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Simple Animal Drawing Ideas for Kids


Simple Animal Drawing Ideas for Kids

Let’s Color ’em Out!

Say goodbye to boring days ’cause we got something for your toddler. They will not rant the entire day about boredom and stuff. Summer vacations are around and we need to buckle up to keep our champs entertained. Introducing before you our coloring edition – an arts and craft coloring book for toddlers.

Simple Animal Drawing Ideas for Kids

Simple Animal Drawing Ideas for Kids

Duck, Duck Go

Duck, Duck Go Let's Color 'em Out!

To color a duck white or brown or black or shades of all – here is a picture of a queen duck with a crown on its head (that must be colored golden or yellow). Grab some colors for your child and teach them to color this small necked swan by giving outlines of preferred colors.

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A Green Beauty

A Green Beauty

So here we have a green beauty – a parrot. The only preferred color is Green or  may a shade of yellow and green, with a red beak sitting on a brown branch with, again, a green leaf on it. So, let’s color a parrot!!

The Baby Elephant

The Baby Elephant Let's Color 'em Out!

Elephants have always been giant and huge, but not scary or harmful. They are cute and playful and so is this picture – of a baby elephant – cute and playful. Grab some grey, white and black and ask your toddler to add some colors to this cute animal.  Make them color the ball with multi colors – adding colors to this joyous picture!

From The Lion Family

From The Lion Family

Lions – ferocious and scary, a symbol of victory, valor, courage, and kingdom. But here is our edition lion – a lion that is cute and looks nonscary. Allow your kids to add colors of orange, yellow, brown, and red to this creature and complete the drawing.

Oh, It’s A Bear!

Oh, It's A Bear! Let's Color 'em Out!

Ain’t it cute? Though colorless, look at the way it has been drawn – the way it is seeing us – damn, that’s cute enough! So, let’s color this tiny old fellow brown with a black nose, pinkish-brown ears, and a small tail. Adding colors to this beauty will add to its cuteness too!

The British Breed

The British Breed

So here we have another picture to color – a bulldog. Bulldogs are British breed dogs with a highly muscular body and is of medium size. This picture depicts a bulldog. So what are we waiting for? Let’s add some colors to this fancy English dog. A mixture of brown and white with a personalized neck band – this creature would look cute and friendly – as dogs do in real life too.

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P For Pig

P For Pig Let's Color 'em Out!

Been teaching them the alphabets and making ’em learn P for Pig…. Here is a picture they need to complete –  a big, fat but super cute pig. Color it down with pink or grey with a red or a brown nose. And your super cute pig will be all done and ready!

I Am A Koala Bear

I Am A Koala Bear

Their eyes speak – a Koala Bear is just a black and white animal with super cute eyes. And this Koala Bear in the picture looks super excited and cute in a ready – to – dance posture. Color it black and white with its basic colors!

Man’s Best Friend

Man's Best Friend Let's Color 'em Out!

Dogs are said to be a man’s best friend. Be it in pain or lost or depressed or happy, your dog will be the first one to notice the change in your expression and will try everything in their term to cheer you up. Look at this picture – a cute doggo with a bone in its mouth. Introduce this animal to your toddler as the most loyal and best creature alive. Allow them to add colors to this colorless cute fellow and make it a whole complete.

We hope that you enjoyed coloring with your toddler. Do try our other articles on art and craft for kids.

All sorts of suggestions and recommendations are welcomed.

Thank you!

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