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Colorful Sea Animal Drawings for Kids


Colorful Sea Animal Drawings for Kids

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Industrialization, global warming, and climate change have damaged our environment to an unimaginable extent. Now is the time we must take preventive measures and grow more trees to reduce the effects of global warming. Animals are the most affected by climate change so, it is our responsibility to protect them. Let’s aware kids of the importance of animals. We can learn to draw sea animals and know about them.

Colorful Sea Animal Drawings for Kids

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Cheerful Dolphin

Kids you know Dolphins are one of the most intelligent animals and have two stomachs, they usually stay with their mothers for a long time. Talking about this drawing, Dolphin looks extremely happy as it comes up from the water. This drawing is perfect to make for toddlers. So, kids being as creative as you can, make this beautiful dolphin drawing.

A Small Gift Only For You

Sea Animal Drawings for Kids A Small Gift Only For You

If we go to the beach, we have to be aware of the sharks as they are not human-friendly animals. But, some sharks are beautiful creatures, like the Blue whale shark. In this picture, the cute shark came out to give a rose and its love to someone. All the sharks are not gentle animals, but some types of sharks like Blue whale sharks are human-friendly. Even though the shark’s body is soft, they are aggressive animals, and they mostly eat the fish in the ocean. We must not disturb the ocean because it is home to many beautiful species. Instead, our job is to help the beautiful aquatic animals.

Bubble….bubbly Fish

Bubble....bubbly Fish

Fish live underwater, and there are different types of fish. The world under the sea is a jaw-dropping place and a visual treat to us. Many beautiful species live in the sea or the ocean that supports the ecosystem. Fish are gentle animals that live only in the water for their entire life. Small fish eat the available aquatic plants, and the big fish would survive on eating the other fish. There are almost 30,000 variety species of fish in the world of different colors, shapes, sizes. We have these fishes at our home as pets, but they need the small aquarium home.

Meet The Gentlemen Mr. Crab

Sea Animal Drawings for Kids Meet The Gentlemen Mr. Crab

Every creature living in this world loves freedom, and they need a home just like humans. Fish is a cold-blooded animal so, it can survive in both the coldest temperature and warmest temperature. Flame Angel, Mandarin fish, clownfish, Discus fish are some of the most beautiful fishes. Let me know your favorite fish. Frogs croak, indicating us to alert for rainfall. In the crane and the crab story, the crane grew older and couldn’t get its food so, it decided to cheat the fish and crab. The crab came to know how his fellow mates were killed and eaten by a crane. Crab furiously killed the crane and told his mates everything about the cunning crane.

Cute water animals

This image comprises four different animals porcupine, turtle, dolphin, crab. Porcupine as you can see is an animal with spines all-over its body. It’s a rodent and lives in burrows. Next comes the turtle, it looks similar to the tortoise and has a shell around its body with unique patterns on its shell plates. The dolphin is a friendly water animal. It can’t live without water. Crab is again a water animal and is found in seas and oceans. We can draw all these animals easily. Their bodies can be drawn by writing the alphabet D as shown in the image. Colour these creatures with the appropriate one. Kids of age group 6+ can draw it easily.

Scary Crocodile

Do you know? Crocodile can live between 70 to 110 years and Crocs have between 60 and 110 teeth, usually, crocodiles are scary and kids don’t like them because of their threatening look but this drawing is the opposite of all. In this drawing, the Crocodile looks so adorable that kids will love making it and this drawing is the best for toddlers, so definitely try to make this Croco drawing.

Happy Crab

Just look at this drawing, how Joyful crab looks! Crabs are usually found on the beach and seaside, and crabs can also bite but they are so innocent. This drawing is perfect to make if you are feeling sad. In this drawing, this adorable crab playing in the water looks happy as water is a comfortable place for crabs just like our home is a comfortable place for us. So, kids what are you waiting for, just add this beautiful drawing to your sketchbook.

Playing Seal

Seals are mostly found in cold areas, and they are also found in sea museums. Kids you know, seals have loving, joyful nature, they always love playing and maybe you noticed that in cartoons seals are always found playing. This seal drawing is so cheerful and also grandiose you drawing by adding perfect color in it and also don’t forget to make a thick black border around it.

Angry Snail

Kids, do you also love snails? When I was a kid, I used to like them because they are so carefree and never bother others. In this drawing, the snail looks a little bit disappointed, maybe because someone blocked her path. You know kids always like seeing drawings and making a story from them. So kids make your drawing and interpret it and tell your friends the story behind your drawing.

Sea animals

Water animals include all the animals that dwell in the water. Some water animals live in freshwater, some live in salty water i.e in oceans and seas.

Fish is found in both fresh and salty water while the rest of the others are found in oceans and seas.

The pink creature is called an octopus. The octopus is a sea animal and it has the right hands that are called tentacles.

Yellow Starfish is very easy to trace as you just have to draw a star and then you have to colour it yellow. You can draw the pores of the star Fish by tracing some dots inside the body. Fish, crab, lobster etc are also very simple to draw. Crabs, fish, lobsters are eaten by humans.

Kids of age group 7+ can draw these animals easily. All you need are a few supplies like a pencil, paper and some colours. You can spend your free time drawing them. This one is perfect for any aquatic project.

Beautiful fish

This is a fish and it’s very charming. Its body is full of bright colours. Its scales are very appealing. It is swimming very gracefully under the water. I liked its big blue eyes. It’s blowing some water bubbles deep inside the water. You can also draw this one on paper or in yin our drawing book. This drawing is suitable for kids of age 8+. I am sure you’ll love to draw this beautiful water creature. Let me know in the comment section if you liked it and don’t forget to share your lovely drawing.


Turtles are found in seawater. Turtles are very small as that of a coin. They can live for many years usually more than 150 years. They have a shell present outside their body. Turtles are fond of cucumbers. If you’re planning to get a turtle as a pet, do feed them with cucumber. Turtles are of different colours. You can draw this turtle on your drawing book and can Colour it well with green, yellow, brown and black color. This drawing is suitable for kids of age 7+.

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