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Fruits Craft & Activities for Kids

Fruits Craft & Activities for Kids

DIY and Crafts

Fruits Craft & Activities for Kids

Activities for Kids

Let’s Have Some Healthy Fun Today!

Children and adults are encouraged to eat healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables to maintain their health and immunity. However, it can be tiresome to teach kids the benefits of each one. What if we kept it interesting? One example is the fruits and vegetable craft.

We have today, just like our other art and craft series, unique fruit and vegetable crafts. These crafts are great for kids as well as parents. Both the artistic and creative sides of younger age groups can be stimulated with this, along with promoting beneficial good habits in lifestyle and diet. Let’s take a look at all of these.

Fruits Craft & Activities for Kids

Fruits Craft & Activities for Kids

1. Watermelon Frisbee:

Image Source/Tutorial: Make and Takes

On a hot day, what could be better than watermelon? I agree, let’s make a Watermelon FrisbeeGetting in shape is a must for this watermelon frisbee flyer; you will be running around the yard for hours on end. There’s nothing like a frisbee to cool you down on a hot summer afternoon, and why not make it even sweeter with a watermelon design?

2. Crafty Apple:

Image Source/Tutorial:  Gluedtomy Crafts Blog

Even though your kids aren’t ready to go back to school just yet, apple crafts make great gifts during any season. Just some construction paper and popsicle sticks are needed to make this creative apple core craft.

You can add this to your wall decoration.

3. Hand Printed Pineapple:

Image Source/Tutorial: Glued Tomy Crafts Blog

Is there something fun you can do with your little ones’ handprints that doubles as a keepsake? Let’s do it!

As your children grow older, it’s important to document their childhood memories as well as how little they used to be. Make this craft to recall fun summertime memories as a family.

4. Fruitful Bubble Wrap:

Image Source/Tutorial: In The Play Room

You’ve heard of using fruit stamps, but never bubble wrap to print fruit? How about using bubble wrap to create fruit prints?

Create delicious-looking fruits with fun textures that can be used on t-shirts, tote bags, or even just paper.

5. Fluffy Watermelon:

Image Source/Tutorial: Crafty Morning

You can make these puffy paint watermelons with your kids as a fun summer craft! This is a simple and fun project to do. It’s always fun to do art projects with puffy paint because it has such a neat texture.

You don’t just want to take a bite, do you?

6. Sun Shaped SummerFruity Plate:

Image Source/Tutorial: Kitchen counter chronicle

Eating too much junk food for a while? It’s finally the time to throw a healthy food party and you know what is the most important thing at the party? This fruity plate is the most important thing in this healthy party.

You can make this with your family and kids, I am pretty sure they would love to decorate this fruity plate.

7. Baby Fruit Basket:

Image Source/Tutorial: Crafty Morning

Here is an adorable fruit basket that would be perfect for your baby shower! Cantaloupe and other fruits can be made into a baby.

This can be a very budget-friendly baby shower idea if you get the fruit on sale at your local grocery store! There have also been cases where people cut the watermelon like a baby carriage. Get creative with it!

8. Fruitful Cornucopia:

Image Source/Tutorial: Happiness Is Home Made

In tradition, a cornucopia, or Horn of Plenty, symbolizes the fall harvest and is associated with Thanksgiving.  Often portrayed overflowing with freshly harvested fruits and vegetables, the horn-shaped baskets are a symbol of abundance and nourishment.

Featuring candy pumpkins, fruit jellies, candy corn, and marzipan fruits, our candy cornucopias are a sweet twist on a classic horn!

9. Veggie Cutouts:

Image Source/Tutorial: My Kid Craft

We have seen that kids have a tendency to cut out their favourite cartoons and objects. So let’s make use of this opportunity.  Give them the paper with vegetables and fruits and tell them to cut out their favourite one and paste them in their diary.

This is will be a great way of knowing their favourite fruits and vegetable and even capturing their memory.

10. Healthy Flower Boquet:

Image Source/Tutorial: Fun Family Crafts

In this pandemic, a situation many people of your locality is sick. So now it is time to send them good wishes and a healthy flower bouquet.

We literally mean the word “healthy” here. The flowers in the bouquet are made of heathy fruits and vegetables. What can be a better gift than this? Immediately make one of these Healthy Flower Boquet and give it to them.

11. Swan Out Of An Apple:

Image Source/Tutorial: 5-Minute Crafts PLAY

On a dining table, decorative items can add a touch of class and sophistication while accentuating the meal. Apple swans are a relatively easy edible decoration that can be created with only an apple and a knife. By adhering to the correct procedures and adding your own creative flair, you can create an apple swan to impress your dinner guests.

12. Fruit Play Time!

Image Source/Tutorial: Alpha Mom

Your kids create a lot of trouble for having these healthy fruits. So we have thought of an innovative way of feeding them fruits.
Make various shapes like butterflies, ships, flowers, and busses as shown in the picture. Use different fruits to make it look colourful and bright, so that your kids get attracted and come to eat them.

13. Watermelon Statue:

Image Source/Tutorial: Gold world SK

You have decided to throw a healthy party but the decorations are lacking? No worries bring out the juicy watermelon and them into shapes of different cartoons and different statues. Even you can ask your kids to do a competition by making the most beautiful statue out of fruits.
Now keep them as decorations for your healthy themed party. Your guests will surely get surprised by seeing these.

14. Jute Basket For Fruits:

Image Source/Tutorial: My Crafts

A handmade basket for fruit made from jute and twine thread is discussed in this article. Jute was used for this project in two types – natural colour and bleached.
Now, this all-new handmade Jute Basket is ready to sit on your dining table.
It is common for kids to be drawn to crafts and artwork. With the help of fruit and vegetables craft ideas, you can easily teach them a lot about fruits and vegetables and their importance. Do you like the ones mentioned above? We bet your children would have fun while learning something new at the same time if you did the same with them.

Would that be fun? Let us know that in the comment section.

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