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Let’s Begin Your Child’s Drawing Classes At Home


Let’s Begin Your Child’s Drawing Classes At Home

Hello, my lovely friends I hope that you guys are doing great. This article contains some exciting sketching ideas for kids through which they would be able to learn and adopt new skills that will benefit them in the future. The more they will practice the more they will get good at this. The sketches are on a wide variety of topics that will provide flexibility to kids. So, get started with your kids.

Learn Drawing at Home

Let's Begin Your Child's Drawing Classes At Home

A Simple Girl

Here is a sketch to start with, that will work as a warm-up exercise for a child. This is a sketch of a simple girl, that is easy to make. The simplicity is contained within her smile that is so pure. A pure smile is an indication of a pure heart. The sketch requires no colors because her pinkish lips are more than enough. If required, any color of your choice can be applied. The bow on her head and her long hairs are beautiful. Children will learn a lot about simple drawing through this sketch. If drawn passionately any simple sketch could turn into a masterpiece.

Little Love Birds

Two cute little birds are shown sitting on a tree branch. Birds are often represented as symbols of love. The sketch puts light on animal behavior and positively depicts nature. Children will get a positive influence through this sketch, as they will be able to feel how animals express love to each other. Birds are very hard-working creatures, they are capable of making their living on their own. A couple together builds their own nest by collecting necessary elements, they take care of their offspring until their children can fly. A bird is also a symbol of peace and friendship. A kid should draw this sketch and acquire good learnings we get from nature.

Basic Football Drawing

A basic diagram of a football or basketball is necessary for every child to learn to draw. Through this sketch, kids’ can learn how to draw a circle precisely, and design a ball. The ball is being provided with a basic color that is purple, and the design within the ball is also very simple. Through simple processes only, kids learn, and steadily the levels are increased to attain perfection. Any instrument can be used to make a circle and lining can be done through scale. If you could ask your kid to redraw after the after attempt, but with a new design, then that could be beneficial.

A Monkey With Tail

A monkey drawing would be great for your kids that are almost like monkeys. But kids are smart and intelligent than a monkey, but from behavior, especially boys they somewhat resemble monkeys until they attain some sort of maturity. Joking, don’t take it seriously or get offended, but make your kids draw this sketch of a monkey so that they could attain maturity and behave less like a monkey and more like a human. After drawing color it also with suitable colors like brown or red to make it look like a real monkey.

Joyful Teeny Piglet

The sketch somewhat resembles the cartoon series known as Peppa Pig. This series is liked by millions of children all over the globe. This sketch will wake the interest and curiosity of kids towards sketching. Just try to draw with them, and they will go crazy for this drawing. They will fill colors on their own, the piglet known as Peppa is always wearing a red dress. So the color on her body will be red and her skin will be pink. She is known to learn and explore every day with her friends who are also her age. She is a very smart and intelligent piglet of her family.  Make this drawing with your kids and have fun.

Pikachu Go!

Pikachu is a fictional character in the famous animation series “Pokemon Go!”, famous among teenagers and adults, kids of age below 6 years might not know about this character. The characteristics of Pikachu are that it is very cute and adorable, it is a very rare species of pokemon, its special ability is to make thunder and lightning. The character is precisely represented over here and simple enough for any child to draw. Pikachu is yellow like the thunder, with red patches on both of their cheeks. Make your kids draw this cute little animal and color it as well with its respective colors.

Gorgeous Princess

A gorgeous little princess in a pink dress can be seen in this sketch. The image is bright as the colors used are light and shiny. The girl over here has an innocent smile, that will draw the attention of kids to draw this. The girl has beautiful features like bright eyes, a shiny pink face, dense and long brown hair, and a gold crown on her head. The crown is equipped with all the jewels, the dress of the girl is jubilant, with the pink and blue frock. The sketch is easy to draw and kids would find it interesting and joyful.

A Rabbit & Butterfly

This sketch beats every other sketch in terms of imagination. We don’t get to see this type of animal interchanges in real life, rather these types of images are very rare to see, a person can only imagine this to be true. The sketch shows a beautiful moment between a butterfly and rabbit, that could only take place when nature is pleased. It’s very necessary to keep nature safe and preserve the places that are meant for these creatures so that they could live peacefully and happily. The essence of this picture is that a sketch is meant to provide something, and this sketch provides peace and satisfaction. Every child should draw this image.

A Lovely Bunny With A Carrot

A cute little bunny to draw proves to be an exciting activity for kids. From a kid’s perspective, a rabbit is known as a bunny. A rabbit is a very sensitive animal, that has weak spines and should be picked up gently, especially by children. A baby rabbit is called a “kitten”. Rabbits are social creatures and become depressed and sad if they are kept alone. A male rabbit should be kept with a female rabbit, which proves to be a good combination. They are happy in the company of the same species. This sketch is very adorable, a carrot is the favorite food of a rabbit and this bunny is holding a carrot so graciously. Make this sketch with your kid and be joyful.

The Brother

This bunny is the brother of the first one. He is also holding a carrot, but it is upside down. His ears are down indicating that he is happy. A bunny can turn its ears 180 degrees. They are masters of hearing. A rabbit’s teeth never stop growing, they keep shredding when they munch on hay. An essential amount of hay and crunchy vegetables daily are necessary for a rabbit. This sketch is adorable, the bunny has fluffy cheeks, and the way its ears are bent makes it cuter. The sketch is easy for kids to draw.

That’s all for now, and I will see you next time. The sketches are meant to make kids learn new skills in art. I hope that your kids had fun while drawing, and made some productive utilization of the sketches. Do visit other activities as well to learn more and explore more. Do visit again.

Thank you and have a nice day!

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