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Bookmark Ideas that Your Kid Can Make for Books

Bookmark Ideas that Your Kid Can Make for Books

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Bookmark Ideas that Your Kid Can Make for Books

Create some fun and creative bookmarks to enhance the love your kid has for the books.

Growing rapidly the choices, interests, and tastes of kids change from time to time. There are a lot of kids out there who have already generated a  love for reading books.

Therefore to prevent your kid’s favorite book from being turned or crushed, we have provided some creative ideas that you long with your kid can make bookmarks. So, be it  Oliver twist or Tale of two cities or Guliver travels, tell your kid not to worry anymore about the condition of the book because the crafty bookmarks that you and your kid are planning to make will come to your rescue.

Simple Bookmark Ideas for Kids

Simple Bookmark Ideas for Kids

1. A honeybee bookmark


Create a honeybee shape bookmark for your kid who is evolving into a book nerd. As you can see this bookmark is highly attractive and beautiful which will intrigue your kid even more.

2. A spooky bookmark for your kid

Bookmark Ideas for Kids A spooky bookmark for your kid

Kids sometimes turn to like horror movies and in turn develop a thing for spookiness in everything they can get and it’s normal. In fact what you can do is gift them a spooky bookmark so that they can use it utmost.

3. Penguin oriented bookmark

Bookmark Ideas for Kids Penguin oriented bookmark

Make some cute penguin bookmark with your kid and make lots and lots of them. Teach them that some things can be made out of hand too and that holds more value than the ones we purchase from shops.

4. A bookmark of a material


Make a bookmark with some of your stitching skills along with your kid for they will get a first-hand experience of the stitching if they want. Also, because you get to spend time with your mini miss/mister.

5. The creative bookmark

Bookmark Ideas for Kids The creative bookmark

Being a book nerd your kid hates folding the corner of the pages, well we have got a solution for you. Create a bookmark that covers the exposed corner of the pages instead of folding them. See, it’s a win-win for both of you.

6. A penguin-heart shaped bookmark



Create some fun penguins bookmark with attached heart-shaped because your kid deserves it. But also make sure you make these along with your kids for this will help them learn a lot of things.

7. Bookmarks of your favorite characters

Bookmarks of your favorite characters

Aside from being a book nerd, your little one is also a big movie geek? Well, why not mix both of his favorites in a single artifact with the help of some creativity. Create some bookmarks in the shape of all the characters your kid likes and see their eyes sparkle when you gift them.

8. The pinky butterfly bookmark


Is your little one very fond of the butterfly for its beautiful wings? Well, then why not gift them something oriented from that along with a cylinder-shaped bookmark attached to the butterfly. This will teach them how to add something they like in every crafty thy make.

9. A paperclip bookmark with some craftiness


Stop throwing the paper clips here and there. Instead, give them to your kids and sit with them to make bookmarks out of those paper clips. For some idea, you can always refer to the image provided above. This will teach them that all they need is a small amount of creativity to do magic.

10. Use those paper clips to make tons of bookmarks

Use those paper clips to make tons of bookmarks

Pick some paper clips that you have stored in your stash and use colorful and shiny buttons to attach them to the paper clips in order to make a beautiful bookmark with your little one. After being done with that, share those bookmarks evenly with each other and enjoy reading.

11. Bookmark in the shape of animals

Bookmark in the shape of animals

Here is some more creativity that your kid can do while making bookmark are provided above. Just provide them with supplies and watch them learn the art of doing craft. For reference, you can refer to the image provided above.

12. Heart-shaped bookmark


Create some fun and cute heart-shaped bookmark out of paperclips with your kid. You can create a dozen of them because the supplies needed here are almost easily available without causing any problem.

13. A unique shaped bookmark



Create bookmarks in some unique out of the way manner just like the ones provided above. You can ask your kid to make them and gift some of those to his or her another book nerd friend because in the world of “bookaholics” that is how the base of friendship become ultra strong.

14. Bookmark for your merging social media user



There will come a time when your little one will grow up and will be an active user in social media platforms. So, if your kid is a book lover, the best way you can teach them the benefits and downside of these platforms is by making some bookmarks and explaining the platforms while making those.

These were some of the ideas by which you and your little one together can make tons of bookmarks for books of course. By making these you also get an opportunity to familiarize yourself with the evolving curiosity nature of your kid. So enjoy making a bookmark and happy reading.

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