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Simple & Cute Animal Drawings for Kids

Simple & Cute Animal Drawings for Kids


Simple & Cute Animal Drawings for Kids

We are here with easy animal drawings like Elephant, Blushing Rabbit, Snake, Hedgehog, Horse, Lion, and Angry Dinosaur. Get ready with your pencil and colours to make them. Enjoy!

Easy To Make Animal Drawings For Kids

Easy To Make Animal Drawings For Kids

Easy Elephant

Easy To Make Animal Drawings For Kids Easy Elephant

The elephant is a giant animal and it is grey. It has a big trunk that is curved and helps it to drink water and hold certain things. We can sit on the back of an elephant and can take a ride to move here and there. Elephants are friendly and we should never tease them. If we will harm them or tease them, they will become wild and can hurt anybody. The elephant lives in jungles. We can tame elephants. Try to make good friends with elephants. Draw this big creature on your artbook and colour it grey.

Blushing Rabbit

Easy To Make Animal Drawings For Kids Blushing Rabbit

Rabbits are very cute and they are white. They have somewhat long cute ears and have a fluffy body. We can keep a rabbit as a pet. They are not wild and love to eat fresh carrots. Rabbits have a cute tiny pink nose. You can see in the above image that this rabbit is blushing and holding a heart in his paws and it looks happy. You can draw this rabbit on your drawing books and can colour it with white and pink colour. Every kid can draw this one easily and it will very little time.


Easy To Make Animal Drawings For Kids Snake

This is a snake. I don’t like snakes because they can harm us. Many snakes are poisonous and kill anybody. Do you know snakes have teeth known as fangs that contain venom and if they bite anyone, a person can die? So it is better to stay away from snakes. If you see any snake immediately call any adult for help. Look at the above-given image properly and try to draw this one. Make big spots on its body as shown above. If you want to can colour it as well.


Easy To Make Animal Drawings For Kids Hedgehog

Hedgehog is an animal that has a spiny body. It’s is small and has a face that is somewhat come shaped. It is a very cute animal and is a carnivore. It is very easy to draw. You can colour it with brown colour. Look at its nose and toes, they are very easy to trace. The area which looks like the air is the spines of this creature. Kids with the age of 6+ can trace it easily. You can use pencil colours or crayons to fill it with colours.


Easy To Make Animal Drawings For Kids Horse

Have you ever done horse riding? Have you ever seen any horses? Do you know what is the home of the horse known as? Let me tell, you kids, the horse is a very useful animal and it helps us in many ways like we carry heavy loads on its back, we can sit on its back and can explore the jungles, we can connect cart with its back and can use it as a means of transport. Horses live in a stable. Look at the above image and draw this on paper and can colour it properly. This drawing is suitable for kids of age 8+.


Easy To Make Animal Drawings For Kids Lion

This is the lion and we all know it is the king of the jungle. It is a very powerful animal and it controls the whole jungle alone. Everybody in the jungle is afraid of the lion and they hide from it. Its whiskers are just like that of a cat. It has a golden coloured mane and roars a lot when it is angry. It eats the flesh of other animals and has very sharp and pointed teeth. Here in the image, this lion is not angry, it looks cheerful and in good mood. You can trace it easily. The Colour’s Mane and the tail tip with golden or brown. Colour the rest of the body with the yellow one. This drawing is suitable for kids of age 8+.

Angry Dinosaur

Easy To Make Animal Drawings For Kids Angry Dinosaur

This is an angry dinosaur. They left this earth many hundred years ago but they still live in the hearts of kids. Dinosaurs are called Dinos by kids. They were giant creatures and their tail was very broad and long as shown in the above picture. They had a somewhat elongated face just like that of a horse. For a few minutes first, focus on the image above and take a pencil and paper and try to draw this dino. Choose any colour and fill it with that.

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