus.



This is another excavator but it is of a different colour. We can simply call them diggers. These are of various sizes and which size you should choose depends on the work you want it to do. These are multi-purpose machines and can perform many tasks in the field of construction, mining, river dredging, clearing the snow etc. You can draw this link excavator on your drawing books or art books. First look at the image carefully and then try to trace it. You need to practice it many times. The difficulty level for this one is tough and this drawing is suitable for the kids of age group ten plus.

Yellow excavator

Construction Vehicle Drawings for Kids Yellow excavator

This yellow excavator is picking some of the stones from the garden as you can see. This is one of the important use of excavators. It has a big arm that helps it to hold the heavy objects for carrying from one place to another. A big and strong basket is also attached to the arm so that it can hold objects in it. As it is a machine and it requires fuel as well. It can run on diesel. You can trace this on your art or drawing book. The difficulty level is between medium to tough. This drawing is suitable for the kids of age group nine plus.

Multicoloured excavator

Multicoloured excavator

This excavator has a wheel. Some excavators can run on two wheels but some have four wheels as the above-given image has. The arm of this excavator is not attacked to any bucket but it has a big hook attached to it. These are very expensive as they are huge and their body is made up of solid metals so that they can withstand the heavyweight while working. The difficulty of this drawing is medium and is suitable for the kids of age group eight plus.

Helpful vehicles

Construction Vehicle Drawings for Kids Helpful vehicles

These all four vehicles have been helping people all the time. An ambulance is a big truck like vehicle that helps us to take any patient to the hospital when it is emerging. It has a siren also. Some important machines are kept inside it, like oxygen concentrators. Every hospital has many ambulances. Next is a fire engine. A fire engine is another essential vehicle. If fire catches anywhere, this vehicle comes to save people and the property. It has a big water tank, a long ladder and water pipes. A fireman puts out the fire with the help of water and takes people to safer places. A Tipper lorry is another vehicle that is mostly used to take heavy construction material or any other material from one place to another. Tipper has a big platform at its back that can raise up and down to let the material out of it. Snow plougher is the fourth one, it is used to clear the snow-covered areas or roads to allow the free movement of people and cars. You can try to draw these on your drawing books or art books. These are simple to draw. The difficulty level of this art is between easy to medium. This drawing is suitable for the kids of age group seven-plus. Fill every vehicle with nice colours.

I wish this article was full of cool ideas for drawing helpful machines. We saw the use of many machines and realised it’s a role in our life. It’s good to take good care of them. Machines are very advantageous to us. Do tell us in the comment section about which machine was easy and difficult to draw. Also, share your feedback with us. We will come up with many more drawing idea articles. Thank you.

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