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Sea Animal Drawings for Kids


Sea Animal Drawings for Kids

Industrialization, global warming, and climate change have damaged our environment to an unimaginable extent. Now is the time we must take preventive measures and grow more trees to reduce the effects of global warming. Animals are the most affected by climate change so, it is our responsibility to protect them. Let’s aware kids of the importance of animals. We can learn to draw sea animals and know about them.

Sea Animal Drawings for Kids

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Save Our Fellow Beings

Sea Animal Drawings for Kids Save Our Fellow Beings

Humans are dependent on other animals in some way or the other way. Climate change is an issue affecting the living beings on the earth. The rapid growth of factories and industries is the reason for global warming. The size of the forests is decreasing day by day just because of our selfish needs. Giraffe is known for its unique neck. Birds are blessed animals as they can fly freely where ever they want to. Honey bees are hard-working animals, and they always collect the sweet source for honey from plants helping for a vital function in plants, the pollination. Duck can live both in water and also on land. Ducks have the unique feature of waterproof feathers.

Draw These Six Animals With Just 2 Rupee Coins

Draw These Six Animals With Just 2 Rupee Coins

One day Turtle and rabbit decided to have a running race between them. Turtle slowly progresses but, the rabbit goes faster and takes a break for a nap in the middle of the race. The turtle concentrates only on the destination and, in the end, it is the winner. Tiger is one of the beasts in the jungle which, is equally strong with the king of the jungle, the lion. Tiny chicks are the cutest animals as they look so small in our hands, and they are friendly to humans. We can rarely see the frogs in our surroundings. Frogs don’t harm humans and, one thing about them is that they can jump very high. Draw a circle using 2 Rupee coins and draw the facial features of the above animals.

A Small Gift Only For You

Sea Animal Drawings for Kids A Small Gift Only For You

If we go to the beach, we have to be aware of the sharks as they are not human-friendly animals. But, some sharks are beautiful creatures, like the Blue whale shark. In this picture, the cute shark came out to give a rose and its love to someone. All the sharks are not gentle animals, but some types of sharks like Blue whale sharks are human-friendly. Even though the shark’s body is soft, they are aggressive animals, and they mostly eat the fish in the ocean. We must not disturb the ocean because it is home to many beautiful species. Instead, our job is to help the beautiful aquatic animals.

Choose only one to have a pet

Choose only one to have a pet

No one would want to have a bug as a pet, but some way or the other, bugs support our system. The butterfly is the cutest and the most beautiful insect. The process of growing from an egg to a butterfly is quite fascinating. Penguins belong to the bird family. Penguins live in cold places like Antarctica. The penguin’s belly and underneath the feathers are in white, and the rest of the body is in black. The strange thing is penguins can’t fly but, they are good swimmers. Penguins walk on their feet which is a cute thing to watch. They spend most of their time in the water hunting fish to eat.

Challenges are inevitable in life

Sea Animal Drawings for Kids Challenges are inevitable in life

One fine day a fisherman came to the pond with his net. He threw the net in the pond to get many fishes out of it. Later, after some time, the fish started to make a sound in the net. The fish begged for his life and begged the fisherman to leave him but, the fisherman did not respond. The fish cleverly made a deal with the fisherman. The deal is that if the fisherman spares fish later, he will bring his friends to another side of the pond. The fish went into the pond and never came back. Whatever the situation we, have to face it cleverly.

Bubble….bubbly Fish

Bubble....bubbly Fish

Fish live underwater, and there are different types of fish. The world under the sea is a jaw-dropping place and a visual treat to us. Many beautiful species live in the sea or the ocean that supports the ecosystem. Fish are gentle animals that live only in the water for their entire life. Small fish eat the available aquatic plants, and the big fish would survive on eating the other fish. There are almost 30,000 variety species of fish in the world of different colors, shapes, sizes. We have these fishes at our home as pets, but they need the small aquarium home.

Meet The Gentlemen Mr. Crab

Sea Animal Drawings for Kids Meet The Gentlemen Mr. Crab

Every creature living in this world loves freedom, and they need a home just like humans. Fish is a cold-blooded animal so, it can survive in both the coldest temperature and warmest temperature. Flame Angel, Mandarin fish, clownfish, Discus fish are some of the most beautiful fishes. Let me know your favorite fish. Frogs croak, indicating us to alert for rainfall. In the crane and the crab story, the crane grew older and couldn’t get its food so, it decided to cheat the fish and crab. The crab came to know how his fellow mates were killed and eaten by a crane. Crab furiously killed the crane and told his mates everything about the cunning crane.

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