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Free Printable Vegetable Coloring Pages for Kids


Free Printable Vegetable Coloring Pages for Kids

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Having vegetables is very essential when children are in their initial days as it helps in building portion and strength in the body which will help kids when they grow up in maintaining their health. This is the reason why we have bought you exclusively fun printable coloring worksheets for your kids that you can use to teach them about vegetables and the follow up with their importance in life. So, let’s get started.

Free Printable Vegetable Coloring Pages for Kids

1. Broccoli

The first vegetable that you can explain to your kid is broccoli. You can teach them about things like how broccoli is beneficial for the body by elaborating that broccoli is a finest source from where you can get fiber, potassium, calcium and even protein which the body demands while growing

2. Tomato

Beside gaining useful sources is essential to prevent any kind of forthcoming disease and that’s where tomato comes into play. So, hand over a tomato worksheet to your kid and narrate to them that tomato is a vital food that is needed to be consumed if you want to prevent heart disease and cancer.

3. Maze

Not only does maze taste good but also they help in enhancing the health conditions. They do this by offering high fiber along with containing vitamin B in them. This is more than enough reason as to why you should teach your kid about maze by providing a coloring worksheet.

4. Carrot

The next vegetable that you can teach your kid is carrot. Carrots are vegetables that have immense fiber in them and they also contain vitamin K and vitamin A. So, just make sure you are teaching your kid all about these while you hand them the worksheet.

5. Chili

Chilli is also very beneficial for health because as children grow they become vulnerable to disease which is where chili comes into play. So while you hand a worksheet to your kid, make sure you teach them about the same.

6. Brinjal

The next colorful worksheet that you can have your kid familiarize with is brinjal. The reason behind this is that it is a source of vitamins and minerals. It also helps in digestion so make sure you teach your kid about the same.

7. Cauli flower

Cauliflower is extensively rich in sulforaphane and actively supports the immune system which is why you should make your kid understand about this vegetable. To do so you can seek the help of the above coloring worksheet

8. Pea


Peas serve more purpose than just being delicious. They are a very good source of vitamins C and E and numerous antioxidants which are very good for health. So, get the above coloring worksheet printed and help your kid in learning.

9. Pea


This is a free printable coloring worksheet of peas that you can use to simplify the understanding of your kid. . Peas also help in preventing any possible forthcoming disease.

10. Turnip

The vegetable that is provided in the above worksheet is that of a turnip and this vegetable consists of multiple health benefits. The turnip is a very fine source of calcium, potassium and copper as well. So instill these fruitful knowledge with your kid.

11. Beets

These beets have very few calories so these will help in maintaining the weight of the body. Along with that, they also have some anti-cancer properties. If your kid is growing up and aspiring to be an athlete then beets are the right vegetable so use these above worksheets and teach your kid about the same.

12. Garlic

The next printable coloring worksheet is of garlic where you can teach about how garlic helps in battling with common cold and other minor sickness while your kid is coloring them. This will help them in learning while they are doing a fun activity.

13. Onion

Onions are packed with nutrients which make it a must to have them every other day. So, if your kid is reluctant to have these then peacefully explain them with the help of the above worksheet so that they understand why it is necessary for them to have onions

14. pumpkin


Pumpkin consists of almost all the nutrients that are needed to support and strengthen the immune system. This is more than enough reason that you can use to make your kid understand about the vegetable and to simplify his understanding use the above given printable coloring worksheet that is absolutely free.

These are all the printable coloring worksheets that will help you in making your kid understand in a better way. The best part about this is that they will enjoy it while they learn and will not consider it as another task that they have to finish. So, now that you have a brief idea about these worksheets, you are all set to impart knowledge to your kid.

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