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Teach Kids To Draw in An Easy Way


Teach Kids To Draw in An Easy Way

Activities for Kids

Hey, Hello, Namaste! I hope you’re doing good, you are at the right place where there are ideas and activities to perform with your kid. This article contains various sketches of animals that are astonishing and will instantly spark the curiosity in your child to draw and color them. Art is the only way where an artist tries to express themselves to this strange world. If you are ready to explore then dig into this!

Teach Kids To Draw in An Easy Way

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Cat With Gratitude

Teach Kids To Draw In An Easy Way Cat With Gratitude

This sketch of the cat is very cute and graceful. The cat is bowing to in order to show respect. It is very rare to see a cat bow to a human, as cats have a mindset to rule upon the world. That’s what makes them different from dogs. This sketch of the cat is engaging, there are many curves and details in the drawing that needs to be taken care of while drawing. The cat has patches on her body, that are big and curvy. She is bowing down, and smiling with a sense of gratitude, that is seen on her face. Kids can learn a lot through this sketch. If needed, the cat could be colored with any color of their choice.

Beautiful Cat is Asleep

Beautiful Cat is Asleep

This sketch of sleeping beauty needs some skillful hands to draw. The satisfactorily sleeping cat can make any person jealous, as some have trouble while having a good night’s sleep for a few days. This sketch is more mature than the previous sketch, there are fine details on the cat’s body that are fine grey patches, pink cheeks, and pinkish hue at the ears, sleepy eyes, and a pretty smile. Although it’s difficult to see animals, smiling in reality, it is very easy to imagine and draw a smiling cat or dog. This sketch will teach good skills to kids that are sometimes missed while drawing. Moreover, this sketch can put a good impression on their art books.

Funky-Jumpy Baby Monkey

Teach Kids To Draw In An Easy Way Funky-Jumpy Baby Monkey

Monkeys are the coolest animals that are living in our surroundings. These chilled guys jump from one tree to another and eat all day. Some steal food from humans, some get food from us, and some eat from trees and shrubs. This sketch, shows a monkey hanging from a tree with his strong tail. Monkey’s most entertaining body part is their tail, which is very much functional for them and functions as a third hand. As this sketch shows it, we feel the toughness of its tail. The monkey is drawn simply for kids to draw and learn. The tree branch is shown having some leaves and the monkey hanging on it. Make your kids draw this sketch to adapt the learnings contained within.

Baby Panda and SugarCane

Baby Panda and SugarCane

These innocent, fluffy, and teddy pandas, like to eat sugarcanes. They will just sit at a place and eat all day long, bite by bite slowly munching on sugar canes, indulging in its sweetness, and enjoying nature. Feel like I should also become a panda. But this sketch speaks for itself, it shows a baby panda sitting and enjoying the sweetness of sugarcanes like we enjoy our meals. This sketch has a lot to teach kids about drawing and coloring. Though the panda requires only two colors that is, black and green, the neatness and exactness in the drawing are what make the difference. This sketch is meant for improving a child’s hold on drawing and coloring in different regions within a sketch. Make your kid draw this cute little panda.

Small Toed Pig

Teach Kids To Draw In An Easy Way Small Toed Pig

Pigs have very small legs and tails. If we define them, then there are a lot of fun features that pigs have, but those funny features only, make pigs cute and adorable. The snorting noise that they make through their nose can even make “Mona Lisa” fall into serious laughter. This sketch shows a baby pig, that has split ends small toes, a big nose with a smile, and lose ears. The cuteness is loaded within this sketch. Kids can get curious about this sketch so hold their excitement and make them color the pig too.

Thoughtful Bunny and Carrot

Thoughtful Bunny and Carrot

There is a huge carrot and a cute little bunny behind the carrot. The bunny might be thinking, whether to eat the carrot or not. As the carrot is very huge, so he might not be able to finish all at once. This sketch mainly focuses on the aspect that creativity is necessary while drawing. The purpose is to make kids creative and thoughtful about art, as this sketch shows a big carrot and small bunny, many stories can spark in the mind of the viewer like can he eat all at once, or is it possible for a rabbit to be like this. This sketch is simple and thoughtful that should be drawn by kids.

Smart Seeker Rabbit

Teach Kids To Draw In An Easy Way Smart Seeker Rabbit

The simplest of all the sketches that children will have no problem in drawing, rather it is one of the quickest doable art. So in order to draw this sketch toddlers need no prior experience. Even a first-time drawer can make this sketch. If we go apart from simplicity, we see the artist’s purpose to make viewers realize that rabbits are one of the simplest and easiest creatures on earth. They are easy to catch, easy to feed, easy to hunt, and simplest organisms. With their long ears, they hear almost anything, they turn their ears in 180 degrees. When they are happy they jump around to express themselves, they do not have long tails like dogs, and reserved attitudes like cats, they are the simpler and nicer. So, make your kids draw this sketch and have fun.

Teeny-Tiny Mouse

Teeny-Tiny Mouse

This sketch is also a simple and easy one for kids and toddlers to make. If your kid has just begun to learn to draw, then this sketch is helpful in learning to draw a mouse. A mouse is a small creature that has the ability to sneak into any congested place. They can eat up almost anything, with their sharp cutting teeth, they can chew up piles of paper, wood, furniture, and even concrete. The mouse is annoying if they are in the house. This mouse can be easy for your kid to draw, after drawing they can color it with any color of their choice.

Plain and Simple Squirell

Teach Kids To Draw In An Easy Way Plain and Simple Squirell

A squirrel is a small little animal that is native to mice and rabbits. These little creatures find their own food and store it for winters. This sketch is very plain, that will be easy for kids to draw. This squirrel is holding a nut in its hand, they are well known for their long bushy tails, which proves their identity. Squirrels are very intelligent and smart as well, these creatures never forget the place where they bury their food, and they chose the place wisely. Make your kid draw this sketch of squirrel and adapt the learnings.

That’s all my friends, I hope you did well throughout this article. Please appreciate your kid’s work and if there are some problems where a child faces difficulty in drawing, then I would say that practice can make solve that issue. If you wanna try more ideas, then don’t hesitate to move to the next article and try it out.

Thank You, do visit again.

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Activities for Kids
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