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Simple Cute Character Drawings for Kids to Make at Home

Simple Cute Character Drawings for Kids to Make at Home


Simple Cute Character Drawings for Kids to Make at Home

We all know that drawing makes children more expressive. When kids draw or color, they can easily express his thoughts through artwork. Many times children do not have a way to express their feelings in front of their family or teachers, so drawing or coloring activities can help them. So, let’s make some simple drawings.

Easy to Make Cute Character Drawings for Kids

Simple Cute Character Drawings for Kids to Make at Home

1. Cleanliness is next to Godliness

Cleanliness is a practice not a project, and everyone should perform it to avoid falling ill, as the current situation is very poor for people with the weak immune system, there is a lot of air pollution along with the spread of the virus it becomes very essential for everyone to be clean and safe. The above picture shows a boy cleaning a floor, and it is clear that he is aware of cleanliness. The boy is responsible and sincere, though there are not many details in the sketch, it is positive and lucid.

2. Innocence

In the above picture we can see an innocent child, and it is drawn in a cartoon form, it’s funny how the belly button is protruding out of his shirt, and it shows how a child is ignorant of his looks and that’s what makes children so cute. The image is drawn with a motive to highlight the innocence of a child, the ears of the boy are large and pretty which is suiting his smile, the eyes are very charming which are demanding love and care.

3. Squid Ward

Here is a familiar face we all have seen in our childhood and it is a very famous cartoon character who is always serious and dedicated to work, it is known that it is an octopus, and it has six legs, his nose is very long and large with a big head, its occupation is that he is a cashier in Krusty Krab, its full name is Squid ward Q. Tentacles. Krusty Krab is a fictional underwater restaurant in a famous cartoon series Spongebob SquarePants. The drawing drawn above is a good representation of the character.

4. Father & Son

A son’s first hero is his dad. As depicted in the above sketch, a father carrying his toddler on his shoulders. The sketch is simple, but it speaks a lot, as we see the picture we can feel the happiness and excitement contained within. The responsibilities and duties of a father towards his family are lots. The boy in the picture is seen very happy to spend good times with his dad. The motive of the sketch is to highlight the bond and love of a father to his son.

5. SpongeBob

The above image is of the iconic fictional character SpongeBob of the famous cartoon series SpongeBob Square Pants. It is a yellow square sponge that lives in a pineapple with his pet snail Gary. He enjoys making burger and working as a cook in KrustyKrab.The cartoon series is loved by kids and adults too. The current age of this character is 35 years. His friends are Squidward and Patrick Star. His pants are square and his legs are very thin, after all, it’s a fish.

6. Star Kid

A cute, adorable, and winsome kid is drawn in the above picture. Kids are innocent and vulnerable to the outside world. They need love, protection, and care from everyone. The drawn kid has pinkish and large ears and his cheeks are also pinkish red, there is a star on his shirt, and he has very little hair on his head. He has a round and large face with a pretty smile. The artist must be very creative while sketching, an interesting representation of how a kid can be drawn easily.

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