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Drawing & Painting Inspirations from Nature


Drawing & Painting Inspirations from Nature

Activities for Kids

We all have many friends in our lives. But have you ever thought that nature has bestowed us with many friends that live around us and we don’t care about them? Yes, kids, I’m talking about our green friends. Green friends are the plants that live around us. We don’t give them anything but they give us many useful things like fresh air to breathe, the beautiful views that soothe our eyes, many juicy fruits, many aromatic flowers, our furniture, medicines etc. So, they are our friends.”

A friend in need is a friend indeed”, this is the right saying? If they care so much about then we should also take care of them by not cutting them. In today’s articles, we will try to learn about plant drawing ideas and it will be fun as we are going to do this for the first time.

Like Cactus, Rose, Red Rose, Beautiful flowers, Bok choy, and Leaf.

Drawing & Painting Inspirations from Nature


Drawing & Painting Inspirations from Nature Cactus Lets Take Drawing Inspirations from Nature

Kids do you know what cactus is? Well, I’ll tell you about it. Cactus is a plant that grows in hot areas like deserts. Cactus is not the same as all other normal plants. It has a different body as it has spines all over it. It has a prickly body and it grows only in hot regions. Some bright coloured and attractive flowers also grow on this plant. As it grows in hot regions in which the sun shines brightly, stores water inside its thick stem.

Its prickly body helps to protect itself from predators. Some cacti are as long as trees these are known as  Saguaro. You can trace this cactus in your drawing books easily. Once you’re done with the drawing, fill it with colours. It has a green body and uses brown colour to represent the sand of the desert. I think pencil or sketch pens will be good. This drawing is suitable for the kids of age group 7+.


Drawing & Painting Inspirations from Nature Rose Lets Take Drawing Inspirations from Nature

Nature has blessed us with many flowers but the rose has something in it that attracts everyone. It symbolises love. Roses are of many colours but red is the most prominent one. Rose plant is a shrub. Shrubs are plants with weak stems. You can draw this rose in your notebook easily. You can also draw it on some card and then give it to the one you love the most like your mom, dad, best friend etc. You can colour it beautifully you make it more charming. For the base of the rose, you just need to draw a shape somewhat cup as shown in the above image. This piece of drawing is suitable for kids of age group 9+.

Red Rose

Drawing & Painting Inspirations from Nature Red Rose Lets Take Drawing Inspirations from Nature

Roses not only symbolise love but also friendship. Roses are one of the aged flowers. Rosewater can be used in many dishes, perfumes etc. Do you know? Rose is the National flower of the United States of America. Roses have some prickly thorns on their stem. This is for defence purposes. Rose is a universal plant as it grows in almost all parts of the world. Roses can be yellow, red or even pink. Do try to trace this rose on your drawing books using a pencil. Then colour it red, if want some other colour, you can use that as well. This flower is very simple to draw and kids of the age group 10+ can draw it well and get some good grades in exams.

Beautiful flowers

Drawing & Painting Inspirations from Nature Beautiful flowers Lets Take Drawing Inspirations from Nature

Well in the above images we have discussed all roses and now again this is a rose. Nature has gifted us with different species of roses. All the species have different shapes and different colours. World rose day is celebrated on 22nd December. This time we have to draw two roses not only one. For thorns, you can draw some small straight lines on the stem. We have not filled the roses with any colour, you can colour it with any of your favourite colours. All you need are just a pencil, paper and colours. The difficulty level of this drawing is medium. This drawing is suitable for the kids of age group 8+. Trace it well!

Bok choy

Drawing & Painting Inspirations from Nature Bok choy Lets Take Drawing Inspirations from Nature

Bok choy is one of the vegetables. It grows in China and has ordinated from there. It is a form of cabbage, hence it is also known as Chinese cabbage. It is a little bit sweeter. It has a white coloured bulb and green leafy stuff at the top. The most important constituent in it is water. It is good for our health and we add this Vegetable to our salad. You don’t need to cook this Vegetable, you can eat it raw as well. It is used to add flavours to the soups. This Vegetable doesn’t have any complex body and you can draw it easily. Observe the figure given above properly and then try to draw it. This drawing is suitable for the kids of age group 7+. Colour it well.


Drawing & Painting Inspirations from Nature Leaf Lets Take Drawing Inspirations from Nature

Like we all have different parts in our body, in the same way, plants also have different parts of the body and every part has an important role to perform. Leaves are one of the vital parts of our body. These have another name as the kitchen of the plant. It’s within the leaves, a plant prepares it for food. Leaves are usually green in colour but some plants have different coloured leaves like orange, yellow etc. Leaves have green colour due to a green coloured pigment called chlorophyll in them. Chlorophyll traps the sunlight and helps plants to make food. You can draw the above-given leaf easily. It’s very simple and this type of drawing is suitable for the kids of age group 6+. So kids draw it well and colour it carefully. Don’t forget to draw the veins of the leaf.

I hope you all liked to draw our green friends. This article was crazy and I hope you all loved it. We also try to serve our best ideas with you so that you can attain good grades in your drawing projects. Do try out all of these and tell us the reaction you received from your parents, guardians and teachers. Till then, take care and thank you.

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