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Fruits & Vegetables Drawing Project For Kids


Fruits & Vegetables Drawing Project For Kids

Activities for Kids

This time we are going to help you in drawing some fruits and a few vegetables. We know drawing fruits are one of the most famous and common project topics that kids are assigned by their teachers. So we have touched on this very topic today. Fruits and vegetables are very important for our health. They are rich sources of vitamins, minerals, iron, and fiber. It’s very necessary to take these in our daily diet. Drawing fruits and vegetables is a very easy job, only you need to do practice first. We can only achieve perfection when we work hard and give our best. So kids try to draw these with your heart and get some better grades in your art and craft subject.

Fruits And Vegetables Drawing Project For Kids

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Spherical Fruits And Vegetables

Fruits And Vegetables Drawing Project For Kids Spherical Fruits And Vegetables

In this drawing, we are going to make orange, apple and watermelon. The last one is a vegetable. It is pink radish. Orange is not only a juicy fruit, but it is rich in vitamin C. It can be sweet as well sour. You can eat it raw and as its name is orange, it’s also orange in colour. Its size varies according to the species. It is usually the same as the size of an apple. Draw a freehand circle and fill it with some dots as shown above. Also, try to draw its leaves from both sides. Fill it with desired colours. The next one is a red apple. Kids, apple is not only red. Apples can be yellow, golden, even green.

You have to draw a red colour apple here. Draw the circle with freehand and then draw a single leaf and a stalk. Fill red colour in it, Watermelon is a juicy fruit and has a sweet taste. It’s a giant fruit and has a big size. You can draw a circle and then colour it with dark and light green in an alternate manner so that strips are formed. For radish, you need to draw a circle in somewhat heart-shaped, then extend leaves from the heart-shaped circle. Fill in appropriate colours. This drawing is suitable for the kids of age group seven-plus.

Healthy Eatables

Healthy Eatables Fruits And Vegetables Drawing Project For Kids

Fruits and vegetables are very healthy for our bodies. We should take them regularly. Carrots are very good for eyesight and they are rich in water. It’s orange in colour and is the root part of the plant. It is cone-shaped and you can draw it well. Grapes are fruits that are small circle-shaped berries clustered together. It can be Green or wine-coloured. The tree on which grapes grow is known as the grapevine tree. You can draw it well. The above-given images are very simple and easy to trace. This drawing is suitable for the kids of age group 6+.

Tasty Fruits

Fruits And Vegetables Drawing Project For Kids Tasty Fruits

Every fruit has seeds. Some have less number of seeds, some have many and some have even only one like mango. In the above image, all these fruits have many seeds. Orange, jackfruit, kiwi, and watermelon are full of seeds. You can dry these seeds and then sow them in the soil to grow their respective seeds. It is from the seeds, we can grow the new plant. You can these fruits in your drawing or art books. One thing is common between them. They all are made from a circle shape. Try to draw these well and then colour it with their desired colours. This drawing is suitable for the kids of age group 6+.

Green Apple

Green Apple Fruits And Vegetables Drawing Project For Kids

Green apples as the name suggest that they’re green in colour. These are similar to the red apples in shape and size. They are only by colour. Their taste is also similar to red apples. We can eat them raw. In some regions, these are used to make some dishes, jams and pickles. They can be sweet as well as sour. As you can see above, a cute polar bear is taking one portion of the apple up in his hands. This drawing is very cute and attractive also. You can draw this one and this one is suitable for the kids of age group seven-plus.

Hot Red Chilly

Fruits And Vegetables Drawing Project For Kids Hot Red Chilli

Chillies are Vegetables that can be red or green. It has been used as a spice for ages and adds more taste to the food. It can be stored in the form of powder as well. You can have raw chillies. These are very important as they act as natural painkillers. These can be grown easily. India is one of the famous countries that use chillies in good amount in their dishes. They are rich in vitamin A. Dried chilly seeds are being used as chilly flakes and have been used as toppings to the pizza. You can draw the above given angry hot red chilly on your drawing books or art books. It has a difficulty level of medium. This drawing is suitable for the kids of age group 8+. Draw it carefully and colour it well.

This article has come to an end. Do tell us about your favourite fruits and vegetables in the comment section. Also, tell us how much did you score on your project. I hope you all loved this one and tried to trace the above given drawing ideas. Do give us your feedback. Thank you kids and love you all. Bye!

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