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Easy Ice-Cream & Candy Drawings for Kids


Easy Ice-Cream & Candy Drawings for Kids

Activities for Kids

We brought easy and simple drawing ideas for your kids. Kids can create these drawings in their free time at home or in the classroom. Enjoy drawings of Ice-cream, Candy and Cake.

Easy Ice-Cream and Candy Drawings for Kids

Colorful Popsicle Ice Cream

Easy Ice-Cream and Candy Drawings for Kids Colorful Popsicle Ice Cream

Popsicle ice-creams are amazing and they are available in a huge range of flavors from strawberry to mango to orange and even a mixture of two or more flavors. This easy popsicle ice cream is also a blend of three flavors which are strawberry, mango, and vanilla. It is very simple to draw and kids can make it in no time. To beautify the simple popsicle ice cream, eyes and cute looks are added in the drawing.

Tutti-Fruity Colorful Birthday Cake

Tutti-Fruity Colorful Birthday Cake

Birthdays are special days for everyone and all deserve to be treated specially on their special days. Birthday cakes are treats for the celebration of a special occasion. And when it comes to the birthday of a child, then they are super excited about their cakes. So get an idea from this drawing and get your toddler’s hand busy with the making of this amazing tutti-fruity vanilla-flavored three-story cake.

Bunny Ice Drink

Easy Ice-Cream and Candy Drawings for Kids Bunny Ice Drink

This sweet ice drink in a bunny container is looking yummy and beautiful. Indeed it is very true that decoration can make the food even more appealing. This easy bunny ice drink drawing is very simple and less time-consuming. Just draw a sipper size bottle and make the cap in the shape of the cute bunny face. Make the straw and a few little hearts to make the drawing more pretty.

Cone Strawberry Ice-Cream

Cone Strawberry Ice-Cream

This amazing colorful cone ice cream is just so appealing to the eyes and looks extremely tasty. It will lead to ice cream cravings. This cone ice cream is super easy and looks so beautiful to draw. Get this printable downloaded and printed and let your toddler draw this simple ice cream and color it to make it look more attractive. The cone ice cream can be decorated with cherries and strawberries at the top to make it look more yummy.

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Activities for Kids
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