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Drawing Tricks for Kids


Drawing Tricks for Kids

Activities for Kids

Drawing is a form of creativity of the mind of a child that we represent on paper using a pencil. To know how creative your child is, you need to enhance their drawing skills. For enhancing their drawing skills, you need to make sure that they practice properly. Drawing is all about how good, you can trace anything that comes into your mind. Always try to encourage your child for whatever he or she traces. We will be sharing some simple drawing suggestions for your kids in this writing.

Drawing Tricks For Kids

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Dragon Drawing Ideas For Kids

This fruit looks very unique due to its appearance. This fruit is also good for health and we should include them in our diet. It is rich in vitamin C. This fruit looks elongated and possesses some black seeds inside it. These fruits are spiny in texture from the outside so it is also known as cactus fruit. If we talk about its taste, it is sweet fruit and its sweetness depends on its outer color. This fruit has another name of strawberry pear. You can trace this on your drawing book or art book. This job is very easy and less time-consuming. The difficulty level is easy and this drawing is suitable for the kids of age group 6+.


Stunning Art Techniques: Use Your Fingers And Draw Biker Drawing Ideas For Kids

This is a biker in the above image. He looks young and energetic. Let’s take a quick look at it appears. He is tall and healthy wearing a white bomber jacket and black pants. He is also wearing a helmet on his head and sunglasses on his eyes. He’s riding alone and This person is carrying a flag. Now, kids, I’m sharing a trick to draw this one, you just need to trace your hand on the paper and then take the paper upside-down. Fingers will represent the arms and legs of the biker and the bike while the palm area will be the body. This drawing is suitable for the kids of age group 7+.


Stunning Art Techniques: Use Your Fingers And Draw Peacock Drawing Ideas For Kids

This is the national bird of India, it is green in color, has beautiful features. This bird loves to dance during the monsoon season. Yeah, we are talking about the peacock. Have a look at the above image, observe it. You’ll realize that we have drawn this bird from again tracing our hand. Trace down your left hand on a sheet of paper and draw the other features of the peacock. Do fill the hand with appropriate colors properly. The difficulty level is very easy and your drawing all depends on tracing your hand only that forms the base for the peacock body. This drawing is suitable for the kids of age group 6+.

Peppa pig

Stunning Art Techniques: Use Your Fingers And Draw Peppa pig Drawing Ideas For Kids

This is a well-known cartoon character called Peppa pig. As the name tells us that this is a pig. We have tried to draw this character. You can also trace it on your art and drawing books. This pig is wearing a yellow dress that is long up to the legs. The pig is having ice cream and it has ruined its face with it. The ice cream cones in its hands comprise three different flavors, which are represented by three different colors. This drawing is not that complex, you can try to trace it on your drawing books or art books. Use the colors to fill the pig. This drawing is suitable for the kids of age group 8+.

Apple Tree

Stunning Art Techniques: Use Your Fingers And Draw Apple Tree Drawing Ideas For Kids

This is an apple tree and it looks happy and content. Apple is red-colored fruit and you all are acquainted with it. This tree has been made by tracing the hand impression on the paper. But do note down that, you don’t only need to trace the hand, but you have to trace the wrist and the arm as well. Here fingers will represent the branches of the tree and the waist or arm region will depict the trunk of the tree. You need to do further details by drawing the leaves, apples, and grass. Once you have completed the drawing, then you need to fill it with the desired colors. You can try pencils, crayons, water, or even sketch pens. This drawing is suitable for the kids of age group 8+.

We need to stop here friends. Do share your feedback in the comment section and let us know how was this article was. Don’t forget to share your experience with us. We will be coming up with many more such articles. Do visit our website for more articles related to art and crafts. Till then bye-bye. Take care and see you soon with many more articles full of fun and entertainment.

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Activities for Kids
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