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Colorful & Fresh Drawings for Kids


Colorful & Fresh Drawings for Kids

Greetings everyone!

Drawing is a great way of representing something that comes to your mind. It is full of relaxation, peace, joy, recreation and entertainment. It is a great skill and everyone is not awarded with such a wonderful talent. It doesn’t mean that only those can go for drawing who have been allotted with this craft. You can also draw certain things, but for that, you need to do a lot of practice. Nobody is born perfect, but we can use our brains to excel in any field. In today’s essay, we will be communicating some suggestions for kids in the field of drawing.

Colorful & Fresh Drawings for Kids

Colorful & Fresh Drawings for Kids

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X-mass Tree

Drawing Concepts For Kids Christmas Tree

This drawing is very easy and you need some crayons to make this. If you’ll notice the above image carefully, we have used pencil nowhere. Everything has been drawn using different crayon colours only. This Xmas tree is very attractive and easy also. Xmas tree is the main attraction of Christmas. Christmas is the festival that is celebrated by Christians every year on the 25th of December.

On this occasion, people celebrate the Xmas tree to impress the father of Santa. Kids wait eagerly for him so that they receive Various gifts from Santa. You can trace this Xmas tree on your drawing books or art books. The difficulty level for this one is very easy. This drawing is suitable for the kids of age group five plus.


Pencil Leaf

Flowers are the important characters that decorate this planet. Their fragrance relieves everyone from stress and brings happiness to the face of the people. Nature is full of different types of flowers and every Flower represents different emotions like white coloured flowers denote peace, red coloured flowers denote love etc. We should never pluck any flower as they are living things and we should respect their presence.

Flowers bloom during spring and beautify the scene of gardens, mountains etc. You can try to trace this flower on your drawing books or art books. This drawing has the difficulty level of medium and is best suitable for kids of age group 9+. Don’t forget to draw leaves also. Make sure to colour it well, you can use any colour of your choice.

House In A Village

Drawing Concepts For Kids Happy Home

This drawing is a scene of a simple house in a village. You can see it is surrounded by mountains from each side. The view is so beautiful and is full of nature everywhere. As you can see green grass with beautiful flowers outside the hill. Some sheep are eating grass and having fun. You can see some trees behind the house. There is a muddy path that follows towards the entry door of the house. Smoke is passing from the chimney. Birds are happily flying in the sky. Everything looks perfect. You can draw this scenery on your drawing books or art books. The difficulty level for this one is medium. This drawing is suitable for the kids of age group eight to nine plus.


Leaf Styles

These are the green part of the plant and are the important ones. Leaves are called the food factory of the plants due to their ability to prepare food for the plant using sunlight, carbon dioxide and some water. Like we can’t live without food, in the same way, trees also can’t live without food. This tells us that leaves are the most necessary part of the plant.

Like we have different types of trees in nature, every tree has different types of leaves. Leaves differ in shape and size. Some plants have big leaves, some have small, some have medium. In the above image, we have traced three types of leaves and you can draw them on your art books. You need to fill them with green colour. The difficulty level for this one is easy and this drawing is suitable for the kids of age group 6+.

Mum’s Love

Drawing Concepts For Kids Love Promise

Mothers are the most precious blessing that God has given to us. She is the one who brings us into this world. She is the one who loves us the most. She sacrifices everything for her kids. Nobody in this world can replace her. Mothers’ love is eternal. Always love and respect your mom. Don’t ever forget her sacrifices for you. She adores you in every situation. Make her feel proud always.

In the above image, we have drawn the hand of a mother with her child. The heart represents the love they share. You can trace this drawing full of motherhood on your art and drawing books. This drawing is suitable for the kids of age group seven-plus.


Beauty Of Nature

It looks like a sunny day. Sun is glowing brightly in the sky. Birds like their routine are flying high in the sky. Trees look beautiful as the season is of autumn. We have different seasons in a year. The Autumn season is the only season during which the trees look best. Their color changes the leaves of trees to become yellow to golden. Everything looks charming. Trees start shedding their leaves. Autumn is liked by everyone. The weather becomes pleasant neither too hot nor too cold. The above-given image is a picture of a forest. You can trace this scenery on your art and drawing books. The difficulty level for this one lies between easy and medium. This drawing is suitable for the kids of age group 8+.


Healthy Vegetables

This drawing is full of vegetables. Vegetables are obtained from plants and are a rich source of nutrition. Vegetables should be taken regularly. Most of the Vegetables are green in colour, but all vegetables are not green. Potato is brown in colour, tomato and chilly are red, pumpkin and carrot are orange. Vegetables should be washed properly before eating. We can eat vegetables, both raw as well as cooked. Green vegetables are healthy for human beings. Always consume fresh vegetables.

As you have noticed in the above drawing, we have used green and orange colours only. You can also try to use these two. The pumpkin is round in shape and is big. It is a creeper. Cucumbers are green and climbers. These are rich in water and are good for Summers. They also make our skin glow. Brocolli is green and leafy. You can eat it raw or cooked. Carrots are a rich source of vitamin A and the favourite food of rabbits. We can eat it raw or cooked. An Indian sweet dish ” gajar ka halwa” is made from it and it is famous all over the world. Corn and various other plants are also healthy for us.

You can draw the above-given Vegetables on your drawing books or art books. These are easy and simple. Don’t forget to fill them with colours as mentioned above. The difficulty level for this one is easy. This drawing is suitable for the kids of age group seven-plus.


Ice Creams

Ice cream is one of the favourites and most famous candies in the whole world. Kids, as well as adults, love to have this. It has a sweet taste and is made from milk. It is available in frozen form. We can add a different flavour to this candy. Vanilla is one of the most famous and common flavours of ice cream. Ice creams can be kept in some plastic containers or we can have them with a wafer cone.

China is the country that innovated ice cream. It was invented in the 16th century. The USA is the country where the maximum intake of ice cream is seen. The USA dedicates the month of  July as National ice cream month. This can tell us how crazy people are for ice-creams. First, the ice cream cone was invented at the St. Louis world fair in 1904.

Ice cream cones are also known as softy cones. Ice cream cones have some other names like the cornet, poke etc. The ice cream cone is very brittle but it adds taste to the ice cream. Cones are not only made up of wafers but also from waffles, sugars etc.

In the above image, different flavours of ice cream can be seen. You can draw any one of them or all of them. You can trace them easily on your art books or drawing books. The difficulty level is easy and this drawing is suitable for the kids of age group seven-plus. Don’t forget to fill the ice cream cones with colours. Do tell me which is your favourite ice cream flavour in the comment section below?

It’s time for the end of this essay. This was all for today. We will update more such articles in the coming days. I hope to expect that this article was advantageous to all the children who are fond of art and craft. We guarantee you all that soon we will come up with more interesting crafty essays that will engage and fascinate kids withdrawing. Do provide us with your valuable feedback in the comment section. Thank you for reading this one till the end. Have a nice day!


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