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Easy Drawing Ideas For 4-5 Year Old Kids


Easy Drawing Ideas For 4-5 Year Old Kids

A warm welcome to you all. We are back with another article that will be full of easy yet classy ideas for drawing. Kids spend a good time drawing. This activity is very important for every kid to perform because it enriches their ability of thinking. So always try to encourage your kids they draw anything. Nobody is perfect and perfection comes with time and practice. Every day try to draw new things, keep the consistency.  Using pencil and paper draw the following images given below. You need to practice them once or twice.

Easy Drawing Ideas For 4-5 Year Old Kids

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Toothbrush and Toothpaste

DRAWING IDEAS FOR KIDS Toothbrush and Toothpaste

This one looks cool as we have added a new twist to this by drawing the winking eyes and mouth with a small tongue to the toothpaste. Toothpaste and toothbrush are the most important things that we need in the morning. These are very important for keeping our teeth healthy and clean. It’s very necessary to brush our teeth twice a day ( during the morning and before sleeping at night). You can draw this on your drawing books or art books.

You can fill it with very bright colours that may look fascinating to kids. This painting spreads an important message to kids that toothpaste and toothbrush are our friends so we should use them regularly. The difficulty level for this drawing is easy. This drawing is suitable for the kids of age group seven-plus.

Cloudy Day

Cloudy Day

Have you ever pondered, from where do we get water? The answer is from rain. And we get rain from the clouds. When tiny water droplets accumulate together, they form clouds and when the clouds become heavy with many water droplets, rainfall starts. So this is the significance of clouds. The day when you can see many clouds in the sky, you call that day a cloudy day. In the above-given picture, we have drawn different pictures of the clouds. Sometimes, clouds hide the sun, sometimes thundering occurs from clouds.

In some images, it looks like the cloud is sleeping, the cloud is happy, the cloud is kissing. In the last one, you can observe that the rainbow is hiding behind them. You can try to draw these mood swings of the cloud one by one. This is simple and you can draw them well. The difficulty level for this one is easy.

This drawing is suitable for the kids of age group eight plus. Don’t forget to fill them with colours in a proper manner. Use any colour pencil, poster, water, oil pastel, sketch pens or any other colour of your choice and convenience. Whatsoever is available you can try that one.

Simple Drawings

Creative And Easy Drawing Ideas for Kids Simple Drawings

This picture is full of many easy drawing ideas. Watermelon is a fruit that is full of water and good to have during Summers. Our body gets dehydrated during Summers and we need to have a lot of fluids, so it’s good to take water. The hot weather of summer irritates everybody and we use fans to keep ourselves cool. Some fans are attached to the roof and are called ceiling fans while some are kept on tables and are Mobile. Such fans are called table fans. In the above image, we have given a table fan.

Kids love to have icecreams when it is a hot sunny day. Chilled ice cream makes us feel relaxed and good. Ducks are found in water bodies like ponds, lakes etc. The difficulty level for this one is easy and this drawing is suitable for the kids of age group seven-plus. Fill them with the colours of your choice.

Fun with Numbers

Fun with Numbers

Some tricks are very beneficial for us and we are not aware of them. We can draw very difficult things on a sheet of paper very easily. Look at the above-given image carefully. You will notice that the blue line is the numbers and some additional lines are needed to draw the other features.

We have drawn a tree out of one, a duck from two, a butterfly from three, a yacht from four, an apple from five, a snail from six, a mouse from seven, and a bear from eight. You can also trace all these things from these numbers. The difficulty level for this one is easy.

This drawing is suitable for the kids in age group seven-plus. You don’t need to go for Colouring. We can keep it as it is. It looks nice. I hope the trick was helpful to you all.

Unpredictable Weather

Creative And Easy Drawing Ideas for Kids Unpredictable Weather

The weather keeps on changing every day. Changing of weather is an unpredictable process. We never know, suddenly clouds start covering the sky and it starts raining or on a cloudy day, the sun starts to shine brightly and the cloudy day gets converted into a sunny day.

During zero degrees Celsius, water gets converted into ice, and snowfall starts. We can experience a strong windy day sometimes. Lightning and thunder frighten some people. It is better to stay indoors during lighting. This is how we can say the weather is unpredictable.

In the above image, we can draw see different things related to the weather like clouds, sun, raindrops, snowflakes, wind etc. You can try to draw all of these. This drawing is simple and easy. This drawing is suitable for the kids in age group seven-plus. Use appropriate colours to fill them like grey for clouds, yellow for sun, blue for raindrops, and yellow for lightning. All the best!

I wish that this article was loved by you all. We have given you many ideas for drawing purposes and all the given pictures are very easy to draw. It is not necessary to use the same colours as we have used, you can fill these with the colours of your choice. It all depends on you, what kind of colours you tried. Do share with us your experience while drawing these. You can experiment more just from these ideas. We will be back soon with more such articles that will be dedicated to kids. We wish you all the best for drawing these. Thank you.

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