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Flower Gift Card – Mother’s Day DIY for Kids

Flower Gift Card - Mother's Day DIY for Kids

Mother’s Day

Flower Gift Card – Mother’s Day DIY for Kids

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This paper flower card craft is very easy and it’s a good thing for gifting on Mother’s day. If you want to see that beautiful smile on your mother’s face then try this easy paper flower card for gifting.

Even you will enjoy making it and this will obviously be filled with lots of love. Try it with lots of love for your mother and she will love it and it will bring a huge smile to her face. Even these gorgeous-looking paper flower cards can enhance your space by just being in it, it’s a good piece of decoration as well.

So do give it a try and make everyone happy with this lovely paper flower card craft. Here are some step-by-step procedures for making this beautiful paper flower card craft.

Flower Gift Card – Mother’s Day DIY for Kids

Materials Required:

  • A4 sheets
  • scissor
  • glue


  • Take a rectangular paper for the card and fold it in half.
  • Take another small rectangular paper as shown, now fold it in half and cut it from the middle.
  • Take the papers and cut fringes with the help of the scissor and fold a little.
  • Now take a paper and cut out 3 strips.
  • Take another paper and cut out 2 circles.
  • Take a different sheet and cut out 8 hearts.
  • Take one strip and paste one circle and 4 hearts, now paste the other circle in as shown.
  • Take the other strips and paste the hearts on both sides.
  • Take the paper with fringes and paste it on the card.
  • Now take the flowers and paste them on the fringes as shown.
  • Take another fringes paper and paste it on the other side of the card.

That’s it! Your flower gift card for mother’s day is ready for gifting. It’s a good piece for gifting on mother’s day.  You can gift it to your mom and it will not disappoint you. Even your Mother will praise your gift and appreciate your love for her. These beautiful handmade Mother’s day cards will enhance your gift more.

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