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Cute & Easy Animal Drawing Ideas


Cute & Easy Animal Drawing Ideas

Activities for Kids

Hey, this section contains some simple and interesting activities that your kid can sketch. The various drawing mentioned below will help your kid learn about the content of the sketch and will provide them with a better understanding of the purpose of drawing and coloring. Keep your learning spirit alive with our curated list of let’s draw and color these beautiful animals like cool and funky crabby, cute human-friendly animals, George pig getting injections, and a pinkish pretty piggy camera.

So, get the child ready for an exploring adventure.

Cute & Easy Animal Drawing Ideas

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Cool and Funky Crabby

Let's Draw And Color These Beautiful Animals Cool and Funky Crabby

Let’s start our activity by making this crab. This crab is drawn in a very creative way, that will fulfill our purpose of making kids learn to be creative and simple. As we observe the sketch, we can easily spot a shell that is used to represent the hard body of the crab.

This art is simple because the kid only needs to draw the big claws and crawly legs along with the joyful eyes of this crab. Through their thin legs, they can walk in any direction. Generally, they prefer to walk sideways. In the above sketch, we can see only 8 legs including pincers, but crabs have a total of 10 legs. So, you can help your kid add more legs and make this beautiful art.

Cute Human-Friendly Animals

Let's Draw And Color These Beautiful Animals Cute Human-Friendly Animals

Here we have this sketch that contains all the cute and friendly animals that your kid would like to draw. All the above-mentioned animals are very close to us and that’s a common thing. Dogs are the best faithful friend of a human. Giraffes are also becoming familiar with humans.

Hens are domesticated for food. We generally encounter a mouse in our house. They are professional in passing from small spaces. In most countries in Asia monkeys live among humans. In some countries, they are worshipped as gods as well. On rainy days we can hear the chirping of frogs. Frogs have a special ability to hibernate. If kids will make this sketch they could get to know about the behavior of the friendly animals around them.

George Pig Getting Injection

Let's Draw And Color These Beautiful Animals George Pig Getting Injection

This sketch is of George pig who is the character from the famous cartoon series Peppa pig. He is getting an injection of the Covid-19 virus. This sketch raises a positive message for all children, that vaccination is essential. Kids are big fans of Peppa Pig, therefore it becomes a great platform through which the creators could make kids learn about necessary things at an early age.

In the above sketch, the cute little pig is being injected with the vaccine. The injection is very huge symbolizing the strength of the virus. Therefore, this sketch is engaging and interesting for kids to draw and learn.

Pinkish Pretty Piggy Camera

Let's Draw And Color These Beautiful Animals Pinkish Pretty Piggy Camera

This cute piglet-themed camera is a very interesting idea to sketch. The camera has a very refreshing look and is attractive as well. It will suit the kid’s art book and will make their art collection more impressive. The camera is pink and there are bubbles around it. There are sparkling eyes on the camera and realistic pig ears are very suitable.

The sketch is simple and attractive as well as easy for a kid to make, and color. Through this sketch, the kid could learn about designing objects which is a useful skill for the time coming. Get along with your kid in making this sketch and enjoy the process.

I hope that this article was very useful for your child. We learned so many new facts about various animals and characters that we had drawn. I hope the sketches that your child draws are very good and appreciable. Comment below the sketch that made you spend the happiest moment with your child.

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Activities for Kids
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