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Owl Craft Ideas For Kids

Owl Craft Ideas For kids

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Owl Craft Ideas For Kids

Looking for a fun craft project for your kids? We have a great collection of owl craft ideas for your kids to have fun with. Make owls out of paper, felt, and other materials. Perfect for a rainy day or when you need a creative activity. Check out our owl craft ideas now!

There are many different owl craft ideas that kids can enjoy. Some popular owl crafts include making owl puppets, owl masks, and owl paintings. These crafts are not only fun to do, but they also help kids to learn about owls and their habitat.

Prepare to let your imagination run wild with these great owl craft ideas for kids! Owls are fascinating creatures that capture children’s imaginations, making them ideal for building adventures. From treat bags to paper plate owls, each craft provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity to learn, create, and have a good time! These projects not only include children in hands-on activities, but they also help them improve their fine motor skills, problem-solving abilities, and aesthetic expression. These owl crafts are appropriate for children of all ages, from pre-scholars to kindergarteners, and can be done at a festival, in the school, or on a wet day at home. So gather your art tools, follow the step-by-step directions, and get ready for some owl-themed crafting!

DIY Simple Owl Craft Ideas For Kids

Owl Craft Ideas For kids

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It’s treat time ! : easy to make Treat bag craft idea for kids

Image Source/ Tutorial: Sweetandsimple living

This activity involves creating cute owl-shaped goodie bags. To make their own owl-inspired treat carriers, kids can decorate paper bags with googly eyes and colourful paper. This one is appropriate for children aged 5 to 7. This craft is ideal for parties or Halloween since it allows children to express their creativity while still providing a functional and festive craft. So, with this fantastic idea , let your children’s imaginations run wild!!

How To Make A Owl With Leaves

How To Make A Owl With Leaves

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Art & Craft

Making an owl from leaves is a fun and creative project. It involves gathering leaves of different shapes and sizes and then arranging them on a branch to form the owl’s body. Once complete, the owl can be hung up for decoration or used as a part of a nature-inspired craft.

Spooky night! : Bark owl ideas for children

Image Source/ Tutorial: Firefliesandmudpies

Get into the Halloween spirit with these bark owl activities for kids. Kids may make eerie and innovative owl designs out of tree bark, twigs, and craft items. This craft promotes ingenuity and allows youngsters to experiment with various textures and materials. This one is suitable for children between the ages of 6 to 8 years of age . Do not forget to take precautions while using the bark , twigs and other such materials. Also check for allergies from such materials. Finally, provide them with an environment to explore to the nature and get inspired to create owls of different shapes and patterns.

Easy owl craft idea for kids : putting buttons to a good use !!

Image Source/ Tutorial: Repeat Crafter Me


This craft is an excellent way to engage kids in a fun and creative project while simultaneously encouraging the development of fine motor skills. Children may learn about forms, colours, and patterns while making their own lovely owl by using buttons as the owl’s eyes. This craft is appropriate for children of all ages and can be a great addition to classroom projects, rainy day activities, or craft sessions at celebrations.

It’s Halloween! : cardboard owl craft ideas for kids

Image Source/ Tutorial: Upcyclethat

With Halloween quickly approaching, this cardboard owl craft is a great way for kids to get into the Halloween mood. Children can make their own owl decorations out of cardboard and other readily available materials. This craft allows children to use their imaginations while also honing their cutting and glueing skills. It’s a great craft for Halloween parties, school assignments, or decorating your home with owl-themed ornaments.

Colorful and wholesome : paper plate owl craft idea for kindergarten kids

Image Source/ Tutorial: I Heart Crafty Things

This paper plate owl craft is a colourful and fun exercise for kindergarten-aged children. Kids may make their own owls out of paper plates and colourful painting tools, playing with colours, patterns, and textures. This activity encourages creativity, hand-eye coordination, and spatial awareness. It can be a fun addition to art classes, wildlife lectures, or a project for owl-themed events or festivals.

Cork and craft! : Cork owl craft idea for kids

Image Source/ Tutorial: Happyhooligans

This craft is a great method to reuse cork while also developing children’s creating skills. Kids may make adorable owl creatures out of corks and other materials. This activity promotes recycling and teaches youngsters the value of creatively reusing things. It is appropriate for all ages and can be used in nature-inspired projects, craft parties, or educational lessons about sustainability and eco-friendly practises.

Give a hoot to the fun owl craft using paper bags

Image Source/ Tutorial: Parents

This owl craft for kids is an engaging and participatory project that uses paper bags as the main ingredient. Children may make charming owl puppets or decorations by decorating and assembling paper bags. This craft encourages imaginative play, storytelling, and the development of fine motor abilities. It’s a fun project for owl-themed parties, puppet shows, or a rainy day at home.

Recycle them up : jar lids owl craft idea for children

Image Source/ Tutorial: Crafts By Amanda

This craft provides a unique method to repurpose jar lids while also engaging youngsters in an eco-friendly activity. Kids may make charming owl ornaments or fridge magnets out of jar lids and other craft supplies. This activity teaches kids about recycling and resourcefulness while also improving their artistic abilities and hand-eye coordination. It’s a good craft for school assignments, craft fairs, or as a fun activity for environmental events.

Cupcake liner owl craft activity for pre-scholars

Image Source/ Tutorial: Kids Activities Blog

This craft is intended for pre-schoolers and provides a fun and easy introduction to owl-themed crafts. Kids may make adorable and colourful owl creatures out of cupcake liners. Hand-eye coordination, colour awareness, and sensory exploration are all encouraged with this project. It’s perfect for pre-school classrooms, playdates, or as a craft during animal-themed courses.

Owl decorative Pencil topper craft idea for kindergarten children

Image Source/ Tutorial: Speedycreativa

Kindergarten students may make their own owl-themed pencil toppers with this craft that blends creativity and usefulness. Kids can create one-of-a-kind and personalised pencil accessories by utilising DIY supplies and pencils. This craft promotes fine motor skills and self-expression while also serving as a delightful addition to school supplies or gifts for friends. It’s appropriate for school craft sessions, art lessons, or as a party activity.

Owl in the night scenery : paper plate owl craft idea

Image Source/ Tutorial: Iheartcraftythings

This paper plate owl craft concept incorporates storytelling and creativity into the crafting process. Using techniques such as painting or collage, children can make owls against a nocturnal background using paper plates and art supplies. This craft promotes creativity, artistic expression, and an understanding of various environments. It is appropriate for a wide range of ages and can be used in nature-themed projects, art schools, or as a craft for nocturnal animal studies.

Harry potter fans assemble : Pinecone owl idea for children

Image Source/ Tutorial: Lia Griffith

This pinecone owl craft idea is wonderful and fanciful for Harry Potter enthusiasts. Kids can make their own little owl characters inspired by Hedwig or other mystical owls from the series using pinecones and craft materials. This craft encourages fine motor skills and can make a fun addition to Harry Potter-themed parties, movie evenings, or room decorations for die-hard fans.

Lucky Charm : cardboards and thread owl pendant craft idea for pre-scholars

Image Source/ Tutorial: Smallhandsbigart

Pre-scholars may make their own owl-shaped pendants out of cardboard and colourful threads with this project. Children can improve their hand-eye coordination, fine motor abilities, and creativity through threading and weaving. This project can be used as a lucky charm, keychain, or decorative item. It’s appropriate for school craft workshops, art lessons, or as a fun activity during ethnic or holiday celebrations.

Paper roll owl easy and fun craft idea for kids

Image Source/ Tutorial: Thecentsiblelife

This craft idea uses paper rolls to provide an easy and pleasant way for kids to make their own owls. Children can engage in imaginative play and artistic expression by decorating and altering paper rolls. This craft encourages recycling and enhances fine motor skills, making it an excellent complement to nature-themed courses, owl-themed parties, or craft sessions at home or school.

Owl craft ideas for kids offer a fantastic opportunity for creativity, learning, and enjoyment. Through the use of various materials such as paper, cardboard, buttons, and pinecones, as well as varied techniques for painting and crafting, children can release their imaginations and gain essential abilities and skills . Owl crafts provide a variety of possibilities for engaging youngsters of various ages and interests, whether for educational objectives, celebratory events, or simply a rainy day activity.

We encourage you to try these owl craft ideas with your kids or pupils and see their delight as they bring these gorgeous creatures to life. Don’t forget to offer them with the essential supplies and guidance, as well as to encourage their own distinct artistic touches.

We would love to know about your experiences and showcase your children’s fantastic owl crafts. Please share your thoughts, and ideas in the comment section below  . You can encourage others and be a part of a creative community that promotes learning and imagination by sharing your thoughts.

Remember to look through our other posts for more DIY ideas, recommendations, and inspiration. We have a variety of creative crafts for you and your children to enjoy together. Let us continue to instill the joy and creativity of crafts in our children’s lives. Happy crafting!

Some More Owl Craft Tutorial

Basic Cardboard Tube Owl Craft Project For Kids

Basic Cardboard Tube Owl Craft Project For Kids

Image Source/Tutorial: Kids Art & Craft

This basic cardboard tube owl craft project is perfect for kids of all ages! It’s easy to make and can be personalized with paint, markers, and other decorations. Kids will have fun creating their own unique owl while learning basic crafting skills.


What are good 5 year old crafts?

There are a number of crafts that are perfect for 5 year olds. Some of these include making homemade cards, simple paintings, and easy origami projects. With a little help from an adult, these crafts can be both fun and educational for young children.

Which type of bird is owl?

There are many different types of owls, but the most common type of owl is the barn owl. Other types of owls include the snowy owl, the great horned owl, and the little owl.

What is owl’s food?

Owls are carnivorous birds, which means that they primarily eat meat. Their diet typically consists of small mammals, such as rodents or rabbits, although they will also eat birds, reptiles, and insects. Owls typically hunt at night, using their sharp claws and beak to kill and eat their prey.

What is owl used for?

Owls are nocturnal birds that are often associated with wisdom. They are found in many different cultures and have been used for various purposes throughout history. In some cultures, owls are considered to be good luck, while in others they are seen as bad omens. Some people believe that owls can help to guide the dead to the afterlife.

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