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Let’s Learn, Draw And Eat Fruits Together


Let’s Learn, Draw And Eat Fruits Together

F For Fruits…

Teaching your toddler the new alphabet could be fun too. Here are a few hand-drawn colored pictures of a variety of fruits that your toddler needs to know or learn. Make them draw these fruits while telling them their benefits. So let’s begin.

Let’s Learn, Draw And Eat Fruits Together

Let's Learn, Draw And Eat Fruits Together

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The Dragon Fruit

F For Fruits The Dragon Fruit Let's Learn, Draw And Eat Fruits Together

No, nothing to do with the dragons from the cartoon ‘The Dragon Tales’ but definitely to do with health. Tell your toddler about its health benefits and how it can make them powerful – the only way to make those fancy – heads filled with stories eat something healthy!

Some Strawberries

Some Strawberries  Let's Learn, Draw And Eat Fruits Together

The way this fruit looks – beautiful – the more wonders it does to the health. Make your young one draw this red, ripe and juicy fruit while telling them how this red beauty is good for the heart and blood.

An Apple A Day…

F For Fruits An Apple A Day.... Let's Learn, Draw And Eat Fruits Together

We have been taught since childhood that an apple a day keeps doctors away and until now for a million times, I bet, you would have taught this to your champ. However, just like every other kiddo, your toddler will deny eating healthy food and run after junk. Well, why keep this healthy medicine captivated in our imaginations. Allow him to draw it down and color it beautifully and as a reward gain some health and healthy apples…

Cherry, Please

Cherry, Please Let's Learn, Draw And Eat Fruits Together

Cherries…bright, red, and healthy. These drupe fruits are a source of vitamins – too essential for your growing young one – where the body needs all the essential minerals and vitamins, cherry is a good source of it. Fill your refrigerators with some beauty of cherries. The more they draw, the best they learn, and the better it will tempt. Make them eat these super healthy fruits while they are busy drawing them on paper.

So Much Of An Apple-

F For Fruits So Much Of An Apple- Let's Learn, Draw And Eat Fruits Together

These are rose apples, also known as Java apples best sold in Southern Asia. It has several health benefits and keeps the body fit. With its sweet fruity flavor, it gives floral notes of rose too. A combination of a flower and a fruit? Quite tempting haa? These are a good source of vitamins, increase brain health and help in curing inflammation of joints. It, also, subsides fever and is quite beneficial to health.

The Orange Orange

The Orange Orange Let's Learn, Draw And Eat Fruits Together

Oranges, so the name and so is the color. These ripe pulpy fruits is best for the eyes. It keeps the eyes healthy, the skin hydrated and the stomach healthy. Even the orange peel is useful for many purposes related to health and skin. So, here’s a sweet pulpy orange to draw for your young lad.

The Grape-ish Affair

F For Fruits The Grape-ish Affair Let's Learn, Draw And Eat Fruits Together

Grapes – sweet, healthy, round berries. Best works as an antioxidant balances minerals in the body and also the fluids. The young body is in the development process and it needs a lot of minerals and vitamins and grapes are a good source of both. Plus, it keeps the body hydrated too. If your child has this bad habit of skipping lunch in school, make him eat grapes, at least it will give him the necessary nutrients for the day. So here’s a drawing to draw and fill with colors of red or green or black or purple – whichever grapes are your fav!

Childhood is the most tender age of life, where a child grows and develops, both physically and mentally. It is an important time for both the development of bones and muscles plus intelligence. What the little lad sees, grasps real quick, and learns. So be aware of what you are doing or how well are you behaving in front of your child.

Feel free to contact us for any queries or suggestions. All sorts of recommendations are welcomed. Do check our other articles too.

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