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Learn to Make Cute Drawings for Kids

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Learn to Make Cute Drawings for Kids

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Drawing is creativity and every kid has a way of expressing their imagination. It is a tool by which any person can show their imagination to others by drawing the things that come to their mind on a sheet of paper. Drawing can help us to relieve stress and can help us to become more creative. Drawing is a very cheaper process and it requires just a few things like a pencil, paper, eraser, sharpener, Colours, ruler, etc.

Before drawing anything, a kid needs to have confidence and positivity that they can draw anything. Mistakes are an important part of our lives. Mistakes can happen but those mistakes can lead us toward perfection. We have included some drawings in this video that can give you some ideas for drawing.

Learn to Make Cute Drawings for Kids

Foodie lovers


Junk food is something that we should avoid. But kids love to have them. Various candies like Lolipop, ice cream, noodles, pizza etc include junk food. Taking junk food is a bad habit as it ruins your health and makes you fall sick. Always try to avoid it. You can eat natural fruits instead of them. In this drawing, many food items have been traced. You can also try to draw all of these or anyone out of them.

You need to draw each drawing neatly. This drawing is suitable for the kids of age group seven-plus. For colouring, you can use watercolours, sketch colours, crayons, oil pastels or pencil colours. Filling with colours is a very important job and you need to do it carefully. The difficulty level for this one is easy. So try to draw all these and score good grades in your drawing.

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Yummy Stuff

Yummy Stuff

God has bestowed us with many eatables. Some are natural ones, some has been introduced to us by man itself. Natural eatables include fruits, Vegetables, pulses grains, mutton, chicken etc. Candies, Ice creams, milkshakes etc have been created by humans.  They also taste very excellent. But if we compare both according to the health properties then natural foodstuffs are rich in vitamins, minerals, fibres etc.

So it is better to take natural foodstuff more often. You can try to trace down the following on your art and drawing books. The difficulty level for this one is easy. This drawing is suitable for the kids of age group seven-plus. Use catchy Colors to fill the candies and other foodstuffs that children like the most. So that they will get attracted towards brighter colours.

Food Items


A person can’t live without water. It is a basic requirement for survival. In the same way, food is very important for us as it provides us energy which is required by us so that we can perform our day to day activities. We must know what kind of food we are taking as it can ultimately affect our health. To save ourselves from dangerous health issues, we must take fresh and mineral-rich food. Stale Food can make you fall sick.

In this drawing, All the food items are mostly loved by the kids and we have included only those here as this video is also meant for them. Kids, you need to trace them well on your drawing books or art books. Colouring plays an important role in the overall look of the drawing. So colour these pictures well and use the appropriate colours. The difficulty level for this one is easy. This drawing is Suitable for the kids of age group seven-plus.

Rats from Numbers

Rats from Numbers

Sometimes, we find it very difficult to draw anything on a sheet of paper. We need to erase the drawing again and again. Ultimately the page or a paper on which we were trying to draw becomes shabby. This time, you don’t need to erase it again and again. Just draw some numbers as highlighted above using different colours. Just look carefully and try to trace it out. Draw the numbers first and try to modify the number with the rats.

All these mice look cute and they are very easy to draw. The difficulty level for this one is very easy. You don’t need that much practice for this one. The best part about this is that it is very less time-consuming. This drawing is suitable for the kids of age group six plus. It’s not compulsory to go for colouring. You can keep it as it is.

Number Magic


This one has again used the numbering trick for drawing. I found it very interesting and less time-consuming. Just a few strokes of lines and you’re done with the overall thing. In this drawing, you can see a rat but in different positions. It looks very adorable. Although humans don’t like rats as they ruin every household thing. But from this drawing, you might fall in love with them because of their cuteness.

Their thin curvy tail looks awesome and it enhances its look more. This drawing has a difficulty level of very easy. This drawing is best suited for the kids of age group six plus. Try to trace draw this out and do tell us in the comment section how this one was ?.



Have you ever noticed that sometimes in a day, we feel hot then after some time it becomes hotter and in the evening then rainfall starts and before raining, you may have noticed the cloudy sky? All these charges related to the changing of the change in the day temperature can be named the weather. In this drawing, you can see the sun, stars, rainbow, clouds, lightning, etc.

All these together contribute to the weather of the day. You can trace this drawing on your art and drawing books. The difficulty level for this one is between easy to medium. This drawing is suitable for the kids of age group seven-plus. Use bright colours for this one.



Trees are our best friends as they provide us with many important things. You might have been asked many times by your teachers to draw a tree. This one is for those who want to draw different types of trees. We have included six different types of trees in this drawing. You can draw anyone out of these, even you can try to trace all one by one. Palm trees are very famous all over the world.

It has a unique shape. You can give it a try to draw it. Pine trees are also easy to draw. They grow in hilly areas. They look somewhat similar to the x mass tree. The difficulty level for drawing these trees is very easy. This drawing is suitable for the kids of age group seven-plus. It is important to colour each drawing well.

I hope this video was helpful for you all. We always encourage kids to give their best and nothing is impossible in this world. If you want to achieve anything you just need to work on it then you will get whatever you want. Drawing requires a lot of patience. Be patient and try to draw these things one by one. Don’t forget to share your feedback with us. Thank you.

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