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How to Make A Paper Toy Peacock

How to Make A Paper Toy Peacock

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How to Make A Paper Toy Peacock

Ready to do something coloring today! You are going to make the most coloring bird. Do you guess it? Right, Peacock! Peacocks are the most beautiful and colorful birds. They are called the ‘Rain birds‘ and kids always have fun watching them. These birds are kind of rare so you can’t watch them everywhere, so why not make one of them. So Let’s know the process!

How to Make A Paper Toy Peacock


  1. A 20* 20 cm. page color paper. You can also choose any measurement of the page according to the size of your peacock.
  2. A color paper strip. (It will be used for the beak of the peacock so choose the color accordingly)
  3. A 2*16 cm. color paper.
  4. A 20*20 cm. color paper. (It will be used for the feathers of the peacock, so you can take the paper according to the size)
  5. A pencil & career.
  6. A glitter paper.
  7. A scissor.
  8. Color markers or pastel/watercolor.
  9. A black marker pen.


  1. Take a 20*20 cm piece of paper, draw a duck-like figure in it with a pencil. Overdo the lines of it with a black marker and cut it out. It will be the body of the peacock.
  2. Take a color paper strip, draw a peacock’s beak with a pencil. Overdo the pencil lines with a black marker. Fold the strip in a rectangular shape, place it on the mouth of the previous paper. Notify the location of the beak then cut it out.
  3. Stuck both cut pieces of the beak over and under the peacock’s body in the mouth area.
  4. Take a 2*16 cm. color paper, place it over the peacock’s body. Draw two lines on the page and some lines in the middle of them. It will be the crown-like strips of the peacock’s head, draw it, like that. Use color markers to highlight them. Then cut it out. And highlight it on the other side. 
  5. Take the piece and stick it over the peacock’s head.
  6. Take the glitter page, fold it and cut it like a small oval shape. Then take the glitter page pieces and stick them on the crownlike strips of the peacock.
  7. Draw the eyes of the peacock with the black marker.
  8. Take a 20*20cm. paper that is folded upside down in a rectangular shape then folded sideways. Then fold over it two times. It will look like a strip.
  9. Fold the paper from over and under in a rectangular shape.
  10. Unfold the paper, there will be many straight fold lines over it, follow the lines and fold it over and under by following the fold lines. It will look like a strip.
  11. Take the paper straight and fold it by making a small rectangular.
  12. Cut the upper edge of the paper from right to left in a triangle shape, then make small triangles in the middle of it and then unfold the paper.
  13. Highlighted the paper with color or markers. Make the identical peacock feather.
  14. Take the page from the bottom, roundly stick the glue, and place the peacock’s body in the middle.
  15. Stick the glue to attach the feathers.
  16. Give a final touch by highlighting the piece. 

 P.s- You have to draw the peacock’s body on it so choose the color accordingly.                                             

Your peacock is ready to dance! This origami experience will make every kid so happy. You can use them to decorate your house and stuff. Be more creative and make them more beautiful as well as you can. So, without wasting any time hurry up and make your own precious bird!

FAQ’s on How to Make A Paper Toy Peacock

1. What materials do I need to make a paper toy peacock?

You will need several sheets of origami paper, scissors, glue, a ruler and a pencil.

2. Is it difficult to make a paper toy peacock?

No, a paper toy peacock is fairly easy to make and the steps are quite straightforward.

3. How long will it take to make a paper toy peacock?

It should take you approximately 30 minutes to complete the project.

4. What are the steps to make a paper toy peacock?

Step 1: Cut out a circle from the origami paper. Step 2: Cut out strips of the paper to make the peacock’s plumage. Step 3: Glue the strips onto the circle to form the peacock’s body. Step 4: Draw a beak, eyes and tail feathers. Step 5: Cut out the beak, eyes and tail feathers. Step 6: Glue the beak, eyes and tail feathers onto the paper circle.

5. Do I need any special tools to make a paper toy peacock?

No special tools are needed, only the materials listed above.

6. What size should I make the paper toy peacock?

The size of your paper toy peacock will depend on the size of the origami paper you use.

7. Do I need to use a specific type of paper for this project?

Yes, origami paper is best for making paper toy peacocks.

8. Can I use any colors of origami paper?

Yes, you can use any colors of origami paper that you like.

9. Can I make a paper toy peacock with other materials?

Yes, you can also make a paper toy peacock with felt, fabric or other craft materials.

10. Are there any tips for making a paper toy peacock?

Yes, be sure to measure and cut carefully and use a glue stick to glue the pieces together.

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