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Free Animal Drawings for Kids


Free Animal Drawings for Kids

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Today we are going to have a lot of fun as we will be discussing some brand new ideas for drawing that will be easy and you will impress your teachers and friends. If you have been assigned any project related to art and you’re confused, then continue reading and find some mind-blowing ideas. We have considered every aspect like the age of the kid, time consumption while drawing, difficulty level, etc. Usually, we get projects on animals, insects, plants, etc. Kids! Be full of energy as we’re gonna have a lot of fun. Today we will be discussing some of them and will give our best to help you out. So, let’s get started!

Free Animal Drawings for Kids


Drawing Ideas For 7+ Kids Beetle

Beetles are interesting insects. They are bugs and have been blessed with two pairs of wings. The wings above protect the wings that are below. The wings that are below are used for flying purposes. Beetles have a hard outer body with black dots in red colour, they have a pair of antennae as well. Beetles are almost found everywhere in nature. You can trace this beetle on your art books or drawing books. All you need is some colours and pencils. This drawing is simple and less time-consuming. This drawing is suitable for the kids of age group 7+.



Cats are very innocent and loved by humans. They love to take attention from humans. Kittens are munchkins and kids love to play with them. Kittens are also known as stress Busters as they help us to get rid of stress. These are soft stuffed angels with whiskers. You can draw the above-given image of a kitten in your art books or drawing books. Just observe it and try to trace it. Fill it with colours of your choice. This drawing is suitable for the kids of age group 7+.


Drawing Ideas For 7+ Kids Puppy

The baby of a dog is known as a puppy. Puppies are very small in size than adult dogs. They are cute. Puppies are sleepy heads like cats. Puppies love to spend maximum time of the day sleeping. After 12 months, puppies become adult dogs. The weight of the puppies is not that much, they vary from 1- 1.5 kg. 23rd March is celebrated as world puppy day every year. You can draw this puppy easily without any hurdle.  This drawing is suitable for the kids of age group 7+. Once you’re done with tracing this on your drawing book, start colouring it well.

Fairy Peppa Pig

Fairy Peppa Pig

Let me give the introduction of the above-given character. So this is Peppa pig. She’s one of the renowned British cartoon characters. She is a pig but like kids, she also goes to school. In-School, she has many exciting events, and she enjoys various activities there. She is full of energy and always ready to have fun. In the above image, Peppa has become a fairy and that’s why she’s holding a wand in her hand and is having wings.  She is wearing a crown as well. This drawing is very simple and easy. Kids of the age group between 6 and 7 can go for this one. Colour it properly.


Drawing Ideas For 7+ Kids Rabbit

Hey kids, the above-given image is of carrot lovers. Yes, we’re talking about the bunnies. You’re already aware of the fact that rabbits are also called bunnies. This bunny is a baby and is very naughty. It’s trying to jump over something in the garden. The grass in the above image is representing the garden. This bunny is focusing on something and seems as if it’s just ready to attack. You can see the pupils ( eyes) of the rabbit are also dilated. This drawing is suitable for the kids of age group 7+.



Mice are the tiniest yet most harmful animals as they are responsible for spreading many different types of diseases to humans. Mouse means one and mice means many mice. The mouse has very weak eyesight but because of its small size, it can go through very narrow gaps. They can jump and swim. Their ears are round-shaped and they possess a long and thin tail. They can live for 2 to 4 years. They love to have nuts and their teeth help them to crush them. You can draw this mouse on your drawing books. This drawing is suitable for those of age groups 6 to 7+. Don’t forget to fill it with colours. You can colour it black, grey or brown.

I hope kids enjoyed this article. These were all simple drawing ideas for the kids up to the age of 7+. We will come up with some more drawing ideas with different topics and for other age groups as well. Do tell us how you found this article helpful for your kid in the comment section below. We will consider your opinion respectfully. Thank you, guys.

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